12 Reasons to Choose a Thanksgiving Cruise for a Memorable Holiday

Thanksgiving Cruise: Traditionally, Thanksgiving is spent around the dinner table with family, consuming copious amounts of turkey and pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving spent at home is still special, but it also requires a lot of work. You might be thinking about taking a Thanksgiving cruise if you enjoy traveling and want a less stressful holiday.

You’ll find that there are many reasons to be grateful when you cruise on Thanksgiving. Whether you want to sail with loved ones or enjoy the freedom of solo travel, a Thanksgiving cruise can be a peaceful, happy, and memorable way to celebrate the holiday.

Is Thanksgiving a Good Time to Cruise?

Indeed, Thanksgiving is a great time to take a cruise if you want to see less-traveled ports and avoid the cool fall weather. November is categorized as a “shoulder” month since it falls between the summer’s high travel season and the winter’s off-season. Therefore, ports that typically attract tourists in the summer should have fewer crowds. For instance, there are less tourists in the Mediterranean in the fall, so November might be the best month to finally take a cruise through this breathtaking region of the world.

A cruise can also transport you back to the summer if you’re yearning for beaches with plenty of sunlight in November. Destinations in the South Pacific and Caribbean are warm and provide a welcome escape from the chilly fall weather.

Last but not least, in addition to the holiday, a Thanksgiving cruise can be a great way to celebrate other milestones with loved ones, like marriages, anniversaries, birthdays, or grads. Any milestone can be celebrated while your loved ones are together in one location.

What take a cruise on Thanksgiving?

Imagine sipping a cup of coffee while staring out at the shimmering blue expanse and feeling the salty breeze caress your skin. You consider what’s in store for the day: rest, fine dining, and just the right amount of stimulation to pique conversation and stir the soul. Thanksgiving Day at sea is this year.

What more is there to look forward to on a Thanksgiving cruise to a stunning destination? Here are some additional justifications for returning the frozen turkey and going to the luggage department instead.

12 Reasons to Choose a Thanksgiving Cruise

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1. There won’t be a crowded ship

On a big-ship line, Thanksgiving is a popular time to cruise. The ships with their fully stocked go-kart tracks and waterslides are open whenever the kids are not in school. When it comes to the smaller luxury ships, the opposite is true. On our SeaDream II sailing, there were only 31 passengers out of 112 berths; most have lower rates and far fewer passengers during Thanksgiving week. (The week before and following Thanksgiving saw a return to normal in the numbers.) We had a 3:1 crew-to-guest ratio with 90 crew members on board, which resulted in excellent service and an even more intimate setting than you would typically experience.

2. The majority of your travels will be with adult families

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Very few kids take trips on small, opulent ships throughout the year. But there might be no one there on Thanksgiving. There were no small children on board either of our T-giving trips (and these are not lines that restrict kids). On the other hand, we encountered many families enjoying the occasion with their grown-up offspring and gatherings of siblings searching for something new (especially in the wake of a parent’s death). Treat yourself to a special celebration that is just the two of you if you detest the commotion and noise of the kids’ table or if your children are unable to take time off work or school to spend the holiday at home.

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3. A Ship Allows You to Breathe Emotionally

We personally adore our family, and we can’t wait to spend Christmas with them. For those who aren’t quite as joyful about the holidays, however, a Thanksgiving cruise is ideal. For a friend facing a table for the first time without a significant other, our Silversea cruise proved to be the perfect remedy. In a similar vein, we have encountered guests going through divorces who find that a luxurious cruise free from the scrutiny of their in-laws is a real blessing. It’s difficult to find a better way to beat the holiday blues if you’re grieving than taking a luxurious cruise.

4. You’ll Make Friends Across the Globe

Since Thanksgiving is an American holiday in November, there is a greater chance that guests on a luxury ship during this week will be from other countries. We met a group of Norwegian friends and their wives on SeaDream; they were regulars at the piano bar at night and kept to themselves during Happy Hour. You could even become a cultural ambassador; we showed an Australian couple the delights of pumpkin pie on Silver Muse. (It’s less popular in other nations, where people view it more as a squash than a component for dessert.) It’s much more enjoyable to share your traditions with others and to hear about theirs in return than it is to listen to whatever political squabble your brother-in-law is sure to start.

5. Another Person Prepares

How does the food taste

Organizing a Thanksgiving dinner is a project management exercise; every year we cook, we have a notebook with an informal game plan on how to finish everything. The last thing you might want to do, though, is organize a dinner for twelve people after a hectic fall. Don’t worry; if you yearn for the traditional Thanksgiving fare, which includes turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, all luxury cruises will see to it that you get it. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even get some culinary ideas for the following year. Not only are there no leftovers for snacking, but there are also no dirty dishes to clear and store.

6. You’ll enter December and the year’s end in a relaxed manner

Getting some relaxation is the main reason to go on a luxury cruise over Thanksgiving. For the remainder of the year, there will undoubtedly be plenty of holiday chaos and cheer. Why not approach the customary December chaos with a nice tan and minimal stress?

7. Savor Little to No Planning

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If you’ve ever hosted a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, you are aware of the work involved, from ensuring there is more than enough food for everyone to enjoy to properly roasting a turkey. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner by yourself can be stressful.

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Stress is left behind on a Thanksgiving cruise at the departure port. You don’t need to prepare meals or tidy the guest room in the morning. To get ready for the Thanksgiving feast on board your ship, just get out of your deck chair and move on to your preferred dining area.

8. Take No Time to Clean Up

It’s not always simple to clean up after a Thanksgiving dinner, particularly if you serve your family a feast. You can delegate all cleaning duties to the staff when you spend the holiday on a cruise. You can therefore do as you please, even if it means taking a nap after dessert or enjoying a drink under the stars after dinner. There won’t be any unintentional spills or dirty dishes to stop you.

9. Investigate Various Locations

Being able to visit multiple locations in incredibly sought-after regions of the world in a single voyage is one of the best things about cruising. Along with hidden treasures that might be challenging to find by car or plane, this also includes visits to charming ports. For example, on a Thanksgiving cruise to Tahiti, you might snorkel in Bora Bora one day and learn about medicinal plants in Huahine the next.

A cruise can be your chance to see a lot of the world’s destinations all at once if you have a list of places you’d like to see. You also won’t have to bother about organizing lodging at different locations or transportation between stops. While you explore amazing locations and make memories for your vacation, you and your fellow travelers can unwind to the fullest.

10. Preserve Your Customs

Will there be food my kids enjoy on board

You can still take part in Thanksgiving-related activities on your cruise ship, such as watching football or going to a holiday parade, if you look forward to them every year. Taking part in Thanksgiving customs while cruising can be even more enjoyable because it allows you to unwind and watch the game with other travelers who share your interests. You are free to partake in a few drinks and not worry about making your way home by car.

When sailing on a Windstar ship, you can unwind in front of your flat-screen TV in your stateroom or enjoy a delicious cocktail in the Lounge before the game. You decide how you want to spend Thanksgiving on board, and we’re here to make it happen.

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11. Maintain Your Fitness

Your fitness and health goals don’t have to be derailed by taking a Thanksgiving cruise. Quite the reverse—going on a cruise can really help you maintain your health and physical fitness. For instance, you can use the ship’s fitness center to burn off that rich dessert or fruity cocktail. Once you dock, there are lots of options for you to get moving, whether you go on an independent tour or join a guided one. If you are an avid cyclist, hiker, swimmer, dancer, or kayaker, cruising offers an endless array of activities to choose from.

Visitors are welcome to use the Fitness Center at Windstar Cruises or dance to live music in the Lounge. You can also visit our Water Sports Platform in specific ports, weather permitting, to have unrestricted use of kayaks, water skis, snorkeling gear, and other sporting equipment. The platform is perfect for swimming in the sea or just relaxing in the sun.

We also make it simple for our visitors to reserve exciting and unusual shore excursions. Depending on your cruise, you could hike to a tropical fruit plantation, zip line through a rainforest, or go pearl diving. Because we want our visitors to have unforgettable immersive experiences, we took care of the preparation.

12. Embrace Luxury

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Welcome aboard if you believe it’s time to replace stress with pampering during the holidays. Providing constant pampering to guests is the main goal of cruises. For instance, call room service at any time of the night if you’re craving a snack, and they’ll be happy to oblige. Alternatively, if you’re experiencing some tension, get a massage at the spa to relieve your stress.

There is a selection of massages, scrubs, and wraps available for guests at World Spa by Windstar. Consider our salon services, such as hair styling, manicures, and pedicures, if you want to look amazing for your Thanksgiving celebration or just for fun.

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