5 Fun and Unusual Cruise Ship Attractions

Cruise Ship Attractions: The days of sailing being limited to deck chairs, buffets, and the occasional game of shuffleboard are long gone.

The cruise ships of today are floating entertainment marvels that are expanding the limits of what is feasible at sea.

These aren’t just trips; they’re adventures full of unexpected events that spark the creative imagination.

To demonstrate that the voyage may be just as fascinating as the destination, let’s dive (LOL) into some of the most unusual and exhilarating activities available on cruise ships today.

5 Fun and Unusual Cruise Ship Attractions

Ice bars from Norwegian Cruise Line

Ice bars from Norwegian Cruise Line

That’s the world of ice bars—chilly and magical, a concept better suited for a wintry winter wonderland than a sun-drenched cruise ship cruising the ocean.

And yet here you are, drinking cocktails from glasses of pure ice while bundled up in the parka that was provided. It’s similar like entering a freezer, except that you’re here for an amazing night out rather than to hunt for a midnight snack.

These chilly drinking establishments are offered by cruise ships like as Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Getaway, and Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas as a refreshing (pun intended) diversion from the usual tropical temps.

To prevent the ice from melting, each bar is maintained at a shiver-inducing, crisp temperature that will make your drinking experience feel like it belongs in an ice castle fairy tale.

Now, here’s some helpful advice for those brave enough to brave the freeze: first, while parkas are a great idea, think about wearing long pants and closed shoes unless you want to feel like you have icicles growing on your toes and legs.

Second, order nothing on the rocks (though the novelty of sipping from an ice glass is definitely worth experiencing), as it seems a little repetitive.

Instead, go for bright, colorful cocktails that look stunning against the transparent ice backdrop. In addition to being delicious, they also provide the ideal backdrop for interesting adventure photos.

Entering an ice bar is like entering a different world, where the sound of clinking glasses creates a cold atmosphere and your breath turns into a mist.

Just keep in mind that, even if it could be alluring to test your mettle in the frigid temperatures, it’s acceptable to seek solace in the ship’s other amenities.

Ultimately, the intention is not to declare, “I can’t feel my toes,” but rather, “That was cool.”

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Skydiving Simulators

Skydiving Simulators

Imagine yourself standing on a cruise ship, with a lovely breeze from the ocean, a bright sun, and an impending jump into the sky, although one that isn’t really the sky.

Here, you may feel the exhilarating rush of freefall without ever leaving the deck thanks to the world of skydiving simulators. This is the place where aviation fantasies come true, and the best part? There’s no need to be concerned about heights or parachutes.

Onboard ships like the Quantum of the Seas and the Anthem of the Seas, run by cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, are contemporary skydiving simulators.

These rides provide you with a strong wind gust that launches you into the air, enabling you to soar, flip, and float like a superhero. Without actually leaping out of a plane, it’s the closest thing to skydiving.

Here are some pointers to make your simulated skydiving experience as easy as possible for those daring individuals who are prepared to jump (figuratively).

First, dress tightly; loose clothing is not recommended in a wind tunnel unless you want to provide a free exhibition. Additionally, lace-up shoes are required; you don’t want to have a memorable experience where your flip-flops fly off your feet and land in the instructor’s face.

Remember to stretch your arms, be relaxed, and try not to laugh too much at the sensation of your cheeks flying in the breeze as you enter the wind tunnel and feel the air carry you up. It seems strange, like you’re a human kite, but if you just go with the flow, you’ll soon be flying like an expert.

It is an amazing, slightly bizarre experience that will undoubtedly be talked about when you get home. Imagine being able to say, “Oh, you visited the ship’s lounge? That is adorable. I had my first skydive before lunch.

Cruise ships with skydiving simulators are a must-try for anyone wishing to inject a little excitement into their trip; they provide a special fusion of adventure and safety. Who would have thought that sailing across the ocean could defy gravity?

Underwater Lounges

Underwater Lounges

Experience submerged lounges, one of the most captivating features on a cruise ship, without ever donning a diving gear.

From the luxury of a chic, submerged lounge, these aquatic retreats allow you to enjoy your favorite cocktail while taking in the serene splendor of the ocean’s depths. It is like to being inside a massive aquarium and gazing out from the outside.

With its Blue Eye lounges, Ponant’s Explorer-class ships, including Le Laperouse and Le Champlain, have set the standard for providing this kind of immersive experience. With body-shaped seats and expansive windows looking down into the ocean, these underwater salons enable guests observe the ballet of aquatic life just outside the glass.

Time is of the essence for individuals who can’t wait to explore these underwater lounges. In general, twilight is the magical hour when the marine life comes to life.

Many marine animals begin their nocturnal activity as the sun sets, providing a window into the rarely observed marine nightlife. It’s not unusual to see vibrant fish darting by, interested sea turtles approaching for a closer look, or even the dim figure of a dolphin passing by.

Choose a comfortable location next to one of the bigger windows to get the most out of your underwater lounge experience. The ocean unveils its beauty on its own timetable, so patience is essential. One minute you could be enjoying your drink, and the next you could be looking directly into the curious eyes of an octopus.

Even while it can be tempting to record every second with your camera, try to set aside some time to just appreciate the tranquil beauty of this special place. How often do you get to relax underwater without having any water on you, after all?

Underwater lounges combine the luxury of a cruise with the breathtaking beauty of the sea to provide an unmatched opportunity to engage with the marine environment. It’s an encounter that embodies the essence of cruising: finding the remarkable in the most unlikely locations.

Robot Bartenders: A Look Inside

Robot Bartenders A Look Inside

Welcome to the future, where a robot with carefully designed limbs and an infinite supply of drink recipes will serve you beverages instead of a human with a talent for mixing cocktails.

This scene isn’t from a science fiction film; rather, it’s an actuality on some of the most cutting-edge cruise ships available right now. The newest trend in cruising offers guests a glimpse of the future with each expertly crafted cocktail prepared by robot bartenders.

Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas, two of Royal Caribbean’s Quantum-class ships, are leading the way in incorporating these robotic mixologists into their bars.

These robotic bartenders may be found working at the Bionic Bar, precisely shaking, swirling, and pouring drinks. It’s a show that blends technology with the classic thrill of sipping a perfectly mixed cocktail.

Part of the enjoyment is interacting with these robot bartenders. Customers customize their drinks to the last detail using tablets to submit their orders. The robotic arms dance and move with a finesse you wouldn’t expect from metal and wires, making the process of making your drink a performance in and of itself.

Here’s a hint for people who may soon be meeting these robotic mixologists: Select a beverage that has a theatrical flair. While a straightforward gin and tonic may seem refreshing, the drinks that feature layers, blends, or eye-catching garnishes are what really show off what these robots are capable of.

Furthermore, feel free to experiment with different combinations as these robots are designed to combine almost any combination you can think of.

Remember, there’s something quite entertaining about watching robots operate, even though they might not be able to share a joke or a smile like their human counterparts. With the exception of the drinks being real and the experience being exclusive to now, it’s like being in a futuristic film.

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So take out your smartphone, place your order, and take in the entertainment. You don’t get served by a robot every day, after all.

Zip Line

Zip Line

Think again if you believe that cruising is just about relaxing in deck chairs and waiting in buffet lines. With zip lines that soar over the deck, some cruise ships have really cranked up the excitement factor. In addition to providing an unmatched perspective of the ship and the glittering ocean below, these zip lines provide passengers an adrenaline rush. Experience a distinctive fusion of exhilarating adventures and sightseeing, all from the luxury of your floating hotel.

Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas are just two of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships that put them ahead of the competition in this thrilling journey.

Daring visitors can soar from one end of the ship to the other, many stories above the Central Park area, thanks to zip lines that span these ships’ open-air atriums. It offers a view of the ship and the thrilling sensation of flight that you cannot obtain in any other manner.

It’s imperative to capture the moment for those who are prepared to buckle in and take flight. However, snapping pictures while zip-lining can be difficult, particularly if you’re attempting to hold onto your camera and keep it from falling into the ocean.

Here’s a tip: if you have a GoPro, use a head or chest mount instead of a wrist strap for your camera or phone.

In this manner, you can capture those incredible photos without using your hands and concentrate on the moment. Just picture the number of likes you’ll receive for a selfie in which the ocean is in the distance!

You’re not alone if the idea of leaving the platform makes your knees weaken. Putting your faith in the safety equipment and the experienced zip line operators will help you get over this fear. Recall that guests of all ages are expected to enjoy and feel safe participating in this activity.

Breathe deeply, look toward the horizon, and savor the present. Fear usually vanishes when you’re soaring through the air and is replaced by a feeling of freedom and excitement.

Zip-lining across a cruise ship is an experience that offers more than simply a new perspective, a bold moment, and a narrative to share for years to come. So, take a risk and soar when you see the zip line stretched out in front of you. After all, how often do you get to take a ship and sail across the ocean?


The times when the only entertainment options on cruise ships were sequin-filled cabaret acts and shuffleboard are long gone.

The evolution of onboard entertainment from traditional to state-of-the-art signifies a wider change in our expectations for vacation experiences.

Nowadays, it’s more about gathering one-of-a-kind experiences that are impossible to duplicate elsewhere than it is about unwinding and getting away.

Every moment offers the chance to transcend the ordinary and experience the extraordinary, whether you’re enjoying a drink from a robot, hovering in a wind tunnel like a magician, zipping above the ship, or having a cocktail at a bar constructed completely of ice.

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