Are Pets Allowed on Cruise Ships? Everything you need to know

Pets on Cruise Ships: It might be difficult to plan a vacation when you want to include your furry friend.

Our four-legged companions integrate into the family quite rapidly. Can a dog travel on a cruise ship, then?

Sadly, there aren’t many cruises that allow pets on the ship. You’re not without luck, though.

The Queen Mary 2 on Cunard is renowned for its excellent pet-friendly trips. They are the only cruise company that lets dogs and cats travel with them.

Most cruise lines also permit service animals that have been trained for particular duties. However, emotional support animals are typically prohibited.

Are pets allowed on cruise ships?

Except for service dogs, dogs are often not permitted on cruise ships.

Dogs are not permitted on board most cruise lines, but there is one exception. On the Queen Mary 2, Cunard Cruise provides a pet-friendly cruise experience.

There are kennels specifically for dogs and cats on Cunard Line’s Queen Mary 2. Throughout the voyage, your pets can stay in secure and pleasant rooms thanks to the pet-friendly facilities.

Pets are welcome on many overnight cruises and multi-night ferries, in addition to Queen Mary 2. These cruises offer onboard kennels for your dogs or pet-friendly accommodations.

Service animals are exempt from most cruise lines’ policies. However, for your dog or cat to cruise, there can be immunization and documentation requirements.

Keep in mind that many cruise locations have rigorous pet-entry requirements while organizing your trip. You must become familiar with the laws and policies of any nations you intend to visit and acquire the required documentation in advance.

The Best Cruise Lines That Allow Pets to Travel

Queen Mary 2 of the Cunard Line

Queen Mary 2 of the Cunard Line
(Credit: Business Insider)

Among the most well-liked cruise ships that permit pet travel with their owners is this one. To ensure a hassle-free travel experience, reservations for this cruise must be made in advance.

Since the beginning of the cruise line, cats have been kept on board to get rid of mice and other pests, which is where Curnard’s pet-friendly policy began.

Your pet is not allowed to travel with you in your stateroom; it must remain in the kennel.

A qualified Kennel Master is in charge of the kennels and will supervise the animals’ care while you are traveling. Your pets will receive plenty of attention, daily playtime, and walking services, so they are in good hands.

The Kennel Master makes sure your pet has lots of love, lots of attention, toys, beds, feeding bowls, and life jackets in case of emergencies while on the cruise ship.

You can get steak or liver for your pet to eat for an additional cost.

The cruise operator makes sure your pets get lots of playtime, frequent walks, and proper cleanup.

Pet owners are welcome to visit Queen Mary 2’s Onwer’s Lounge. A large enclosed space with a New York City fire hydrant and an antique Liverpool lamp post is part of the Owner’s Lounge.

You can see your pet during visiting hours.

Before you get too enthusiastic, there isn’t much room on the Cunard Line for dogs.

The cruise line advises booking pet-friendly cabins at least a year in advance.

For small dogs, the starting price is $800; for large dogs, it is $1,000; and for cats, it is $1,600. Due to their need for two cages—one for sleeping and the other for a litter box—cats are more expensive.

Of course, there will be prerequisites that you must meet, such as documents and immunizations. The criteria ensure everyone’s safety and well-being.

Service animals are also welcome on Cunard Line ships. It is free to bring a working dog on board, unlike pets. Moreover, service animals are permitted to stay in cabins and go with their owners in public areas.

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Guidelines and Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

It’s fun and rewarding to take your pet on a cruise, but it’s important to follow the guidelines and tips to ensure their safety.

Tips and guidelines for bringing your pet on a cruise:

  • >Make sure the cruise line allows Pets on Cruise ship before you book a ticket. Some cruise lines don’t allow pets, while others do.

  • Get your dog vaccinated and get a health certificate from a vet in advance. Make sure they’re wearing an identification collar.

  • Don’t forget to pack all the stuff your pet needs, including toys and medicine.

  • Make sure you book a pet-friendly cabin if the cruise line offers them. You may have to pay extra or deposit for these cabins. They’re usually in a specific area of the ship.

  • Be aware that not all pets will do well on a cruise ship. Don’t stress your pet out. Make sure they’re comfortable.

Are service animals accepted on cruise ships?

(Credit: Healthline)

Most cruise ships permit service animals who are trained to help people with impairments. These animals fulfill vital functions for their owners and are not regarded as pets. Hence those Pets are allowed on Cruise ship.

Although each cruise line has its policies, most of them normally permit them.

Pets that are “individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability” are allowed on Royal Caribbean ships. The cruise line allows service dogs to accompany customers with disabilities in all public areas and offers a four-by-four-foot rest room for them. However, “the owner bears sole responsibility for the care and supervision of the service dog.”

Additionally, Royal Caribbean goes above and beyond by informing guests that using the live trees in Central Park on Oasis-class ships as a dog urinal is not permitted.

“Working service dogs,” as they are legally defined, are allowed to be brought on board Carnival Cruise Line ships. These canines are specially trained to meet the needs of people with disabilities, and their duties may include guiding the blind, alerting the deaf, pulling wheelchairs, alerting and protecting individuals having seizures, and other tasks. The person is responsible for providing care and supervision for the service animal.

Norwegian Cruise Line accepts service dogs that have received special training to carry out a particular task. Although guests are “responsible for bringing all food, medication, and a life jacket for the dog,” the cruise line offers a relief sandbox.

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As a passenger, you will discover that the majority of cruise lines are dedicated to providing accommodations for both service animals and passengers with disabilities.

It’s not legally necessary to have proof that your dog is a service dog; however, having identification cards or a harness on may help. Simply telling the cruise staff that your dog is a service animal may be sufficient to get them to let them on board.

Recall that every cruise line has unique policies and procedures, so it’s wise to confirm in advance with the company of your choice. Prepare a brief explanation of your handicap and the duties your service animal carries out on your behalf.

It’s also crucial to find out what policies and guidelines your destination has regarding service animals.

As a cruise ship visits many foreign ports, you could run across various laws and regulations in each place. By reading up on these regulations beforehand, you can avoid any possible problems or disputes when traveling.

It is crucial to book reservations in advance when taking a service dog on a cruise. It’s also important to remember that the cruise line can charge extra for cleaning in case the dog leaves behind any mess. Furthermore, the cruise line may request that the owner of the dog depart the ship if the dog misbehaves.

It is imperative to keep in mind that the cruise ship does not have a veterinarian on staff.

Do cruises allow emotional support dogs?

emotional support dogs
(Credit: The Wildest)

The dog on the ferry is waiting for the bags as it enters the harbor. Border Collie, black and white, on the deck.
Emotional support animals are typically not permitted on board cruise ships.

It’s critical to distinguish between service animals and emotional support animals. Emotional support animals are not typically permitted in public areas, such as cruise ships. Service animals, on the other hand, are specially trained to help people with impairments.

The same as with other pets, cruise lines handle emotional support dogs. And the same limitations apply to them.

To be clear, “emotional support” dogs are not accepted as service dogs by Norwegian Cruise Line; hence, they are not allowed to sail.

What Impact Does a Pet’s Size or Breed Have on Cruising?

Yes, before taking a cruise, it is crucial to take the pet’s breed and size into account. Before selecting a cruise ship for your pet, you should take into account the following factors:

  • Verify if there is a pet-friendly accommodation or kennel on the cruise.
  • You must confirm the ship’s pet-friendly policies.
  • Additionally, find out if there will be a veterinarian on board in case your pet becomes ill or is hurt.

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