Can food be brought on a cruise ship?

Can you bring food on a cruise ship? You’ve decided on a cruise line, choose your destination, reserved your stateroom, and are prepared to pack your luggage with anything from bathing suits to evening gowns.

But as you go over your list of things to pack, one thing is still missing: is it possible to bring food on a cruise?

Of course, your ship will have plenty of food, snacks, and beverages available at all times. However, packing a few extra granola bars or wine bottles in your backpack could seem like a smart idea if you’re traveling with a finicky eater, have dietary restrictions, or just want to cut costs on booze. Is it?

We’ll assist you in determining what you can fit in your luggage, including drinks, candies, and snacks, and we’ll address the query we know you have: “Can I bring food on a cruise?”

Can You Bring Food on a Cruise ship?

This question has a more complex answer than it first appears to have. The food and the cruise line will determine what food you may and cannot bring on board.

All of the main cruise lines do, however, advise against bringing homemade or perishable food on board.

Uncertain about what is perishable? It is forbidden if it is homemade, not in a sealed container, requires refrigeration, or needs to be cooked. Only store-bought food in sealed, shelf-stable packaging is permitted on cruise ships.

It’s not advised to try sneaking anything on board, even if you’re tempted to.

Cruise liners inspect your bags before boarding, and they will look into anything that appears questionable, much like airport security checks.

Consider bringing snacks for a cruise in the same manner that you would for an international flight: fresh produce, meat, cheese, and other perishable foods are prohibited owing to the possibility of parasites or invasive pests spreading.

Is it allowed to bring chocolate and other Food on a Cruise ship?

All major cruise lines allow shelf-stable food, such as chips, pretzels, protein bars, or any other things wrapped in sealed wrappers.

Make sure you only bring store-bought treats like chocolates, savory snacks, cookies, or granola bars rather than making a batch of muffins or sandwiches from scratch.

Note: When it’s time to board, make sure the packaged snacks are still sealed. For instance, there’s a potential that the opened box of cookies won’t be permitted when you embark if you open it on your approach to your ship.

Is alcohol permitted on cruises?

Carrying drinks on a cruise ship can be a little more complicated than bringing snacks or candies, so before you load up, find out what your particular cruise line allows. This is since policies across cruise lines might range greatly.

Most cruise lines have one thing in common: while wine and champagne are occasionally allowed, whiskey, spirits, and beer are usually not. Disney cruises are one exception, where passengers are welcome to bring a six-pack of beer instead of wine.

You are only permitted to bring one or two bottles of wine or champagne on embarkation day, according to several cruise lines.

Carnival Cruise Luggage Guidelines 2023: Size, Weight, and Limitations

Celebrity Cruises allows two bottles per passenger, while Royal Caribbean allows two per room. Although guests are permitted to bring more than one bottle on board, regardless of where the bottle is drunk after the first, there will be a corkage cost.

In other situations, there can be a corkage charge if you intend to drink any bottle outside of your hotel when it comes time to enjoy it. To be sure, review the cruise’s guidelines.

Don’t assume that shopping at ports of call is a good way to get past those regulations. Most cruise lines ask you to give any bottle you pick up at the port to their employees, who will store it until the ship sails back to its original location.

Disney is an exception to this rule: at each port of call, passengers are permitted to carry on board a maximum of two bottles of wine, champagne, or six beers.

Thankfully, you can purchase a drinks package on a lot of ships, which will let you enjoy a range of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages as you sail between ports of call.

What beverages are permitted?

What about milk, soda, water in a bottle, or other nonalcoholic drinks? Permissibility is likewise dependent.

You may be allowed to bring a certain quantity of single-use bottles on certain cruise lines. For instance, Royal Caribbean and Carnival both limit each passenger to 12 cans, cartons, or bottles; Norwegian, on the other hand, outright prohibits it. Thus, before you arrive at port, review the policy of your cruise line.

Recall that a lot of the food selections on cruise ships are included in the ticket, so you may not need to bring much if any, extra food.

Before carrying food aboard a cruise ship, you should always confirm with your cruise line. Below, we’ll go over cruise line dining policies.

Cruise Line Food Regulations

Carnival Royale

You are permitted to carry restricted amounts of non-perishable pre-packaged food, according to Royal Caribbean’s food and beverage policy.

Although the guideline is ambiguous, if the products are pre-packaged and non-perishable, there shouldn’t be a problem.

As long as they fit inside your carry-on bag, you are also permitted to transport up to 12 non-alcoholic beverage cans, bottles, or cartons.

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Carnival Cruise Line

Food items must be pre-packaged and unopened; homemade goods or pre-cooked foods will not be allowed onboard, according to Carnival’s snack/food policy. Restrictions on what foods are allowed are closely tied to issues with food safety and preventing contamination. For personal food or beverage items, we are unable to provide food preparation, refrigeration, or storage.

Norwegian Cruise Line

According to the rules of Norwegian Cruise Line, “unsealed food items will not be allowed onboard.”

Otherwise, only pack objects that are sealed.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises, in our opinion, offers identical food policies to other large cruise lines. Food items that are sealed and prepackaged and do not expire can be packed.

Celebrity Cruises

Travelers on Celebrity Cruises are permitted to carry small amounts of non-perishable, prepackaged snacks on board.

Disney Cruise Line

Non-perishable snack foods in sealed, original packaging are allowed aboard Disney Cruise Line, according to rules. Every item needs to be consumed or left unopened before heading back to your home port.

Furthermore, breast milk is only permitted in carry-on luggage.

Virgin Voyages

On Virgin Voyages, you need to obtain special permission to bring food on board a Virgin Voyages crew member, first get in touch with their Sailor Services Crew.

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