Discover the 7 Best Spots on a Cruise Ship for a Peaceful Escape

Best spots on a cruise ship: If you’ve ever dreamed of escaping the hustle and bustle of a busy cruise ship, we’ve got a treasure trove of secrets just for you. While popular spots like the pool decks, clubs and spa areas are usually crowded because lots of people love chilling out in the pools and thermal suites on cruise ships, there’s something truly special about discovering your own secure and favourite place onboard.

Whether you like hidden decks where you can soak in the sun without a soul in sight, tucked-away hot tubs bubbling with warmth, or cosy lounges where you can curl up with a good book and let the world drift away, wouldn’t it be cool to find a quiet spot just for yourself, away from your cabin?

Believe it or not, there are hidden places on cruise ships like secret decks, hidden hot tubs, and quiet lounges. Not many people know about them, so you can relax without worrying about crowds bustling around you.

So, here we are with the 7 Best Spots on a Cruise Ship that you will love.

If you want some peace, go explore the ship and find these hidden gems. You’ll be glad you did!

1. Norwegian Cruise Line’s Top Deck

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If you’re cruising on Norwegian’s Breakaway- and Breakaway Plus-class ships, don’t miss out on the top deck. It’s a bit tucked away unless you’re in the super-exclusive Vibe Beach Club or The Haven areas. But for those willing to explore, there are the best spots on a cruise ship with chairs just beside these exclusive zones. It stays pretty quiet until a few days into the cruise. Find it on Deck 17 for Breakaway-class ships (like Breakaway and Getaway) and Deck 19 for Breakaway Plus-class ships (including Norwegian Escape, Joy, and Bliss).

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2. Oceania Cruises’ Spa Deck

Oceania Cruises' Spa Deck
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Check out the Spa Deck on Oceania Cruises’ Marina and Riviera ships if you’re staying in a Concierge cabin or suite. It’s at the front of the ship and has comfy loungers and two hot tubs. Here’s the secret: not many folks know that the deck stays open late. So, after a few hours, you might have the whole place to yourself. Imagine chilling in your hot tub under the stars—it’s a cruise win!

3. Royal Caribbean’s running track

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Check out Royal Caribbean’s running track on the Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas ships. It might not seem like a relaxing spot, but there’s a quiet section on Deck 5 at the back with deck chairs and a great view of the ocean. It’s peaceful, especially when there’s no AquaTheater show happening. You can also find this hidden deck on Harmony of the Seas and Symphony of the Seas but without chairs. If you’re okay sitting on the ground, bring a couple of towels and enjoy the view.

On Symphony of the Seas, you’ll also find ping-pong and shuffleboard courts nearby, usually without many people waiting to use them.

4. Carnival Cruise Line’s Lanai

Carnival Cruise Line
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Every Carnival ship has a free adults-only Serenity deck, but sometimes they can get crowded. On ships like the Carnival Breeze, Dream, and Magic, you can find another chill spot called the Lanai on Deck 5. It’s got deck chairs and hot tubs that stick out over the side of the ship. Plus, it’s near the RedFrog Pub, where you can grab some tasty drinks and snacks.

5. Viking Ocean Cruises, the Explorers’ Lounge

Viking cruise
(Credit: Viking cruises)

If you’re sailing with Viking Ocean Cruises, you’ve got to check out the Explorers’ Lounge. It’s a real gem spread across decks 7 and 8, offering stunning views, live music, and one of the fanciest bars you’ll find at sea. While most of the action happens on the lower level, the upper deck is a serene haven, especially during the day. So, climb on up and settle in with a good book or just sit back and enjoy the scenery—no worries if you drift off for a little nap.

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On the Viking Orion ship, part of this upper-deck lounge is home to a planetarium. It gets busy during showtimes and lectures, but many folks forget it’s also a great spot to unwind outside of events. So, if you’re looking for a peaceful retreat with breathtaking views, the Explorers’ Lounge top deck is the place to be!

6. Disney Cruise Line’s Outlook Lounge

Disney Cruises
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On Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, keep an eye out for the Outlook Lounge on Deck 14. It’s often overlooked because it’s the only spot on this deck. This cosy lounge has comfy seating and big windows with great views (but no bar). It’s perfect for sneaking away with a good book. Just remember, it’s not always open since it’s used for private events too.

7. Seabourn’s Forward Hot Tub

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Seabourn’s ships have a secret hot tub and sun deck that many passengers miss, even though you can see them from the observation bar’s outer deck. They’re tucked all the way forward on Deck 6 (for Odyssey, Sojourn, and Quest) or Deck 7 (for Encore and Ovation). You can only get there through a door at the end of a suite corridor.

Even if you’re not up for a soak, you can still grab some sun on one of the deck chairs around the hot tub. And don’t forget about the poolside service and complimentary Champagne and caviar—talk about a luxurious escape!

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