Discover the Rules and Regulations for Topless Sunbathing on Cruises

Topless Sunbathing on Cruises: Topless sunbathing was once pretty frequent on cruise ships, and not just on European cruise ships. Women could work on their tans without waiting in line on the upper deck of Carnival cruises, but, at some point in the new century, the classification seems to vanish.

What exactly is permitted on board a ship in the family-friendly cruise industry of today? We go into great detail about this trending issue of cruise ship topless tanning.

Topless Sunbathing on Cruises: Can you sunbathe topless on a cruise?

The majority of well-known cruise lines serving North America forbid topless sunbathing on their vessels. Special sun decks were discontinued by Carnival, and Norwegian’s Guest Conduct Policy makes it very clear that “topless sunbathing is not permitted.” More ambiguous are Royal Caribbean and Celebrity, who state that their policies differ depending on the cruise ship, itinerary, and sailing date. “Should you wish to sunbathe topless? Cunard states, “You should do this in the privacy of your balcony.”

Go for the European lines if you want to work that flawless tan. For instance, the top pool deck of the German cruise liner Hapag Lloyd’s Europa has a topless sunbathing area. If not, you’ll have to go on a nude cruise and expose everything.

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Not Everyone Adheres to the Regulations

Members of Cruise Critic have documented cases of topless sunbathing on ships where it isn’t officially permitted.

According to Cruise Critic reader seapals2, “The Retreat had the expensive boobs on show” during a trip on P&O’s Azura. Imagine that you would want them on display if you had spent a fortune on them.” Even though cruise lines disagree, a lot of passengers seem to believe that the upper sun deck is the best spot to get a full tan, but you should keep your top on at the main, kid-friendly pool.

By untying their bikini tops while lying on their stomachs, some ladies circumvent the regulations. This is a frequent practice on cruise ships, and when done correctly, it keeps nothing visible to the masses at the pool.

Cruise Lines’ Policy on Topless Sunbathing

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Carnival Cruise Line

Although topless sunbathing isn’t expressly mentioned in Carnival’s code of conduct, it is stated that:

Carnival will not permit any activity that endangers the comfort, enjoyment, health, safety, or well-being of other passengers or our crew. We reserve the right to reject or stop passage to anyone who, in Carnival’s opinion, is acting in a way that detracts from other people’s cruise experiences.

A former highlight of Carnival Cruise Line was their topless sunbathing deck. Previously, guests who wanted to sunbathe topless were allowed to use the tallest deck close to the funnel. However, the cruise company has taken the topless sunbathing decks off all its ships.

The following is what Royal Caribbean International’s Guest Health, Safety, and Conduct Policy states:

Except on specific routes, where it is permitted only in defined areas, topless sunbathing is prohibited. To learn more about our dress code, please get in touch with Guest Services.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises and its sister cruise company, Royal Caribbean, have a similar code of conduct. In contrast to Royal Caribbean, Celebrity’s policy expressly mentions sunbathing without a top. The cruise line does not permit toplessness unless specifically stated on particular itineraries and in designated areas.

Chairs in the theater, pool, and deck cannot be reserved unless there is a disability. Nudity in public is forbidden. In case other passengers, other boats, or the shore can see them, guests must dress appropriately when on stateroom balconies. Except on a few routes and only in those iterations’ authorized areas, topless sunbathing is not allowed. Please get in touch with Guest Relations for additional information about our dress code.

Norwegian Cruise Line

One of the few cruise lines that explicitly forbids toplessness is Norwegian Cruise Line. The cruise line says in its Guest Conduct Policy:

You cannot reserve chairs in the theater, pool, and deck. Sunbathing without a top is not allowed. You cannot use loud radios or boom boxes.

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Virgin Cruises

One of the few cruise lines that permits topless sunbathing is Virgin Voyages. There is a small, dedicated area on Virgin cruise ships where guests can sunbathe naked.

Yes, there will be a special place for you to go topless because we think tan lines are kind of vintage—not in a good way.

Costa Cruises

The top decks, the pool area, and the balconies of guest rooms are all open to topless sunbathing for Costa Cruises patrons. The cruise company permits sunbathing aboard cruise ships in the European style and has a strong Italian influence.

Celestyal Cruises

On Celestyal cruises, visitors can enjoy topless sunbathing on the ship’s exterior decks. Small-ship voyages throughout the Mediterranean are available from the European cruise company.

How to Sunbathe Topless on a Cruise

Sunbathe on a Cruise
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You might be wondering how prevalent topless sunbathing is in the real world, even while certain cruise lines clearly state whether they permit it or not and others completely ignore the topic.

On the majority of cruises, people do not frequently display nudity. Having said that, we have witnessed numerous individuals with their tops unfastened and lying on their stomachs. It also never seems to be a problem.

But what if you just want to soak up some sun and work on that flawless tan?

We advise upgrading to a balcony stateroom if you plan to spend your cruise holiday tanning topless and enjoying the sun from the relative seclusion of your balcony. Although it lacks the opulence of the upper deck, it does offer some seclusion.

It is unlikely that you will get caught topless sunning on your balcony. But remember that you can still be violating the cruise line’s rules.

Ask a crew member or stop by guest services if you have any questions about the cruise line’s policies.

Taking part in chartered sailings devoted to nude cruising is another little-known alternative. Even some well-known mainstream cruise ships provide popular nudist cruise charters.

Although some seem to believe that high decks and adult-only regions of the ship allow topless sunbathing, we advise against trying your luck. It never hurts to ask staff members if you want to go topless.

While readers of Cruise Critic have differing ideas regarding whether or not women should be able to go topless while on a cruise, most of the complaints we receive are about males who parade around in skimpy Speedos or proudly display their enormous beer bellies and moobs (man boobs, for those who are unaware). It’s comparable to, if not worse than, topless sunbathing, according to our readers.

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