Discover the Top 13 Cruise Ship Pools for Your Vacation

Cruise Ship Pools: While river and expedition ships frequently lack pools, all mainstream and premium cruise ships feature at least one. Typically, Cruise Ship Pools are located on the top deck, often known as the Pool Deck or Lido Deck. (“Lido” refers to a chic seaside resort from the 19th century.)

Generally speaking, you’ll find showers for washing down and lines of lounge chairs for sunbathing, in addition to at least one pool and one or more hot tubs on either side. Usually, pools are only a few feet deep, maybe five or six feet. You are welcome to swim laps, although each one will be brief, and the pools will probably be busy during peak hours. Diving and jumping are not allowed.

Some cruise ships additionally provide a swim-against-the-current pool for lap swimming, while others feature a secondary pool area near the back of the ship with views of the wake. Pool lifts are available on almost all cruise ships for guests with limited mobility.

Top 13 Cruise Ship Pools for Your Vacation

1. Aft Pool – MSC Cruises

Aft Pool - MSC Cruises

Seaside-class ships operated by MSC Cruises feature an Aft Pool. When a ship is at sea, this infinity-style pool creates the appearance that water is spilling over the stern. The peaceful, restful area is available to all visitors. They’re the ideal spot to unwind and take in the view of the surf.

2. The Lido pool on Spirit of Adventure, Saga Cruises

The Lido pool on Spirit of Adventure, Saga Cruises

Searching for something a little bit unique? The primary outdoor area on the 999-passenger ships, the Lido pool on Spirit of Adventure and Spirit of Discovery, is a great location to unwind and enjoy the sun and scenery. The eccentric, centrally positioned area has an art deco style with a distinct British beach vibe. It has a large pool with hot tubs on either side, lots of sun loungers, and stylish, covered spaces. The finest part? Waiters bring out free drinks, ice cream, and fish and chips at the bar. Journey Drama

3. The infinity pool on Sun Princess, Princess Cruises

The infinity pool on Sun Princess

Setting sail on February 28, 2024, Sun Princess will provide guests with even more areas to splash about and relax than before. With space for 4,300 passengers, Sun Princess is the largest addition to Princess Cruises’ fleet. The line considered guests’ requests for additional outdoor space when designing the ship, and they more than met that request. We particularly enjoy Wakeview Terrace, which is located in a prime location at the ship’s aft and offers a bar (obviously), towering condo-style cabins stacked above, an infinity pool with a South Beach-style resort deck, and endless entertainment. Princess

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4. The lap pool on Celebrity Ascent, Celebrity Cruises

The lap pool on Celebrity Ascent, Celebrity Cruises

The Resort Deck, which is located in the middle of Celebrity Cruises’ fourth Edge-class ship, Celebrity Ascent, blends designer flair with more outdoor space. With features like the enormous silver octopus sculpture and the towering martini-glass-shaped jacuzzis, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The asymmetrical location has two stories of tall glass walls, a lap pool, plush chaise lounges with views of the ocean, a big LED screen, and spacious cabanas that may be rented out. Get a quick lunch at Mast Grill or a cocktail at the pool bar. You may also come here for live music, deck parties, and stargazing movies after dusk. Celebrity Cruises

5. Havana Pool – Carnival Cruise Line

Havana Pool - Carnival Cruise Line

Only occupants of the Excel Presidential Suites during Mardi Gras and Havana cabins and suites are permitted to use this specific pool on many Carnival ships. Apart from the main pools, the Havana Pool provides a peaceful spot to unwind, get away from the hustle and bustle of the ship, and soak up the sun while drinking a fresh mojito.

6. Princess Cruises’ Wakeview Pool

Princess Cruises' Wakeview Pool

One of the most popular areas on a number of the more recent Princess Cruise ships is the Wakeview Pool. Situated at the rear of the vessel, the pool boasts an infinity edge that provides breathtaking views of the ocean. As you sail into your next port, take in the sea breeze from the pool deck.

7. Disney Cruise Line’s Quiet Cove Pools

Disney Cruise Line's Quiet Cove Pools

Every Disney Cruise Line ship has a quiet cove pool. This sector of the ship is reserved for adults only and has bars, hot tubs, and pools. The Quiet Cove Pool on Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy consists of three circles that form a shallow sunbathing pool and plunge pools (imagine a Mickey Mouse shape). Adjacent to Disney Wonder and Disney Magic’s Quiet Cove Pool is a covered pavilion furnished with cozy teak lounge chairs.

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8. Explora 1, Explora Journeys’ infinite pool

Explora 1, Explora Journeys' infinite pool

The luxury cruise industry is expanding rapidly, bringing with it first-rate outdoor amenities that can match the best boutique hotels in terms of spaciousness, lounge areas, and services. Luxurious cruise guests are fond of infinity pools, and the Astern Pool & Bar on board the recently launched ship Explora 1 is one of the ship’s three outdoor cruise pools. With its beach-club atmosphere and breathtaking vistas, it’s the perfect place to unwind on a leisurely sea day. Deck 5 is the place to be whether you’re in the mood for a spicy margarita at the all-day lounge, a cool towel, or a picturesque location for sunset. Journeys with Explora

9. The S.S. Bon Voyage, Uniworld, infinity plunge pool

The S.S. Bon Voyage, Uniworld, infinity plunge pool

Arguably the nicest outdoor cruise ship pool cruising the Dordogne and Garonne rivers is the Soleil Deck on the 124-guest luxury liner S.S. Bon Voyage, with design cues including bright textiles influenced by French art and South African mosaic tiles. With the only infinity plunge pool on the river banks, you may unwind at a shaded table, lounger-style, or take a refreshing dive. Gorgeous views of the French countryside are also available. In the meantime, Le Cafe du Soleil’s poolside service features informal French fare and outdoor culinary demonstrations by the ship’s chefs. Uniworld

10. The Seabourn Venture, Seabourn Cruises heated pool with hot tubs

The Seabourn Venture, Seabourn Cruises heated pool with hot tubs

Immersion in the most distant locations on Earth is possible with Seabourn Venture. Seabourn Cruises in picture
In 2022, Seabourn launched Seabourn Venture, its first expedition ship, intending to provide luxurious and comfortable travel to some of the world’s most isolated locations. This is an immersive experience you won’t soon forget, whether you’re staring at the northern lights or a passing iceberg, judging by the ship’s stunning heated pool and two hot tubs at the back. Seabourn

11. Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises

The 1,200-passenger Oceania Vista was built with “quiet luxury” in mind, aiming to satisfy the modern cruiser’s expectations for a vacation on the high seas. It was introduced in 2023. The outdoor spaces now include a cruise ship pool deck that draws inspiration from the best beach clubs in the world. It has various zones, cool Jacuzzis that are screened from the pool, private cabanas, a shallow paddling area, and lanterns that turn the area from a daytime hangout to a private club at night. There isn’t a cruise-ship pool quite like it, according to Studio DADO, the designers of Vista.

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12. Celebrity Cruises’ Resort Deck Swimming Pool

Celebrity Ascent deck
(Credit: United Cruise)

Extra points are awarded for the Resort Deck pool on Celebrity Cruises’ newest vessel, Celebrity Beyond, because it is very amazing. With martini-shaped hot tubs and an incredibly picturesque elephant monument surrounding it, the pool is a must-see. Water vistas were a major design element for the entire area. It has a tiered deck and an asymmetrical lounge space.

13. Royal Caribbean’s Enhanced Pool Deck

 cruise ship Pools
(Credit: Royal Caribbean cruises)

Royal Caribbean’s “Amplified” ship improvements included a significant makeover for the pools. There is plenty of additional space to swim, relax, and play in these family-friendly outdoor spaces. There is a kids’ splash area, a selection of beach chairs, and the popular Lime & Coconut Bar for adults beside the main pool.

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