How to Save Money on Disney Cruise Costs in 2024

Disney Cruise Cost in 2024: We don’t blame you if you’ve found yourself looking into Disney cruises lately—the line of ships is known for its luxurious accommodations and an abundance of water attractions. However, they may also be expensive, and if you’re sailing with more people, those expenses might mount quickly.

We have the response to your question, “How much is a Disney cruise?” Let’s examine the available cruise options, their costs, and ways to reduce their costs.

Disney Cruise destinations?

Disney almost certainly offers a cruise that will take you wherever you want to go. Although there aren’t any ships going to Antarctica, there are still a lot of other places to go, such as:

  • Alaska.

  • Australia.

  • Bahamas.

  • Bermuda.

  • Canada.

  • Caribbean.

  • Europe.

  • Hawaii.

  • Mexico.

  • New Zealand.

  • Pacific Coast.

  • Panama Canal.

  • South Pacific.

  • Trans-Atlantic.

Disney’s fleet of cruise ships

Disney cruise
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Disney runs only six ships, although offering a vast range of locations. The Disney Treasure, the company’s newest ship, is scheduled to debut in December 2024.

You have the choice to sail with the Disney Treasure in addition to:

  • Disney Dream.

  • Disney Fantasy.

  • Disney Magic.

  • Disney Wonder.

  • Disney Wish.

How much does Disney Cruise Cost?

At Port Canaveral, Florida, the Disney Cruise Line facility and the cruise ship Fantasy are docked.

Disney Cruises typically cost between $1,500 and $3,000 per person. A five-night Disney cruise typically costs a family of four between $4,000 and $6,000.

When looking at nightly costs, Disney Cruise Line is among the priciest travel choices. Disney assures us of a fantastical journey. But there is a price for that.

Disney cruises cost more per person per night than cruises from Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line, and Norwegian Cruise Line.

We’ll examine how much a Disney cruise will cost in 2023 and help you choose how much to set aside for your upcoming cruise holiday.

Cruise Fare

The cruise ticket is the single most important expense on a Disney cruise. The primary determinant of a Disney cruise’s cost is your cruise fee or the basic cost of your voyage. What is included in the cruise fare is as follows:

  • Cabin accomodations.
  • Meals at complimentary onboard restaurants.
  • Basic drinks.
  • Port fees and taxes.
  • Onboard activities and entertainment.
  • Disney Cruise Line room service

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The shortest cruises are also typically the least expensive, departing from San Diego. The lowest prices we could find for a three-night voyage from San Diego that included two passengers in an inside room came to $1,326 when we looked for sailings across the year.

On the other hand, the most costly cruise we could find was a 10-nighter that visits Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and France. The cost of an inner cabin for two people was $6,489, while a concierge-level room cost $28,089 more.

If you choose to upgrade to a suite, balcony, or ocean view, be prepared to pay more.

Disney Cruise Line has far higher cruise pricing than Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Line if you compare cruise prices. However, you’ll receive a genuine Disney experience with your child’s favorite characters for the cost.

Marvel and Star Wars are featured on more recent cruise ships, such as the Disney Wish and Disney Wonder, making them ideal for families with young adults and teenagers.

Air tickets

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A Disney cruise also includes a hefty airfare expense in addition to the port of departure. Traveling during the off-season can help you save money if you’re flexible with when you want to take your trip.

Traveling during the week will further down your airfare expenses.

Advice: If you plan, you can catch the greatest prices on flights and prevent fare spikes at the last minute.

Hotel Rooms

Cruise Suites and Balcony Cabins, difference between Cruise Suites and Balcony Cabins, Balcony Cabins, Cruise Suites, Cruise rooms
(Credit: Royal Carribean Blog)

When traveling to the embarkation city, I usually advise arriving one day early to minimize any problems with aircraft delays or cancellations. The type of hotel you select and its closeness to the cruise terminal will determine how much it costs.

Seek out lodging establishments that provide “Park and Cruise” packages, which combine lodging with parking and transportation to the port via shuttle.

Parking or Transportation at Port

Port Canaveral Cruise Parking Discounts, Port Canaveral, Port Canaveral parking, Port Canaveral facilities, Port Canaveral discounts
(Credit: Cruise Critic)

You’ll require transportation to the cruise terminal or parking at the cruise terminal. The expense of transportation, particularly parking, to and from the cruise terminal rises rapidly.

Selecting a hotel that offers shuttle services relieves you of the burden of organizing transportation. Depending on your situation, transportation options like taxis, shuttles, or ride-hailing applications like Uber or Lyft usually cost between $70 and $105 per way.

Usually, port parking costs $100 to $150 for a week-long stay.

Gourmet Food

Can You Bring Food on a Cruise ship, are food allowed on Cruise ship, beverage on cruise, snacks on cruise
(Credit: Cruisewatch)

A variety of complimentary food options are available on Disney Cruise Line. I have not dined at the specialty dining establishments on any of my previous Disney cruises.

If you would rather partake in speciality dining experiences, some restaurants charge an extra fee. If you intend to treat yourself to something special, set aside money in your budget for a character dining experience or a sumptuous dinner at an adult-only restaurant.

Advice: Make reservations for supper in advance. Reservations can be made via the app, in-restaurant, or with guest services. Palo and Remy, the two adult-only eateries, swiftly fill up. To guarantee a seat, make your reservations as soon as possible.

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Alcohol and Beverages

While the cost of your cruise covers standard beverages, you will have to pay extra for bottled water, specialty coffees, and alcoholic beverages. One of the few cruise lines without an all-inclusive alcohol package is Disney.

In my opinion, Disney offers slightly more affordable drink prices when compared to other cruise companies. However, since these costs may add up quickly, it’s important to take your family’s drinking habits into account when creating your budget.

With your regular cruise cost, DCL provides pop and soda. They’re also among the few cruise lines that do this.

DCL allows passengers to carry beer or wine on board the ship at any port, not just on embarkation day, if you’re trying to cut costs on beverages.

WiFi bundle

For many people, being connected when at sea is become a need rather than an extravagance. Disney provides many internet package tiers that are billed according to usage. If you and your friends intend to connect on for personal or professional purposes, you’ll probably want to get a WiFi bundle.


You can show your appreciation for the great service you’ll get on board by leaving a gratuity. At check-out, cruise lines such as Disney automatically deduct a daily gratuity.

DCL states that your stateroom host, the head server, assistant servers, and dining room servers all receive gratuities. Your service charge is also given to the stateroom assistant host who looks after the concierge accommodations if you stay in a suite.

Disney advises that guests staying in regular staterooms tip $14.50 per person, while those staying in suites should tip $15.50 per person.

Beach Outings

10 best cruise ship ports, cruise ports, 10 best ports, 10 best places to visit from cruise
(Credit: Globe Guide)

Your cruise experience is much enhanced and the expense is increased by exploring the ports of call. Numerous shore excursions, or “Port Adventures,” are available from Disney Cruise Line, each catered to a different interest and degree of activity.

It’s important to remember that while these trips are convenient and worry-free, they frequently cost more than individual exploration.

Spa Provisions

Lastly, factor in the price of unwinding and getting pampered at the onboard spa. The spa provides a peaceful haven with a range of services, including massages and facials. Although these opulent treatments are optional, save aside money for these peaceful encounters if you’re the kind to prioritize self-care.

I’ve always noticed that the cost of spa services on cruise ships is more than it is at home. However, if the price is acceptable to you, it’s a wonderful opportunity to reward yourself and relax while on your cruise.

Factors that affect a Disney Cruise’s price

Disney Cruises
(Credit: CNN)

A few factors affect the cost of a Dinsey Cruise:

  • Time of Year: Disney cruises experience peaks during popular vacation periods, much as holidays raise airfare and hotel rates. Winter holidays, with their festive charm, and summer breaks, when school is not in session, frequently have higher rates.
  • Length of Your Cruise: Longer cruises are more expensive overall since they spend more days at sea, but here’s an intriguing twist: on occasion, a longer cruise costs less per day than a shorter one. Even yet, because you’re stopping at more interesting places along the way, lengthier sailings incur higher port fees.
  • Destination: The cost of a cruise varies depending on the location. For instance, cruises to Alaska are usually more costly than those to the Caribbean or the Bahamas.
  • Stateroom: The primary factor affecting the price of your Disney vacation is the category of your cabin. A balcony or suite is considerably more expensive than an internal stateroom.
    When organizing your next Disney cruise, keep the aforementioned factors in mind.

Money-Saving Advice for Disney Cruisers

View of the passengers having fun in the pool and unwinding on the sunloungers from deck 11. A view of the famous Disney Cruise Line funnel and the AquaDuck waterslide
Disney sailing is a fantastic experience, but it can only be joyous rather than stressful if money is managed well. It’s not necessary to keep a strict budget to reap the benefits of wise spending habits.

By routinely monitoring your onboard account through the Disney Cruise Line app, you can keep an eye on spending and steer clear of surprises.

Take into consideration the following cost-cutting measures if you want to reduce expenses without compromising too much of the Disney magic:

Plan Your Trip During the Off-Season

Cruise costs are substantially less during off-peak hours. For instance, summertime sailing in the Bahamas or the Caribbean is usually more expensive. If your vacation schedule is flexible, consider sailing during off-peak seasons.

  • Barly’s Book: When cruise fares are on sale, they are at their lowest. Make your Disney cruise reservation as soon as possible to save money. Additionally, Disney Cruise Line offers a price match if you locate a better deal after you’ve already booked. I’ve successfully done this multiple times, saving my family tens of thousands of dollars on Disney cruise tickets.
  • Hire a Travel Agent: When you book a trip on your own, you won’t find the exclusive discounts and offers that travel agents have access to. Use a travel agency to arrange your reservation so they can offer you a cheaper Disney cruise. In order to create a comprehensive Disney vacation, they can also combine your Disney cruise with a stay at Disney World.
  • Choose Not to Dine at Specialty Restaurants: Although eating onboard Disney ships is a delight, speciality restaurants such as Palo charge a fee. Enjoy the big free restaurants instead, where you can still get great service and themed menus.
  • Keep an eye on your spending: Use the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App to monitor the money you spend while on board. To help you stay on top of your money, the app keeps track of how much you’ve spent.

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Is the Cost of a Disney Cruise Justified?

San Diego, California, USA is home to the Disney Dream Cruise Ship Liner and the Princess Cruise Ship.
In San Diego, California, there are docked Disney and Princess cruise ships.
The cost of a Disney cruise is worth it. The cruise line offers a singular experience that blends the cruising adventure with Disney’s enchanted and kid-friendly environment. They’re one of our top choices for family-friendly cruise lines.

Disney Cruises offers a distinctive, premium experience geared toward families, with a level of service and themed entertainment that is difficult to rival, even while their costs are higher than those of other popular cruise lines.

How much importance you and your family place on these special features of the Disney cruise experience will determine whether or not a Disney cruise is worthwhile. Disney Cruise Line has consistently shown to be a worthwhile investment, in my opinion.

Try our cruise line questionnaire to determine which cruise line is best for you if you’re still not sure.

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