Facts about 7 Exotic Royal Caribbean Cruise Destinations

Royal Caribbean Cruise Destinations: The Caribbean isn’t only about picture-perfect beaches and sunsets! Did you know that civilians in Barbados are not allowed to wear any kind of camouflage gear? Or that there are actual nutmeg trees on Spice Island?

These are 11 entertaining facts about the top Caribbean holiday spots.

Some of the most beautiful and famous locations on Earth can be discovered aboard a Royal Caribbean® cruise. There are no limits to the adventures you can have when you travel with us.

You can explore untamed national parks in Alaska and northern Europe, go island-hopping to stunning beaches in the Caribbean and South Pacific, take in the rich history and culture of the Mediterranean, or discover the many exotic wonders of Asia. Select from a wide range of itineraries that take you to over 300 breathtaking points of call. You are going to have a vacation unlike any other, wherever you choose to travel.

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Facts about 7 Exotic Royal Caribbean Cruise Destinations

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With four Miss World titles, Jamaica is just slightly behind Venezuela and India, who both have six victories. Some of Jamaica’s former beauty queens, including singer and entrepreneur Cindy Shakespeare, have gone on to have interesting professions. In addition, she is the mother of singer Damien Marley, Bob Marley’s youngest son. Lisa Hanna, another title bearer, was one of the youngest women elected to the Jamaican Parliament and went on to become minister of youth and culture.

The books of James Bond were composed in Jamaica

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After serving in the British Navy as an intelligence officer during World War II, Ian Fleming relocated to Jamaica and settled on the Goldeneye Estate, which was given its name in honour of one of his clandestine activities. He started writing the first James Bond novels there. The directors of the movie adaptations of the books chose Jamaica and other Caribbean tourist spots, such as the well-known Thunderball Grotto (a portion of an underwater cave system in the Exuma Cays), for filming.

The Jamaican estate where the books were written is still open for visitors. It’s situated in the stunning region of Oracabessa Bay on the northern shore.

The Cayman Islands Contain A Place Called “Hell”

When on Grand Cayman Island, ask your taxi driver to take you to hell. You will know you’ve come to the correct area when you notice a signpost that says, “The Removal of Hell Rocks is Prohibited.”

Over millions of years, the reaction between salt and lime produced a region of black limestone known as “Hell.” In addition, there are throngs of visitors throughout the cruise vacation season and tacky décor.

$25 Million Costed For St. Thomas Harbor

The local government sold St. Thomas Harbor to the United States government for a cool $25,000,000. Because of its size, up to seven cruise ships can land there simultaneously. The permanent population of 51,634 people on the island might almost quadruple if all of those cruise ships were in port, since each cruise ship can accommodate up to 6,000 passengers.

Livestock Carriers: Leading Players in Global Cattle Export and Transportation Sector

At 7 Caribbean Destinations, Camouflage Is Prohibited For Civilians

Greek Islands
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On a Caribbean cruise, it’s wise to leave your camouflage clothing at home. Countries like Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Lucia, and Trinidad and Tobago forbid wearing khaki clothing or camouflage gear. The government frequently wants only military personnel to wear certain colours.

You will have to turn over your camo to the authorities if you break the rules and are discovered wearing or possessing it. It would be best to leave it at home.

When you take a Caribbean cruise, there are lots of secrets to unearth. Go on your island exploration to find more undiscovered treasures.


The English language is well known for incorporating vocabulary from several languages, including Latin, French, Arabic, and many more. So, it should come as no surprise that English has also borrowed words from the Taino tribal language. Although English and Spanish have diluted the dialect, people in Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and the Caribbean still speak Taino.

Banana, caiman, canoe, cay, cocoa, coconut, hammock, hurricane, indigo, mahogany, mangrove, savannah, tobacco, tomato, and yam are a few English words that have Taino roots.

A New Beach Every Day in Antigua

Amazingly, Antigua boasts 365 white sand beaches, given the small size of the island (281 km²). Bone-white sand and quiet, clear waters can be found at almost any beach. Unadulterated bliss! One of the things that makes Antigua one of the top Caribbean travel destinations is its variety of beaches.

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