Free Wi-Fi on Royal Caribbean: 6 Ways to Stay Connected for Free

Free Wi-Fi on Royal Caribbean: Can you survive without any internet connection for days or even a week? Well, not everyone can do that. Going on a Royal Caribbean cruise is sure to be a lot of fun, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot to stay connected to the internet. Paying a hefty amount per day to stay connected is not always a “yes” for everyone, either. This guide will show you six clever ways to get free Wi-Fi on your Royal Caribbean cruise, so you can stay connected without spending a lot of money.

1. Use the benefits of a loyalty program: Crown & Anchor Group

Smart cruisers know that joining the Crown & Anchor Society reward program is a good idea. Your trips earn you points that can be used for different perks. One great perk is that you can use the internet for free. Here’s how to get the most out of this benefit:

Earn 80 to 174 points to reach the diamond level. Once you do, you’ll get 24 hours of free Wi-Fi per cruise. Plan how you log in so that you can use it on two different days.

  • Diamond Plus Level: If you earn between 175 and 699 points, you can enjoy 48 hours of free internet during your trip, which should include at least three days at sea.
  • Pinnacle Club Level: If you’re the most loyal customer and have over 700 points, you get a full Surf & Stream internet plan for one device—a big plus for cruisers who really like their job.
  • Members of the Gold, Platinum, and Emerald levels get savings on internet plans, even if they aren’t at the top levels. This way, everyone can benefit from the loyalty program.

2. Use your onboard credit to buy Wi-Fi

You can use your onboard credit to pay for Wi-Fi if you’ve earned it. Onboard credit is often given during sales or when you book through certain outlets. To get the most out of this:

  • Plan ahead of time: Before your trip, go to Royal Caribbean’s trip planner website and add an internet package to your cart.
  • Checkout: Use your onboard cash to cover the cost during the checkout process. You can use a credit card to pay the difference if the credit doesn’t cover the whole deal.

You can stay connected without spending any money thanks to this clever use of stored credit.

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3. Betting to get free Wi-Fi: Club Royale Casino Rewards

Club Royale has a tempting way for people who like to gamble to get free Wi-Fi. As you play gaming games and earn Tier Credits, Wi-Fi benefits will be added:

  • Prime Tier: Get between 2,500 and 24,999 Tier Credits to get 30% off Royal Caribbean’s VOOM Surf & Stream internet plan.
  • Signature Tier: Get between 25,000 and 99,999 Tier Credits to get free Wi-Fi on one device. This will make sure you can stay connected while you’re on your trip.
  • Masters Tier: This level is only for big rollers with 100,000 or more Tier Credits. You can use the internet for free on two devices, which is a perk of spending a lot of money at the casino.

This might not be the cheapest way to get Wi-Fi on its own, but for people who already go to the casino a lot, it’s a nice extra.

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4. Grand Suites and above get free Wi-Fi

In a Quantum, Oasis, or Icon Class ship’s grand room, you’ll find a pleasant surprise: free VOOM Surf & Stream Wi-Fi. Guests staying in these suites can connect one gadget to the internet for free during their cruise.

Note: This perk is only available to Grand Suites and higher on certain ship types. There is no free Wi-Fi for Junior Suites or suites in the same category on older ship types.

5. Checking out places with free Wi-Fi near ports

There are free Wi-Fi hotspots at port sites that you can use to stay connected without spending extra money. Here is what you can do to make the most of this chance:

  • Free Wi-Fi on Board in Ports: Some cruise terminals give free Wi-Fi that may reach the ship. Look around the top deck or outdoor deck to find open spaces that might have Wi-Fi.
  • Ask Crew Members: When they’re not working, crew members often look for free Wi-Fi. They can help you find free Wi-Fi hotspots nearby so you can stay connected.
  • Wi-Fi Finder Apps: Before your trip, download Wi-Fi finder apps to find free Wi-Fi hotspots in port areas. This will make sure you can stay connected while you’re on land.

6. Royal Caribbean’s chat app lets you talk for free

Even though it’s not completely free, Royal Caribbean’s chat app is a cheap way to talk to other people without having to buy a full Wi-Fi plan. However, you cannot use this for other purposes, but only for texting through the app to the people on board with you. How to get the most out of this choice for a small fee of $1.99 per day:

  • Messaging inside the app: The Royal Caribbean app has a chat tool that lets you talk to other people while you’re sailing.
  • Cheap Communication: The app’s chat tool is a cheap way to talk to people about important things, like making plans for your travel party.

Note: For this function to work, everyone on the cruise must buy the chat service for the whole trip.

In conclusion

It’s true that not having free WiFi can be a bummer, but there are ways to make the most of your internet access on a Royal Caribbean cruise. You can stay connected without spending a lot of money by using these six tips. Have a great trip, and enjoy your cruise!

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