Guarantee cabins on a Cruise: What is it and What are the benefits

Guarantee cabins on a cruise: What does a cruise ship imply when it says “Guarantee cabins”? When planning a cruise vacation, this is one of the things that people usually have to ask.

The explanation is simple: it means that the cruise line promises to reserve your accommodation in the category of your choice, whether or not it is available for sale.

The cruise line will then assign your “real” cabin closer to the sailing. A week or less before departure is possible.

This blog post will explain what a Guarantee cabin is and how it can affect your vacation.

When a traveler chooses a cabin type but lets the cruise operator pick the exact cabin number, the booking is known as a guarantee cabin.

In essence, it lets you reserve open accommodation within a particular cabin type. You won’t be able to select the precise room you want, but you will get a discount on your cabin category.

Guarantee cabins are an excellent way to save money on a trip, as they have cheaper cruise costs than if you were to book a specific cabin. Although they choose the room number, the cruise operator ensures you’ll get a cabin in the same category you reserved.

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Cabin on a cruise ship with a balcony

Guarantee Cabin in cruise
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You will have the last say when it comes to choosing a stateroom because the cruise line makes the final decision. Put another way, when you reserve a Guarantee berth on a cruise ship, you frequently end up with one of the poorest staterooms available.

For most people, though, the savings make it worthwhile. Additionally, the cruise operator will upgrade your cabin at no additional cost if they are unable to fit you in the cabin category you have chosen.

This is so because the cabin category you select is the lowest one to which you may be assigned. If there is room in a higher cabin category, you might be eligible for a complimentary upgrade.

Cruise lines must exercise caution when controlling their inventory, or the total number of rooms that are available for purchase on board at any given moment, as people’s vacation and travel plans are subject to change or cancellation.

A ship’s worst nightmare during peak travel season is to sail with any empty cabins from last-minute cancellations. Because of this, they will oversell a certain number of Guarantee cabins to make up for the anticipated future cancellations.

A detailed overview of the Veranda on a cruise ship

Note: In my numerous openings and closings of Guarantee cabins as a former revenue manager, we never had a passenger become stuck because there weren’t enough cabins available aboard the ship.

Guarantee Cabin Benefits

  • There’s a 10% to 30% discount on cruise fares for Guarantee cabins.
  • You might get upgraded to a better cabin.
  • You might only have the option of a guarantee cabin when a ship is close to full.

The biggest advantage of reserving a Guarantee cabin is the cheaper cruise ticket. Guarantee cabins typically have lower rates, which can result in savings of up to $300 per person.

It is simple to cut costs on your cruise if you don’t mind where your cabin is located.

When booking an inner cabin, I frequently advise choosing a guarantee cabin because the location of the cabin isn’t as crucial as it is for those with balconies or views of the ocean. There aren’t many differences in cabin assignments because you don’t have to worry about blocked views.

Plus, an upgrade is always an option. Although it’s not Guarantee , the cruise company has the option to enhance your cabin category if there is available capacity.

Disadvantages of Guarantee Cabins

  • A cruise ship’s cabin location is out of your control.
  • Cruise lines choose cabins from what’s left over from regular bookings. Ocean views or balcony staterooms are likely to be partially or fully obstructed.
  • The cabin assignment might not be revealed until the morning of embarkation. Most cruise lines assign cabins a few days or weeks in advance, but you might not get yours until you board.

Your cabin location isn’t in your control with Guarantee Cabins. A good cabin location is important for several reasons: you don’t want seasickness on a cruise, you need a cabin near the elevators, or you want a stateroom away from the pool deck, casino, theatre, and nightclubs.

Getting a lower cruise fare means you’ll save money, but you’ll have no control over your cabin choice.

Regular bookings pick their staterooms before Guarantee cabins are assigned. These are often the worst cabins on the ship.

Differences between Cruise Suites and Balcony Cabins

There’s a good chance you’ll have an obstructed view if you have an ocean view or balcony room. Your cabin will probably be on the lowest decks or near the bow or stern, so you’ll feel more motion while sailing.

Should you get a Guarantee cabin?

(Credit: Cruisin with Ted)

When on a cruise, one of the finest choices for those trying to cut costs is a Guarantee cabin.

The ship will, at the very least, guarantee the category in which you have reserved a stateroom.

In the best case, you’ll be promoted to a higher level.

Thus, securing a Guarantee stateroom doesn’t require a risk. On the ship, passengers will receive a cabin, though perhaps not in the category they have reserved. With luck, you might receive one in a higher category.

Note: There is a very high chance that you will be placed in a stateroom with a blocked view if you book an ocean-view cabin through a Guarantee offer.

When you reserve a guarantee cabin, are you likely to receive an upgrade?

An upgrade is not assured just because a cabin is Guarantee. The cruise operator uses this as a means of assuring you that you will automatically be upgraded to the following category if the one you reserved is unavailable.

To be able to assign the passenger to whatever cabin category is available, many lines, however, will open the lowest category as guarantee cabins. For instance, the lowest subcategory inside or outdoor cabins will be opened as guarantee cabins and subsequently assigned to you, either in the category you reserved or a higher cabin category within the particular subcategory.

However, do not anticipate being able to reserve a guarantee inside the cabin and subsequently be upgraded to a suite or balcony cabin. You may be given a better inside cabin location or an outside cabin.

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 When is the typical assignment of a guarantee cabin?

It is possible to allocate a guarantee cabin many weeks before the day of embarkation.

It may happen as soon as the day following your reservation or as late as the morning of travel. as well as everything in between.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the cruise line is not required to assign you a stateroom if you choose a guarantee cabin; this responsibility ends on the morning of departing.

However, three to four weeks before the ship’s departure, the majority of cruise lines will assign the upgraded accommodation or the stateroom that was booked.

Which cruise lines promise a particular cabin?

When there are special offers or when there are no more cabins available for purchase, passengers on all the major cruise lines have the opportunity to reserve a guarantee cabin.

It’s not necessarily the case that a cruise operator has sold out of cabins when there are none left for sale. It’s possible that some staterooms are unpaid in full or don’t even have a deposit assigned to them.

Therefore, the cruise line will open and close guarantee staterooms based on demand and booking payment status, as determined by probability and the revenue manager’s expertise.

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