Hidden Symbolism: Meaning behind Pink Flamingos on Cruise

Meaning behind Pink Flamingos: Not only are there code words on a cruise line that denote people who are interested in swinging, but the same rules also apply to clothes, which is amusing (or horrifying, depending on your point of view). If you are familiar with the significance of an inverted pineapple on a door, you might also be interested in learning the meaning of a pink flamingo while on a cruise.

The New York Post claims that there are 15 million swingers in the country. They make up 4.5 percent of the entire population. Swinging isn’t limited to partner switching or group sex. In addition, it involves wife-swapping.

If you’re not into swinging, there are particular symbols you should stay away from when traveling on a cruise ship (or even at home). While some are just starting to show themselves, others are evident or becoming more so. This is no longer limited to a door’s emblem. It has alternatives for attire as well. The following, depending on your position, are things to utilize or avoid:

  • Upside-down pineapples (or any pineapple-related clothing, as it means the same thing)
  • Unicorns (seen as couples looking for other couples to swing with)
  • Pink flamingos (plastic lawn flamingos and on cruises)
  • Garden gnomes (more on the lawn)
  • White rocks around a mailbox
  • Wearing a black ring on the right-hand
  • Wearing a red ball cap
  • Thumb rings
  • Toe rings
  • A wedding ring is worn on your right hand
  • Metal star
  • Yin-Yang tattoo

You might want to stay away from wearing any of these things if you don’t enjoy swinging. As more people come to realize, for cruisers, the dress code extends beyond the markings on the entrance. This is how things are.

The Secret Signals Exposed Swingers display one of these covert symbols as a signal to others who lead similar lives. This includes not just a cabin, but also groceries and apparel shopping.

You are welcoming other swingers and are open to the experience if a symbol is on your cruise cabin door. Wearing pineapples, pink flamingos, and a black ring on your clothes conveys the idea that you are “secretly” browsing. It serves as a subtle cue that unobservant observers frequently fail to notice.

Design of Flamingos

Pink Flamingos
(Credit: Seabrooke Leckie)

Though it’s a popular technique to accessorize, a person utilizes a black ring on their right hand as a conversation starter. It starts a conversation about alternative lives. It’s an indication that you’re trying to find other swinging enthusiasts. People will see the ring and might try quietly to start a swinging conversation.

A swinging party is underway or you are planning to attend one if you see these items on a grocery cart, a cabin door, or in front of a house (white rocks, a pink plastic flamingo lawn decoration, and garden gnomes). These days, unicorns are more of an emoji used, mostly on dating sites, to denote a swinger.

Why Do Partners Rely on Covert Signals?

(Credit: Cruise Direct)

A subdued approach to say “hello” to those who are interested in similar experiences is to use secret signals. Since it is not “open” to the public, those who are interested frequently use signals to draw in other seekers of like experiences. Here’s a quick history of what it means to be a “swinger” in case you’re unclear.

Swinging’s Historical Background

The consensus is that swinging peaked in the 1970s and then declined. Swinging may have lost some of its luster, but it is currently regaining favor. Many people are unaware that it started when officers in the California Air Force started exchanging spouses in the 1950s. What was to be a taboo, a private hobby at home is now the main attraction on cruise ships, websites, and clubs.

Middle-aged couples who have become tired of their sexual lives often engage in swinging. They believed that by having sex exploration with other couples, they could bring it back to life. Young people in their 20s and 30s are now adopting it to decompress following a demanding workweek. In addition, as Millennials and Gen Xers become more prevalent, views on monogamy are evolving.

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What is the meaning behind pink flamingos on a cruise?

In terms of a different way of living, pink flamingos are symbolic of swinging or wife-swapping.

In comparison to other signals, like the upside-down pineapple, this interpretation is less frequent. However, it may not be as harmless as it seems when pink flamingos show up in parks, campsites, and cruise lines.

When exactly the flamingo symbolism is connected to the swinging lifestyle is unknown. According to the theory, swingers require a covert means of identifying themselves with other couples.

Plastic flamingos placed outside of homes may appear harmless to onlookers, but they are actually a signal to other swingers that the homeowners are open to exchanging wives.

It is imperative to acknowledge that pink flamingos do not always indicate that their owner is a swinger. The owner of a pink flamingo may not be aware of its hidden significance just because you see one.

The Meaning of the Pink Flamingo in History

Pink Flamingos on Cruise
(Credit: Cruise Hive)

Over time, a pink flamingo has acquired multiple symbolic meanings. You might be aware of how the symbol has changed throughout time, depending on your age. It’s also possible that you still interpret something the same way even when its meaning has evolved. At this point, intriguing circumstances might occur.

Don Featherstone first invented the pink flamingo in 1957. Union Products hired him to sculpt pink ducks and flamingos. The bird was first employed to add color to tract homes in neighborhoods built after World War II. It served as a means of differentiating your residence from others.

When did it start to symbolize swinging?

Although the exact moment the lovely bird with the vivid pink feathers turned into a secret symbol is unknown, it might have something to do with the fact that it was formerly meant to be a welcoming emblem. It changed from being a sign of hospitality to something entirely different.

The pink flamingo’s connotation is now associated with a carefree way of living. Though it is not as prevalent as the others, this kind of sign does exist. Even while they might be innocent, they could also indicate many things. These days, they’re less common, so you can occasionally get away with wearing or exhibiting the emblem innocuously.

But keep in mind that things change over time, so try not to become too connected to the sign. Even though the pink flamingo is a contentious swinging sign, it is nonetheless recognized. If this isn’t what you intended, you can expose yourself to criticism or awkward requests.

The Challenge of the Flamingo

There is some ambiguity when posted, as suggested, on a cruise ship door. Given that flamingos are linked to summertime activities and beverages, the symbol could have two interpretations.

If observed, people may brush it off as the eccentricity of the individual. This can make it the ideal covert signal, yet it could be too subtle. Those who are unaware of its significance won’t reply.

Cabins on Cruise Ships

(Credit: Men’s Health)

If you enjoy swinging, the majority of experts say that booking a swinger’s cruise might make things easier for you than utilizing an upside-down pineapple or a pink flamingo for advertising. Nonetheless, you can also be pleasantly surprised as a result of the increased awareness.

You may need to look hard at the connotation if you’re wondering what the pink flamingo on a cruise means. It might be a covert signal, or it could indicate nothing at all.

A Pink Flamingos on Cruise could be misleading if you’re not into swinging, so you might want to avoid adorning your entrance with one. To ensure that the meaning is understood, match it with a pineapple if you want to swing.

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More Meanings of the Pink Flamingo

The pink flamingo has multiple symbolic connotations.

The flamingo is recognized for its characteristic one-legged attitude, and the color pink stands for joy, love, and happiness. These components work together to give pink flamingos their potent symbolic meaning of harmony, elegance, and beauty.

In addition, flamingos stand for liberty, leisure, and uniqueness; they also indicate a sense of disassociation from the physical world and a spiritual quest to uncover one’s actual self.

Regarding yard décor, a lot of people decide to use plastic birds to adorn their lawns. These decorations are so ubiquitous that they have become a cultural phenomenon, particularly in campgrounds and RV communities.

Originally popular in the 1950s, having a plastic flamingo in your yard was a show of comedy and eccentricity.

The pink plastic flamingo is considered a lucky charm by some.

However, over time, the flamingo lawn ornament evolved into a code that swingers had to know to be identified.

While pineapples—especially upside-down ones—are a well-known secret code for swingers on cruise ships, pink flamingos might also be significant.

On cruise ships, passengers may put up these placards as door decorations. A door with a pink flamingo on it indicates that the people who live in the cottage are friendly and open to swinging adventures, as are other people who lead similar lives.

Travelers can discreetly display a flamingo as an accessory or piece of apparel to let people know they’re interested. Another item that is frequently connected to this way of life is the black ring.

Cruise passengers can covertly navigate their experiences thanks to hidden symbols such as upside-down pineapples and black rings, as well as pink flamingos. These discreet signals convey a sense of community among travelers who want to experience similar lives while on a cruise.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that not everyone is aware of the pink flamingo’s secret significance.

Someone is not always a swinger just because you see them sporting a flamingo button or flamingo-print blouse.

But you can be sure the passenger is interested in swinging if you see flamingos, upside-down pineapples, and a black ring.

Many charters offer swinging and lifestyle cruises if you’re looking to swing aboard a cruise ship.

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