How Much Should You Tip a Royal Genie? Clarifying the Typical Tip Amounts

Royal Genie: In addition to tending to suite guests in the Royal Caribbean Star Class, Royal Genies go above and beyond to ensure that your entire voyage is unforgettable.

This can involve delivering you snacks and refreshments, assisting you in cutting the line for particular amenities that could otherwise be challenging to book, escorting you on board and straight to your suite (no waiting around in lines), and scheduling your excursions and onboard experiences.

The Royal Genie can do so much for you on your voyage; that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Royal Genie does not qualify for your regular gratuity, so you will need to give a separate tip.

But how much should you tip? After reading through several cruise forums and conversations, I can provide some clarification regarding the typical tip amounts.

How Much Is a Royal Genie Tipped?

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Tipping a Royal Genie on a Royal Caribbean cruise is customary, while many American visitors generally aim to pay between $75 and $100 per day. People utilize a variety of criteria to choose how much to tip their genie.

First of all, it’s crucial to understand that leaving a tip for a Royal Genie is entirely up to you; neither an official expectation nor an official suggested amount exists.

The tips that are included in the cruise cost for guests who reserve a Star Class suite on Royal Caribbean are only for the cabin attendants, wait staff, and other crew members who work behind the scenes; Royal Genies are not included in this tip pool.

Therefore, if you want to acknowledge your Royal Genie for their services, you will have to pay more.

Every individual tips their Royal Genie in some way; however, it’s entirely up to you. This includes those who utilize the service infrequently, if at all.

This is so that you have access to them regardless of your decision to employ the Royal Genie. It’s not like if you don’t utilize them, they can go make themselves useful somewhere else to earn more tips; instead, their entire time is devoted to making sure they can provide you (and the other suites they look over) with any services you require.

The majority of people claim to have tipped between $500 and $700. But it’s possible that some customers who left no tip at all or merely a little tip did not want to comment.

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Variables that affect the appropriate amount to tip a genie

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Tipping Culture: One of the topics that comes up most frequently on forums is tipping culture and how different the US is from other nations globally.

Since American guests are used to tipping, they feel more comfortable leaving larger tips for Royal Genies.

Even though most people tip the Royal Genie, the amount can vary based on nationality.

Most Americans who recommend $100 per day are US-based, but I have also seen European and Australian passengers recommend more modest amounts, like a few hundred dollars.

How Much They Used the Genie

Many expressly state that they base their recommendations on the amount of time they’ve spent using the Royal Genie. They will donate less if they haven’t been asked to do much.

The Royal Genie has parties in their suite more frequently, so it makes sense that they tip more. Organizing a suite party can be difficult because of the amount of food, decor, and drink services involved.

As you can see from some of the posts on Cruise Critic, it also depends on the ship. On Oasis-class ships, however, they might not use the Genie as much and tip less if they want to use bumper cars or iFly.

What is the salary of a royal genie?

The exact amount a Royal Genie makes is unknown, but it’s believed to be about $2,500 a month. Genies often work two contracts, each lasting five months plus one month off, for an annual income of $25,000.

The Royal Genies don’t have to worry about food or lodging because this is a cruise line wage. The $25,000 will go much farther than it would if they were charged, since it is not an on-the-job salary.

During a normal voyage, a Royal Genie tends to have three suites. Assuming a weekly gratuity of $600 per suite based on averages, the Royal Genie is earning an additional $1,800 each week.

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A Royal Genie will earn an additional $75,600 per year if they work 42 weeks in a year. This adds up to a total annual compensation of $100,600. When divided over ten months, their monthly income will come to $10,060.

Naturally, that depends entirely on them leaving tips that are on average; some customers might leave smaller amounts. However, if there were no tips, their revenue would certainly decrease significantly.

In fact, according to these figures, tips account for nearly 80% of a Royal Genie’s salary.

The Bottom Line Tipping is entirely up to you, but keep in mind that even if you don’t ask your Royal Caribbean Genie to do too much for you, they will still be contributing to the special touches that make your cruise even more memorable, like priority embarkation and disembarkation and little treats throughout.

Gratuities for Royal Genies are worthwhile since they won’t receive a portion of the gratuities on your bill. Money concerns shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your vacation if your daily spending is between $75 and $100.

Budget a small amount for tipping your Royal Genie service if you plan to reserve a Star Classroom.

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