Junior Suites: The Perfect Balance of Luxury and Value on Royal Caribbean Cruises

Junior Suites: Selecting your accommodations in advance of your Royal Caribbean cruise is essential to achieving the ideal ratio of luxury to affordability.

Junior Suites present an alluring compromise, providing greater space than a typical balcony cabin together with a few special benefits without the full extravagance of a Grand Suite.

For those looking to get a little more out of their cruise experience, these suites provide a special blend of comfort and convenience.

Let’s examine what makes the Junior Suite unique so that your trip is both comfortable and unforgettable.

The Junior Suites at Royal Caribbean

The junior suite is the smallest and least expensive type of suite that Royal Caribbean offers. It provides a little bit more space and is an improvement over the Deluxe Balcony room.

The majority of guests reserve suites aboard Royal Caribbean because of the benefits they offer. The junior suites lack some of the standard suites’ amenities, though.

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What Benefits Come With A Junior Suite?

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A step up from a standard balcony stateroom, the Junior Suite includes plush bathrobes, high-end toiletries, a coffee maker in your room, and, for guests on Oasis and Spectrum-class ships, the opportunity to dine at Coastal Kitchen. You’ll appreciate priority boarding’s simplicity as well.

However, choosing a Grand Suite opens up an abundance of additional benefits that a Junior Suite does not offer. If you were staying in a grand suite, you might begin your day with a private breakfast or be shown a warm greeting along with water and fruit in your accommodation.

In addition to having a concierge, priority meal reservations, and special seating at entertainment venues at your disposal, you’ll sleep on an opulent pillowtop mattress and enjoy a host of other unique services.

On the first formal night, you will also receive priority tendering, free pressing of your evening attire, and departure.

Of course, the primary advantage of selecting a suite over a regular cabin is the additional space. In a regular stateroom, we have to utilize all the cabin tricks to make room, but in a suite, you usually have a lot more space.

What Is The Size Of A Jr Suite?

The size of a junior suite might differ significantly between ships. You should anticipate having roughly 290 square feet of personal space on average. These comfortable, 245-square-foot suites on the Vision Class ships are a little more intimate.

Conversely, if you’re thinking about the grandeur of the Odyssey of the Seas, you’ll be enjoying their largest Junior Suites, which measure an amazing 301 square feet.

It’s interesting to note that the suites tend to be larger on newer ships. However, even within the same ship, every Junior Suite may have a different size, so it’s a good idea to carefully study the deck plan to identify the suite that best meets your needs.

On the most modern ships, you may even have large balconies that are more than 160 square feet in size and include sun loungers so you can enjoy the sun and the views of the ocean.

What Is The Junior Suite Gratuity?

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The typical gratuity on a Royal Caribbean cruise is $18.00 per passenger per day, so keep that in mind if you book a Junior Suite.

Whichever kind of lodging they choose, the majority of travelers pay the same amount. In the event that you choose a Grand Suite or a higher category, there would be an increase in the daily gratuity of $20.50 per person.

For thorough planning, it is advised that you become acquainted with Royal Caribbean’s gratuity rules.

Which Ships Offer Onboard Junior Suites?

Junior Suites are available on a wide variety of Royal Caribbean cruises, as they are located on several of their ships.

On larger ships like the Oasis and Quantum classes, as well as on other ships like the Freedom, Voyager, and Radiance classes, you can reserve a Junior Suite.

This implies that on the majority of Royal Caribbean cruises, you can find a special room that is finer than a standard room but not as opulent as the largest suites.

There’s a decent possibility you can stay in a junior suite wherever you decide to travel.

Is There A Difference in The Junior Suite’s Bed Size?

Nothing about it is different. Up to four people can sleep peacefully in any Royal Caribbean room or suite thanks to the large king-size bed that can separate into two twin beds and the double couch bed.

These suites can accommodate up to five passengers in one suite because they come with an additional Pullman bed on some ships.

How Would You Rate A Junior Suite’s Bathrooms?

Junior Suite bathroom
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The bathrooms of a Royal Caribbean Junior Suite are a little more opulent than those in other suites. They often (though not always) feature a bathtub, which is a pleasant addition that will increase the comfort of your stay.

This translates to extra room and a hint of luxury for when you want to unwind with a soak or while getting ready.

A junior suite’s bathroom is not just larger but also somewhat more luxurious.

What Is Not Included with Junior Suites?

While Royal Caribbean’s Junior Suites come with a number of amenities, there are certain extras that the more opulent Grand Suites and above classifications do not.

For example, they are not entitled to use the suite-only spaces such as the Suite Lounge or the Coastal Kitchen. Furthermore, the Junior Suite package does not include free concierge assistance, a perk that visitors in more expensive suite categories frequently take advantage of.

Although the rooms offer more space and certain updated amenities, only higher-tier suites are eligible for full suite perks like priority boarding and invitations to special events.

Furthermore, visitors staying in Junior Suites are not entitled to the same degree of attentive attention, like having a personal suite attendant.

It’s crucial to remember that although Junior Suites are more spacious and comfortable than regular cabins, they lack the full suite amenities that guests in more expensive accommodations enjoy, which improves their overall cruise experience.

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What Is The Price Of A Junior Suite?

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Depending on the ship you choose to travel on and when you book, the price of a junior suite on Royal Caribbean might vary significantly.

A junior suite on an older ship is typically less expensive than one on a newer ship. The main concern when considering an upgrade from a normal balcony cabin to a Junior Suite is the additional expense.

Prices for a seven-night Caribbean cruise for two might range from $2,000 to about $10,000.

Several factors, including the time of year you’re traveling, the ship’s current capacity, and the type and class of ship you select, might affect the cost.

Are the Junior Suites at Royal Caribbean Worth It?

If you’re thinking about upgrading to a Junior Suite on your Royal Caribbean cruise, consider the larger amenities that await you—perfect for stashing a travel crib for your child or just enjoying the extra room to spread out.

Imagine the ease of traveling with a full bathtub at your disposal—a tiny luxury that can go a long way for parents of small children or for those who just want a larger bathroom arrangement.

For seasoned cruisers, the Junior Suite’s appeal lies not only in its comfort but also in its tactical advantage: booking a stay in this category doubles your loyalty points in Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society, hastening your advancement toward higher status and its benefits.

Just bear in mind that you will only receive these bonus points if you reserve the Junior Suite at the outset; upgrading later on through the Royal Up bidding scheme won’t earn you the same benefit.

Conversely, you might want to think about saving up for a Grand Suite if the unique benefits usually available to suite passengers strongly influence your choice.

Despite being nice and roomy, the junior suite falls short of the entire suite experience you may have in mind. It all comes down to your wants, desires, and the type of high seas adventure you’re looking for.

To sum up

Up to four guests can comfortably stay in your junior suite thanks to its spacious accommodations. Imagine unwinding on the comfortable king-size bed, which can be made into two twin beds depending on your needs, or on the comfortable double couch bed.

In addition, some Junior Suites have an additional Pullman bed, providing you with convenient extra room in case your group needs it for a fifth guest.

Imagine the luxury of having a walk-in wardrobe to conveniently store all of your clothes plus a bathtub for a soothing soak.

Additionally, there’s usually a delicate curtain that divides the living and sleeping sections so you may create several spaces within your suite for those times when you need a little privacy.

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