Lido Deck: The Perfect Outdoor Gathering Spot on a Cruise Ship

Lido deck on a cruise ship: On your vacation, you’ll hear the phrase “Meet me on the lido deck” a lot. You could even say it out loud. But aside from its obvious placement on the cruise ship map, what is the lido deck? The word “lido,” which has Italian origins, describes a beach or public outdoor swimming pool where people congregate to swim. As a result, the ship deck that houses the outdoor pool as well as the nearby bars and restaurants is known as the lido deck.

What Is a Cruise Ship’s Lido Deck?

The pool deck, which is typically found on one of the upper decks of a cruise ship, is referred to as the lido deck.

Cruise ship Outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs, sun loungers, bars, movie screens, waterslides, rock climbing walls, mini-golf, splash parks, and more can be found on Lido decks.

During the day, one of the busiest and most well-liked areas of the cruise ship is the lido deck. Additionally, it gets particularly crowded on sea days when guests spend the day tanning on the deck and swimming in the pool.

What makes it known as the Lido Deck?

Lido Deck
(Credit: Cruise Hive)

With Italian origins, the word “lido” describes a beach or public outdoor swimming pool where people congregate to swim. The term “lido deck” on a cruise ship describes the outdoor pool as well as the nearby eateries, bars, entertainment venues, and amenities.

But not all cruise lines refer to them as “lido decks.” For instance, Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruise Line provide the lido deck—a pool area—while Royal Caribbean does not.

The Lido Deck Is Where?

One of the uppermost decks of the cruise ship is typically home to the lido deck.

The major pools, sports deck, buffet, stage, jogging track, dance parties, live music, bars, and more may be found on the lido deck. Although each cruise line has a different arrangement for the lido deck, most have a pool and hot tub with a bar next to them.

If you require assistance locating the lido deck, consult your cruise ship’s deck layout.

You don’t have to worry if you forget your towel. The adjacent booth is where you may get free towel rentals. Just present your cruise card to the attendant, and when you’re done, return the towel.

Simply remember to return the towel before your voyage ends, or otherwise, the cruise operator may charge you for it.

How Do I Use the Lido Deck?

The cruise line determines the amenities. On cruise ships, the lido deck does have a few basic characteristics, though.

The following activities are frequently found on a cruise ship’s lido deck:

  • Unwind beside the pool.
  • Travelers unwinding at the swimming pool on Symphony of the Seas’ lido deck
  • Pool deck of the Wonder of the Seas

Every deck of the Lido features a pool. Given that “lido” alludes to a public outdoor swimming pool or beach, this is not surprising.

There are cozy loungers and daybeds all over the place, so you can read a book, sip something cold, or just take in the sun.

The pool could be in the middle of the cruise ship, or it could be on either side. The biggest cruise ships in the world feature up to twelve hot tubs and many pools.

There are lots of sun loungers and sun chairs by the pools. By the pool, feel free to spread a towel and enjoy the sun.

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Sadly, there are a lot of chair hogs out there who reserve their beach lounger for the day with towels and other personal belongings. Unfortunately, some passengers dare to get up early in the morning to reserve lounge chairs that they will not be using for a few hours.

Unwind in the Hot Tub

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There’s nothing more soothing than unwinding in a hot tub after a busy day. There are multiple hot tubs on lido decks where you can decompress and let the bubbles ease away your weariness.

Swimming in the hot tub is a great way to get out of the cold if you’re sailing in a colder region, like Alaska.

Another romantic place to spend a peaceful evening beneath the stars with your significant other is beside the whirlpools.

Sip Something at the Bar

Bar on a cruise
(Credit: Orbitz)

Without a bar, no lido deck would be complete.

The sun deck is the ideal place to drink Piña Coladas and pineapple mojitos because of the Caribbean sun, open air, and poolside loungers.

The pool deck’s bars offer a laid-back, outside environment for enjoying a beverage. The poolside bars have everything you need, whether you’re in the mood for a good bottle of wine, a cool beer, or a tropical cocktail.

There are undoubtedly bars close to the pools.

Savor the buffet.

The buffet is typically located adjacent to the lido deck on cruise ships. You may grab a fast bite without changing out of your bathing suit or giving up your sun loungers by heading to the nearby buffet.

Self-serve ice cream is available near the pool on several ships.

Take a Shot at Miniature Golf

Golf on cruise ship
(Credit: Cruise118)

Miniature golf courses are sometimes found on the Lido Deck or close on cruise ships. Everyone can take pleasure in this enjoyable and relaxed pastime.

Play a fun game with your loved ones or friends and take pleasure in some friendly rivalry while the cool sea wind blows through.

One of the entertaining games you may play on a cruise ship is mini golf.

Take a ride on the Carnival Breeze water park’s orange and yellow waterslides. Cruise ships now almost always contain water slides. The waterslides on the Lido Deck are a great way to get a quick rush of adrenaline.

Swirl and twist down exhilarating slides that frequently reach the ship’s edge, offering an exhilarating ride with breathtaking views.

While not all cruise ships feature a water slide, the ones that do tend to be pretty impressive.

With drop slides, tube slides, and translucent slides that extend beyond the ship and take you many stories above the ocean, cruise liners are pushing the envelope of what can be done for thrills at sea.

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Bring the kids to the water park

Disney cruise
(Credit: The points guy)

Travelers having a good time on the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship’s pool deck
The splash parks on the Lido Deck are a veritable joy for families with small children. Kids may let off some steam in this safe and entertaining setting, which features interactive water play zones, small slides, and water fountains.

There seems to be constant competition among new cruise ships to construct the biggest water parks.

On sea days, the splash parks offer a plethora of activities, making them ideal for family cruises. With their dizzying waterslides and dumping buckets, splash parks have swiftly established themselves as a new standard on cruise ships.

Admire the Views

Holland America Line
(Credit: The telegraph)

The breathtaking view is one of the lido deck’s outstanding attractions. The Lido Deck’s lofty location affords expansive views of the surrounding ship and ocean. The views from the Lido Deck are frequently magnificent, whether you’re stopping at a foreign port or sailing through picturesque fjords.

Don’t forget your camera. The lido deck is a beautiful place to watch the sunset and a photographer’s paradise.

On sea days, when you can see the unending blue horizon stretching in all directions, the view is particularly breathtaking.

Just make sure you hold on to your possessions tightly. A smartphone or camera should not be dropped into the sea.

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