Norwegian Cruise Drink Package: What Unlimited Packages do they offer?

Norwegian Cruise Drink Package: When a passenger boards a Norwegian Cruise Line ship, it’s customary for them to unwind and partake in a few cocktails on each day of their trip. All those cocktails and beers, though, may add up rapidly if you’re not watching.

Similar to numerous other cruise lines, NCL alleviates passengers’ concerns about expenses by enabling them to purchase beverage packages in advance of their trip. This implies that the daily cost has already been decided upon, so customers can order as many drinks as they like without worrying about running up large tabs.

What is the price of Norwegian’s drink packages?

Norwegian's drink packages

Beverage packages on Norwegian Cruise Line are priced daily and must be booked for the whole cruise, either online prior to departing or on the day of embarkation. Sadly, it’s all or nothing; you can’t pick and choose which days you want the package. The summary is as follows:

  • Package Deal: Unlimited Soda for $9.95 per person, each day
  • Daily rate for an unlimited Starbucks package is $12.95 per person.
  • Package with Unlimited Open Bar: $109 per person, per day
  • Superior Plus Drink Package: $138 daily for each person

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At checkout, all packages include a 20% gratuity and beverage service charge.

On Norwegian Cruise Line, there is no daily cap on the quantity of drinks you can purchase. However, if you look obviously drunk, the bartender will cut you off.

Is there a daily cap on the number of beverages you can get on Norwegian Cruise Line?

When you have a drink package, Norwegian Cruise Line does not place a daily cap on the amount of alcoholic beverages you can order. This is in contrast to certain other cruise lines. However, bartenders are taught not to serve anyone who appear overtly drunk and are empowered to refuse service to anyone who has overindulged.

However, avoid attempting to order five drinks at once. Norwegian sets a limit of two drinks per person, per transaction, for everyone who has signed up for its drink package. This is done to stop customers from ordering more than they can drink or snooping drinks for friends who don’t have the package. One drink per person, per transaction, is allowed to guests who have purchased the Starbucks package.

Package of Premium Beverages

Package of Premium Beverages

The Premium Beverage Package is the most well-liked drink package that Norwegian Cruise Line offers. You may come across advertisements for the “Open Bar” package if you’re sailing in the UK.

It is identical to the beverage packaging for Premium.

When choosing a beverage package, the majority of individuals typically choose the traditional “all-you-can-drink” option, which is the Premium package.

Drinks up to $15 per drink were included in the package, which included draft beer, wine by the glass, spirits, juice, soda, and a variety of cocktails.

You just have to pay the difference plus the gratuity on the amount beyond the limit if you purchase a drink for more than $15.

The bundle is valid at all shipboard dining establishments, bars, lounges, and specialized dining areas.

Cost: $109 per person each day, plus beverage service charge and 20% gratuity, is the price of the Premium Beverage Package.

Included in the Premium Beverage Package are:

  • Cocktails
  • Beers and Ciders
  • Wine (by the glass)
  • Gin & Vodka
  • Rum
  • Whiskey, brandy, and other spirits
  • Liqueurs and cordials
  • Sodas and soft drinks
  • Fruit Juices
  • A 20% discount on bottles of wine purchased onboard

Included in the Premium Beverage Package Is Not:

  • Bottled water
  • Freshly squeezed juices
  • Lavazza or Starbucks coffee
  • Energy drinks
  • Beer buckets
  • Bottles of wine
  • Vending machines or wine dispensers
  • Mini bar or room service
  • Tastings, flights, and experiences

Package for Premium Plus Beverages

Everything included in the Premium Beverage Package is also included in NCL’s Premium Plus Beverage Package. The elimination of the price cap is the main advantage of the Premium Plus plan.

This beverage package also comes with a variety of wine bottles. On the wine menu, the bottles that are part of the plan have an asterisk next to them.

Cost: $138 per person, per day, plus beverage service charge and 20% gratuity is the price of the Premium Plus Beverage Package.

Included in the Premium Plus Beverage Package are:

  • Everything in the Premium Beverage Package
  • Bottled water
  • Specialty coffee
  • Lavazza and Starbucks coffee
  • Energy drinks
  • Ultra-premium spirits
  • Select wines by the bottle when dining

What Is Not Included in the Premium Plus Beverage Package:

  • Beer buckets
  • Most bottles of wine
  • Vending machines or wine dispensers
  • Mini bar or room service
  • Tastings, flights, and experiences

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Unlimited-Pop Package

Unlimited-Pop Package on Norwegian Cruise Line Drink Package

For travelers who desire a selection of non-alcoholic drinks, the Unlimited Pop Package is a great option.

The beverage package includes endless fountain soda, as the name would imply.

The cost of the package varies for adults and children.

Cost: For adults and teens (13 and older), the Unlimited Pop Package is $9.95 per person per day; for children, it is $5.95 per person per day. A 20% gratuity and beverage service charge are also applied to the cost of the drink bundle at the time of purchase.

Included in the Unlimited Pop Package are:

  • Pepsi
  • Diet Pepsi
  • Sierra Mist
  • Mt. Dew
  • Ginger Ale
  • Tonic water
  • Club Pop

Hawaii Drink Package

Norwegian Cruise Line Drink Package

If you’re taking Norwegian’s Pride of America to Hawaii, you’ll find a special beverage bundle.

Like the Premium Package, the Hawaii Beverage Package offers a large selection of drinks for up to $15 per.

Cost: The daily rate for the Hawaii Beverage Package is $109 per person, plus a 20% gratuity.

Included in the Hawaii Beverage Package are:

  • Cocktails
  • Beers and ciders
  • Wine by the glass
  • Spirits
  • Liqueurs
  • Fountain sodas
  • Freshly squeezed juices
  • Bottled water
  • Specialty coffee (in dining rooms only)

Included in the Hawaii Beverage Package is not:

  • Specialty coffees outside of restaurants
  • Energy drinks
  • Beer buckets
  • Bottles of wine
  • Drinks over $15 each
  • Vending machines or wine dispensers
  • Mini bar or room service
  • Tastings, flights, and experiences

Starbucks Unlimited Deal

Starbucks offers an endless supply of specialty coffees and teas with its Unlimited Starbucks bundle.

Although you are able to buy an endless amount of coffees and teas, canned drinks, bottled water, and meals served at Starbucks are not included in the package.

The package isn’t offered on every ship; it’s limited to those who have a Starbucks on board.

Cost: The daily rate for the package is $12.95 per person, plus a 20% gratuity. You must be at least eighteen years old on the day of sailing in order to purchase this package.

Prices for NCL Drinks

The cost of beverages on a Norwegian cruise must be taken into account when determining whether the drink package is worthwhile. Based on recent menu pricing, the typical drink prices are listed below:

Drink Price
Cocktail $10 – $15
Glass of Wine $8-$12
Beer $6-$8
Liqueur $10-$15
Soft Drinks $3
Energy Drinks $5
Specialty Coffee $3-$4
Large Water Bottle $6

Calculate how much you would spend on individual drinks and use that information to help you decide whether to buy the drink package or not. In this manner, you are able to determine with precision whether the package is financially worthwhile.

Later on though, more on that.

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Norwegian Cruise Line Drink Package Guidelines

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Purchasing a drink package from Norwegian Cruise Line is subject to a set of rules.

The guidelines are:

  • In order to buy and consume alcohol while sailing, you must be at least 21 years old.
  • All eligible travelers sharing a cabin or more staterooms must purchase drink packages using the same payment method.
  • Drink packages are required for the duration of the trip.
  • Visitors cannot share packages.
  • The packages are not refundable or transferable.
  • Each qualifying visitor is allowed two beverages per transaction.
  • Onboard the ship, the variety of beverages is subject to change.
  • Drinks ordered from room service, vending machines, or minibar purchases are not included in beverage packages.
  • There may be applicable taxes and VAT for particular ports or itineraries.
  • Drink packages are redeemable for passengers in Great Stirrup Cay, bars, restaurants, and lounges onboard.
  • Beverage packages do not apply to sailings of two days or less or to Harvest Caye.
  • All drink package purchases include a beverage service charge and a 20% gratuity.
  • The beverage packages’ prices could alter at any time.
  • There may be additional terms and conditions.

Is Norwegian Cruise Line worth it?

We need to get a sense of how much drinks cost before we can decide whether Norwegian Cruise Line’s alcoholic beverage packages are worth the money. A glass of beer should cost about $7, whereas most glasses of wine cost between $8 and $20. The majority of non-premium spirit-based drinks run between $11 and $13, while soda costs between $3 and $3.50. A large carton of water costs $6.50 (NCL does not sell plastic bottled water), whereas the majority of Starbucks’ specialty coffees cost at least $5.

That being said, in order to break even on the Unlimited Open Bar package at face value ($109), you would need to consume at least 10–11 beverages each day if the average cost of a cocktail or glass of wine on board is $10–$12.

You’re only spending $22 in gratuities per day if you keep this benefit as part of Free at Sea; to break even, you’d only need two cocktails or one cocktail plus three or four sodas.

Preserving the Unlimited Open Bar as one of your Free at Sea benefits is highly recommended if you intend to consume more than one or two drinks of alcohol each day. But keep in mind that everyone sharing a cabin needs to select the same benefits. If you and your companion are sailing together and just one of you will be consuming non-cruise fare drinks, your daily drink expenditure would need to exceed $44 (around four cocktails) in order to justify keeping the drinks package as one of your Free at Sea benefits.

Similar factors will apply to your evaluation of the Premium Plus Beverage Package’s worth. At face value, the Premium Plus package isn’t worth it unless you want to drink a lot of Starbucks or want premium booze in every drink you make. But depending on your tastes, the $49 daily premium for Free at Sea Plus—eespecially with its other enhancements—mmight just be worthwhile.

For the great majority of travelers, we advise keeping Unlimited Open Bar as one of the Free at Sea benefits and upgrading to Free at Sea Plus only if you and your travel companions find the extras that come with it to be worthwhile.

Let’s now discuss the packets for the soda and Starbucks. There won’t be much to choose if you’re under 21 and sailing with an adult who is receiving the Unlimited Open Bar or Premium Plus beverage package as part of Free at Sea; you’ll automatically get the soda package as part of your cruise cost.

If not, perform the calculations. You might want to pass on the Free at Sea beverage package offer and get the soda package instead if you love soda, don’t drink, and don’t care for zero-proof cocktails; at $12, including necessary gratuities, it’s about half the price.

You will still succeed with the Starbucks bundle even if you consume two or three specialty coffees daily. The bundle, which costs $15 each day including gratuities, won’t be worth it if you just intend to have one.

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