Norwegian Cruise Line WiFi Packages: Speed and Worthiness

Norwegian Cruise Line WiFi Packages: You may be wondering what to anticipate from Norwegian voyage Line’s WiFi packages if you have made a reservation for a voyage. What is the internet’s speed? Is it worth it, too?

We’ll address your inquiries and provide our first-hand knowledge of the Norwegian Cruise Line internet packages. In order to determine how quick Norwegian Cruise Line Internet Packages are, we even ran a number of speed tests.

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All the information you require regarding Norwegian Cruise Line’s WiFi packages is provided here.

Norwegian Cruise Line WiFi Packages

NCL has two different unlimited internet packages: the entry-level Unlimited WiFi plan and the speedier Unlimited Premium WiFi plan.

The following are the contents of each package:

What’s Included Unlimited WiFi Unlimited WiFi
Web Browsing Yes Yes
Social Media Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes
Messaging & Calling Yes Yes
Enhanced Web Browsing (VPNs, Tiktok, and News Websites) No Yes
Audio & Video Streaming No Yes

You can buy 250 minutes of internet in addition to the packages listed above, and you can use it on your device or in the internet cafe aboard the cruise ship.

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Package Onboard Price Purchased In Advance
Unlimited Wi-Fi Package – 1 Device $29.99 $25.50
Unlimited WiFi Package – 1 Device $52.99 $44.99
Unlimited WiFi Package – 2 Devices $99.99 $84.99

The Unlimited WiFi plan from Norwegian Cruise Line gives you internet access for social media, email, and web browsing. Visitors who need to stay connected but don’t need a lot of bandwidth can use it.

The chart below shows the price of the NCL Unlimited internet package. In advance, you can save money on your internet plan because rates increase after you join the cruise ship.

Package Onboard Price Purchased In Advance
Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi Package – 1 Device $39.99 $34.99
Unlimited Premium WiFi Package – 1 Device $67.99 $57.99
Unlimited Premium WiFi Package – 2 Devices $129.99 $109.99
Norwegian Cruise Line offers the Unlimited Premium WiFi package as an upgrade from their entry-level program, designed for travelers who need stronger internet access. Music and video streaming, video calls, and large file downloads and uploads are all possible with the premium internet plan.

Web surfing is much more enjoyable with the quicker internet connections.

Additionally, the package intends to offer a more dependable and constant internet connection, while actual results may differ depending on the location of the ship and other variables.

The chart below shows the price of the NCL Unlimited Premium Internet package. Similar to the basic WiFi plan, if you buy the package in advance, you’ll save money because once on the cruise ship, costs go up.

What is the NCL WiFi speed?

Recently, I took Norwegian Bliss’ Unlimited WiFi subscription for a test drive. Although streaming is not possible with the WiFi package, we found that the unlimited email and online browsing capabilities were satisfactory.

How quick is the WiFi on Norwegian Cruise Line?

Throughout the cruise, I measured the internet speed at various times of the day and in various locations by running speed tests.

The typical download and upload speeds for Norwegian’s Unlimited Wi-Fi are 3-5 Mbps and 0.1-0.25 Mbps, respectively. Although you may be used to faster speeds, these speeds are still fast enough for standard online browsing and are comparable to internet packages offered by cruise ships.

During a few days on the cruise, we observed that the WiFi kept cutting in and out. And while talking to other travelers, a lot of them brought up the same problem. On the other hand, most days on the ship had a steady and dependable internet connection.

It is important to mention that we were utilizing the free WiFi package. If you choose to buy the Unlimited Premium Internet Package, you can expect higher speeds.

Users who purchased the Premium WiFi recorded internet speeds of 5 to 10 Mbps.

The ability to stream and make video calls is the main advantage of switching to Premium Internet. On my subsequent Norwegian trip, I will undoubtedly purchase Premium WiFi in order to benefit from the better connections.

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How to Reduce the Cost of the Internet Packages

Making a reservation in advance will save you money if you buy an internet package during your vacation. You can save up to 15% on your WiFi plan if you purchase the internet package in advance of the date of your cruise.

Get it now rather than later because you will have to pay the full price once you board.

In addition, as part of Norwegian Cruise Line’s Free at Sea Promotion, you can save money on internet packages.

Numerous benefits are available with the Free at Sea promotion to personalize your cruise experience. The well-liked program offers a number of bonuses as part of the cruise cost, including credits for shore excursions, speciality dining selections, and an NCL beverages package.

Though you don’t receive the entire internet package, you can choose “Free WiFi” as your Free at Sea perk.

You can use the 250 minutes of free internet connection with the Free WiFi perk at any time while traveling. The length of your cruise determines how many free minutes you receive:

  • For 3-6 day cruises, you’ll receive 75 minutes of WiFi.
  • For 7-12-day cruises, 150 minutes are included.
  • For cruises 13 days or longer, 300 minutes of WiFi is offered.

However, Sea Plus offers an upgrade to Free that grants you limitless internet access.

What happens if the minutes run out?

When you run out of minutes on the cruise ship’s WiFi, you will need to buy another subscription.

You should turn off your WiFi when not in use since many mobile apps frequently check for updates online.

Advice: If you purchase an NCL drink package, I suggest going with Free Dri

Using a Single Package on Several Devices

A woman using her phone while standing in front of two cruise ships
Internet on cruise ships is pricey. Thankfully, if you use one internet service across several devices, you can save money.

With a single-device plan from Norwegian Cruise Line, you can swap between devices as their internet packages aren’t device-specific. The package implies that although it is intended for a single device at a time, users can switch it between devices as needed.

You can switch the connection between a laptop and a mobile phone as long as you connect just one device at a time. If you attempt to connect a different device, the device previously connected to the internet will disconnect.

If you don’t require a continuous internet connection, switching between devices is an excellent method to reduce your cruise costs.

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