Check out Port Canaveral Cruise Parking Discounts

Port Canaveral Cruise Parking Discounts: There’s good news and even better news for Port Canaveral parking customers. The first piece of good news is that parking at Port Canaveral is affordable when compared to most other ports. For example, Port Canaveral costs just $17 per day for cruise parking, while the Port of Miami charges $22 (and up to $28 for some Royal Caribbean cruises) every day. Additionally, individual parking facilities close to the port can charge as little as $10 per day for parking.

The better announcement? Numerous lots in the vicinity provide coupons or discounts that can further reduce that cost. With these offers, you may significantly reduce the cost of your cruise parking, giving you more money to spend on your trip.

While not every lot has a discount, those that do have the potential to be far less expensive. Below is a summary of your choices.

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Discounts on Parking at Port Canaveral (Official Port Lots)

It’s a trade-off if you park at the designated port lots. It’s the most practical by far because you can park on the ship and stroll to the terminal. However, it is also the most costly choice. If you are disabled or a disabled veteran, there is a way you can save money.

Discount for Disabled Parking: There is no parking charge if you drive a car equipped with features that make driving easier for people with disabilities, such as controls, ramps, and elevators. This also applies to those who have a Florida Toll Exemption Permit.

Florida Disabled Veteran Discount: Free parking is available in Port Canaveral for individuals having a Florida disabled veteran license plate.

Discounts on Port Parking Spaces

This lot, which is already close to the ships, offers coupons and other promotions to further reduce the lot’s price.

Discount Code: The nearest “off-site” parking lot to the port is Port Parking Space. It has a discount code available right now on its website (find it by looking for the banner across the top). Use this code to save 10% on parking.

Military Discount: To obtain a ticket good for 20% off parking, current and former military personnel must show proof of service to the parking lot. To be eligible, you must present a military ID while checking in.

Get Park Port Canaveral Discounts

Coupon Code for Discount: One of the most well-known cruise parking facilities in the region, Park Port Canaveral, provides an email list subscriber with a discount coupon to help you save money. As of this writing, subscribers could take advantage of a 15% discount on parking fees. Simply search for the link at the top of the page.

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Park N Cruise Discounts

Discount for Military/Public Service Employees: You are entitled to a 10% discount if you are a member of the armed forces or a public servant (although the word isn’t defined). When booking your reservation online, enter the codes “veteran” or “pserv.”

AAA/AARP Discount: To get 5% off when making a reservation, provide the name of the group you belong to—AAA or AARP—when making reservations. Anyone can join either organization.

Disabled Discount: The parking lot gives people with impairments a 5% discount, although it’s unclear what counts as a disability. When booking, use the code “hcap.”

Port Canaveral Parking Discounts

Quick Sale: When we visited the parking lot’s website, a banner advertising a “Flash Sale” with a 24% discount on ship parking surfaced. But since it seems to expire quickly, you should check it when you’re ready to make a reservation.

The good news is that you still save money because the regular daily pricing appears to be lower when the flash sale isn’t going on.

Many hotels in the Port Canaveral vicinity provide parking options for cruise visitors in addition to standard parking lots. You can park your car while cruising for free or at a significant reduction from the port fee in exchange for a night’s stay.

In any case, the savings on parking won’t outweigh the cost of the room if you don’t intend to stay at a hotel. But it’s a simple way to save on parking if you want to spend the night before in the vicinity.

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