Royal Caribbean’s WiFi Package: All about Cost, Limits, offers and how to buy

Royal Caribbean’s WiFi Package: It’s like taking a trip into the heart of the sea with Royal Caribbean. The sun-kissed decks and endless views call you. These days, though, it’s hard not to want to stay connected. Royal Caribbean has heard this call and has made a variety of WiFi options available. To learn more about how to stay connected at sea, let’s explore the shores of wifi package options and solve the mysteries of Voom WiFi.

Royal Caribbean’s WiFi Package: Voom Surf + Stream Voyage

The Voom Surf + Stream Voyage from Royal Caribbean is more than just an internet plan; it’s a way to improve your time on board. This is the best plan, and it costs between $20 and $26 a day. It gives you fast internet for video chat, live streaming on social media, watching movies, and listening to music on your favorite streaming services.

There used to be different packages to choose from. Now that Starlink is available, there is a single Voom Surf + Stream choice that makes sure your digital journey is smooth throughout the whole cruise. The days of simple “Voom Surf” sets are over. The future is fast and includes everything.

How Costs Rise and Fall

Figuring out how much Royal Caribbean’s WiFi package costs is like trying to find your way through rough water. The Voom Surf + Stream plan costs about $20 per day on average, but this can change depending on the ship, the dates of the cruise, and when you buy it.

Getting a 24-hour pass can raise the price to around $33. This makes it difficult to find the best deals because the prices change all the time. That’s where the family plan for five devices comes in handy—it’s a treasure box of savings for people with a lot of devices. The golden rule is that the best way to get savings is to book ahead of time through the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner.

Want to connect for free? Here are some tips!

Royal Caribbean’s WiFi is hard to get to for free, just like hidden treasure. Of course, there are some cases. Guests staying in a Star or Sky Royal classroom get a free Surf + Stream package, which is a nice digital treat in a world where connectivity fees are so common.

Free Wi-Fi on Royal Caribbean: 6 Ways to Stay Connected for Free

Being loyal also has its benefits. When a Crown & Anchor Society member reaches the Diamond or Diamond Plus level, they get one or two free days of internet. The highest level of loyalty, Pinnacle Club, gives one device-free access to everything on board during the trip.

How to Use Free WiFi in Port

For people looking for a break from technology, the ports are safe havens. For cruisers, free WiFi is easy to find in ports, or they can use their 4G or 5G link. Even though roaming fees might be like a whisper in the wind, they might be a cheaper option than an internet plan.

You can use the Royal Caribbean app as your Friend

Easy-to-use navigation without data problems makes the Royal Caribbean app like having a virtual first mate with you on your trip. The app works perfectly on the ship’s WiFi and doesn’t need an internet package, so sailors don’t have to worry about roaming charges.

Getting ready is the key to moving smoothly. By downloading the app ahead of time, you can speed up the check-in process and find out a lot about the ship. The app is a useful tool that makes the ship experience better because it can be used to order food, book shows, and plan shore excursions.

Royal Caribbean’s WiFi Package: Voom WiFi

The prices may seem high, especially for a service that isn’t always available because internet speeds vary around the world, but for people who need to be connected all the time, it’s a lifesaver.

Whether or not to invest in WiFi depends on what each person wants. If you feel better after a digital break on sea days and can live without your virtual tether, you might find that saving money is more important than always being connected to the internet. For people who are always online, Voom is one of the fastest cruise line internet services, making sure that you can always join.

Surf and Surf + Stream are the two VOOM options that Royal Caribbean has to offer. You can browse the web, check your email, and stay in touch with family and friends with the Surf plan. The Surf package lets you do everything the Surf package does, plus stream movies and songs.

VOOM costs change based on how many devices are used and the service package that is bought. Prices for the Surf package range from $12.99 to $15.99 per device per day, while prices for the Surf + Stream package range from $17.99 to $19.99 per device per day. These prices are based on the idea that you will buy internet service for the whole trip.

How do I connect to the Internet?

Getting started on your digital journey with Royal Caribbean’s WiFi is easy. To connect, go to your device’s WiFi options and connect to the “royal-wifi” network. A browser will walk you through the steps and can connect to pre-paid plans without any problems. Those who haven’t bought yet: pick the deal you want, and the price will be added to your onboard account.

Even though the process usually goes smoothly, there may be times when something goes wrong. In these situations, going to Guest Services will help you get past any connection problems.


The Voom WiFi packages are both worthy and better in a maze of prices in Royal Caribbean’s vast range of services. Price changes like the waves leave cruisers considering whether to take the package or not.

You should only reserve your spot on the cruise’s WiFi if it fits with the way you sail. For people who don’t mind being online every once in a while, the cruise’s real gems might be the free WiFi in ports and the chance to detox from technology.

So, whether you want to surf the web or enjoy the peace and quiet of being offline, have a great time cruising on one of Royal Caribbean’s beautiful ships!

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