Sex on a Cruise ship Balcony: Exploring the Permissibility of Sex on a Cruise Ship Balcony

Sex on a Cruise Ship: Picture yourself with the infinite ocean as your backdrop—the ideal location for a romantic retreat. While on a cruise ship, many people dream of having an intimate meeting on their balcony. For some, it’s an audacious adventure that’s too good to pass up.

We’ll explore the taboo subject of whether it’s permissible to have sex on a cruise ship balcony in this post. You’ll learn how to get away with it and why it’s a must-do for daring couples.

Now let’s embark on this exciting voyage and discover what makes a balcony meeting on the high seas so seductive.

Is It Possible to Have Sex on a Cruise Ship Balcony?

Generally speaking, a cruise ship balcony is not a place to have sex. You might be surprised to learn that other passengers can see or hear you on a cruise balcony. Additionally, security cameras are in place 24/7.

In particular, family-friendly cruise operators have the right to expel you from the ship if you are discovered.

Before engaging in sex on a cruise ship balcony, consider the following five points:

People Are Going to Notice You

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Ignore the illusion that, just because you’re alone on your balcony, you have the world’s privacy. A balcony on a cruise ship isn’t private.

Often, other passengers and potentially crew members—mainly from upper decks, nearby verandas, or even the bridge—can view directly onto your balcony. You never know who might be looking at you, no matter how alone you think you are.

Where the privacy screens meet the walls and floors, there are gaps on the sides and bottom of the screens. Your neighbors may look into your balcony thanks to the openings that let air pass through without stressing the partition.

Your cabin neighbors can easily gaze over the railing or through the gaps in the partitions.

Most ships also have partitions that aren’t completely opaque. Sometimes you can see the silhouettes of the passengers next to you, even if you won’t be able to see everything.

These are the reasons why it’s not a good idea to sunbathe topless on a cruise ship.

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Passengers Ahead of You Will Hear You

Sound travels farther than you might imagine, even if you are completely blind.

Individuals often create some noise during sexual activity. If you or your partner find it difficult to be silent, you should be aware that sound travels.

If the weather is beautiful, other passengers will be enjoying their balconies. or to enjoy the sun outside on the pool deck.

Noises propagate in all directions, particularly across open waters. If you’re making noise, anyone on their outdoor decks or balconies might hear you making love.

Try a swingers or lifestyle cruise if you wish to engage in sexual activity on a cruise ship without worrying about being judged.

Cameras are present

Webcams on Cruise Ships
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Cruise ships have strict security protocols and surveillance systems to guarantee the safety of their passengers. Although there are no security cameras on your private veranda, the exterior cameras of the ship have a broad field of vision and may record behavior on your balcony.

Though its primary purpose is to identify potential threats to passenger safety, cruise ship security cameras are also able to record activity taking place on deck.

You may be invisible to other passengers, but chances are your balcony is being recorded.

Security will give you an uncomfortable visit if they catch you in the act. It’s embarrassing, but you probably won’t get much more than a verbal warning.

You Might Be Expelled from the Ship

The repercussions might go beyond simply being apprehended; they could be more severe. Should the crew of the ship determine that your actions on the balcony are against cruise policy, you may face disciplinary action.

If detected, cruise lines reserve the right to have you disembark at the next port.

You may be asking yourself why.

Public obscenity is illegal, after all. And even while cruising, cruise lines have to follow the law.

If a passenger is found in violation of the law, they could be arrested and removed off the cruise ship at the next port. Depending on the seriousness of the infraction and whether the act violates any local laws, cruise ships may notify the appropriate authorities.

It’s not merely conjecture.

A couple was ejected from a TUI cruise ship in 2019 for, in their own words, “having sex too loudly.” The worst part is that the pair was using their cottage for the purpose.

However, because the balcony door was left open, other passengers heard the loud noises and informed the crew that there was a disturbance. Security gave the captain the order to disembark from the cruise ship.

The pair thinks their removal from the ship was due to their excessive loudness. It might be the case, though, that they were observed smoking on the balcony by cruise ship security.

In any case, having sex on a cruise ship balcony might not be worth the danger.

You Might Overdo It

Things might become passionate when making love. It can put you in risk of going too far, depending on your preferred stance.

While taking a chance can be exhilarating, doing so on a cruise ship balcony can be extremely risky. Balconies aren’t made for the erratic motions that come with having sex; they’re made for safety under normal use.

A man and lady had sex on the balcony in 2007 and then fell into the water.

The 22-year-old male allegedly knocked his 20-year-old partner overboard by accident and then leaped into the ocean.

It was the middle of the night when the incident happened. Amazingly, neither of the passengers died. Thirty minutes later, the cruise ship rescued the man who was discovered in his underwear.

Amazingly, none of the passengers had any serious injuries.

How to Avoid Being Noticed

Engaging in sexual activity on a cruise ship balcony may put you in trouble. Hey, I understand that you’re curious!

So, here are some tactful suggestions to avoid detection if you’re thinking of slipping in a little romance.

Recall that it all comes down to discretion and intelligence!

Introducing the Infinite Balcony: A Unique Cruise Experience

Reserve a Beachside Balcony or Endless Veranda

Infinite Balcony
(Credit: Alamy)

When organizing a romantic cruise, it’s important to select the right kind of balcony to preserve solitude, especially during private moments.

For people who want privacy, a cove balcony is a great option. Usually found on lower decks, these balconies are more enclosed than standard balconies and provide a better feeling of privacy.

Cove balconies are characterized by their taller walls, fewer sightlines from above, and a cocoon-like environment created by the sides. A cabin with a cove balcony is perfect for private moments without drawing attention.

On the lower decks of Carnival’s Excel, Vista, and Dream classes are cove balconies. Additionally, some Cunard Line, Disney, and P&O Iona and Arvia cruise ships include cove balconies.

Similar seclusion can be found on Celebrity Edge-class ships’ infinite verandas, which have seamless floor-to-ceiling walls.

Though they provide additional solitude, cove balconies are not entirely isolated, so keep that in mind. It’s critical to pay attention to your surroundings and show consideration for other travelers.

Ensuring that your private moments remain private requires prompt judgment and discretion.

Hold off till you’re at sea

When it comes to quietly savoring private moments on your balcony, timing is important. Even though you might not want to, you should always wait until the ship is sailing away from the port before doing the act. The probability of being noticed increases when a cruise ship is stopped or close to shore because passengers can frequently view the ship and its balconies from the outside.

But once at sea, the vast waves offer a larger privacy-enhancing natural barrier against prying eyes.

In addition, take into account the time of day. There are usually fewer individuals around during the night, especially in the latter hours. The cover of darkness might also provide an additional layer of secrecy from cameras and bystanders.

But keep in mind that you are not invisible just because it is dark outside. It’s critical to minimize noise and maintain awareness of your surroundings.

Make a Hot Tub Balcony Reservation

If you want to add a little additional luxury and solitude to your cruise experience, booking a balcony with a hot tub can make all the difference. The solitude that hot tub balconies provide is just as important as their luxurious features. It is harder for others to see into your balcony because of the natural screen that the hot tub’s structure creates.

It might be a romantic and private experience to relax in a hot tub at sea under the stars.

The following cruise lines provide hot tubs on balconies:

  • Royal Caribbean’s Royal Suite
  • Pinnacle Suites on Holland America Lines Eurodam
  • Some suites on MSC cruise ships, including the MSC Seaside Suite with Whirlpool Bath
  • Haven and Spa Suites on Norwegian Escape
  • Owner’s Suites on Norwegian Sky

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