Surprising Items Banned on Carnival Cruise Ships

Items Banned on Carnival Cruise: Carnival Cruise Line has clarified in a recent release that, despite deceptive advertising, some travel accessories, such as tiny travel irons, are not permitted on board their ships.

The Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador John Heald has provided this explanation in response to guests’ questions about whether a particular “mini” cordless travel iron is acceptable.

Regarding the device in question, Magis Industries, Inc.’s Riddia Press iron, it is advertised as “TSA approved” and “cruise ship approved,” with a lovely beach backdrop and a cruise ship in the background.

All sorts of irons, including this one, are legally forbidden aboard Carnival Cruise Line ships, even with its small size, fast heating time, and auto shut-off feature.

In response to the questions, John Heald emphasized that the iron’s claim in the advertisement to be “cruise ship approved” does not imply endorsement by Carnival Cruise Line or probably any other cruise lines.

He affirmed that, to avoid any possible safety risks related to heating components, such goods would be seized if carried on board.

Best Booking Experience awarded to Carnival Cruise Line

Items Banned on Carnival Cruise: What things are banned?

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1. Overpacking

The amount of luggage you can bring on board is a little more flexible with cruise lines than with airlines. Although excess or overweight baggage won’t cost you more, Carnival Cruise Line does have restrictions on the amount of luggage that can be brought on board.

On cruises lasting three to five days, Carnival requests that passengers bring no more than one bag per person. Itineraries lasting six nights or more permit guests to bring a maximum of two suitcases per person. The cruise line states that a passenger’s carry-on and checked bags cannot weigh more than 50 pounds combined. All luggage must be unlocked and no more than 16 inches high or 24 inches broad.

While carrying more luggage than is permitted may not result in a fine, Carnival Cruise Line cautions passengers that doing so may cause delays for their bags.

2. Illegal drugs, CBD, or marijuana

It is very evident that Carnival Cruise Line prohibits the use of illegal drugs and narcotics on board, including designer and synthetic medicines, marijuana, and cannabis derivatives such products containing cannabidiol (CBD). Bringing anything on a Carnival cruise is totally forbidden, not even medical marijuana products. Gummies and other consumables are included in that, yes!

It should be mentioned that you cannot bring medical marijuana with you on board, even if you have a prescription for it. several people may find this surprising because several states have made medical marijuana and CBD products legal. But these substances are illegal in every port of call visited and at the federal level in the United States.

According to Carnival Cruise Line, hookah and kava are not allowed on board. Kava is a medication taken as an extract, drink, or supplement that is derived from the ground roots of a plant that grows in the South Pacific. Carnival Cruise Line forbids the use of kava because it is illegal in many nations. Additionally, hookahs are prohibited on cruise ships due to the risk of fire.

3. Armaments, munitions, or detonators

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You will have to leave your firearm and ammunition at home if you were planning to take them on your Carnival cruise. Ammunition and explosives should also be kept at home.

All weapons and objects created, modified, or meant for use as offensive weapons are prohibited on Carnival cruises:

4. Scissors and knives

Similar to weapons, no knives, scissors, or razors are allowed for passengers to bring onto a Carnival cruise ship. Basically anything sharp that could be turned into a weapon is forbidden.

According to the cruise company, recreational divers may bring their own knives, but they must be kept with security or guest services. For dive excursions throughout the cruise, the owner must check the recreational dive knives in and out.

Hobbyists that make quilts and scrapbooks should also inquire about taking big scissors with them. According to Carnival Cruise Line, these are only forbidden occasionally and only after the Security Services Department has given notice. Security or guest services will also need to be in charge of the scrapbook or quilting scissors.

5. Alcohol

You probably already know this, but you should reconsider if you intend to bring your own booze on a Carnival cruise. It is specifically stated by the cruise line that guests are not permitted to bring beer or hard liquor on board.

While there are many inventive ways to sneak alcohol on a cruise, if you get discovered, you could not be allowed to join the ship. To save money, it’s preferable to buy alcohol onboard directly from the cruise line or opt for the Cheers Drink Package.

On the other hand, each Carnival visitor who is of legal drinking age is permitted to board with one bottle of wine. This is only good for one 750ml bottle of wine or champagne. It is specifically stated by the cruise line that fortified wines such as Sherry, Port, and Vermouth are not allowed.

Similarly, visitors are not allowed to carry non-alcoholic drinks in any other kind of container than a can or carton. A maximum of twelve cans or cartons (12 ounces each) per person is stated.

6. Steamers and Irons

There’s not a single cruise line that I can think of that permits irons or steamers aboard their ships, and Carnival Cruise Line is not an exception. Irons and steamers should be left at home since cruise ships have very rigorous fire safety and prevention regulations.

On the official Carnival website, visitors may find irons and ironing boards in designated areas on all of the cruise ships. For a charge, a valet laundry service is also offered.

Your iron and steamer will be seized if you attempt to bring them onto the ship without authorization. It’s advisable to avoid wasting the space in the first place, however these will be given back to you at the conclusion of your vacation. Alternatively, think about using a hair straightener or packing some wrinkle-release spray to remove the creases.

Personal grooming products like hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, shavers, multi-plug box outlets/adapters, fans under 12″ in diameter, power strips, and extension cables without surge protection are permitted as long as they are used responsibly, according to Carnival Cruise Line.

On the last day, everything that is considered a fire hazard will be taken out of your cabin and put back.

7. Coffee Maker

If you’re thinking about bringing your coffee machine on your cruise in order to save money, you might want to reconsider. It is totally forbidden to bring any electrical or home gadgets with heating elements on a Carnival cruise ship. This covers all coffee makers, toasters, and water heaters.

But worry not! On Carnival cruises, free drip coffee and creamer are provided for guests. Onboard, specialty coffees can be purchased by people who would like a latte, cappuccino, or something similar.

Carnival Cruise Line goes on to say that almost any gadget that has a heating component is prohibited from being used on board. This covers humidifiers, heating pads, immersion heaters, and heating blankets.

8. Towels

While it’s not required, you are not barred from taking towels aboard a Carnival cruise ship. Whether you were bringing a bath towel or a beach towel, packing your own towels is just a waste of space.

Every passenger on the ship receives beach towels from the cruise line. In fact, each cabin has towels available for visitors to use. Throughout the voyage, you can swap these out for brand-new towels. Furthermore, towels can be checked out from a towel desk located on the pool deck for visitors.

Towels are another feature that comes fully furnished in Carnival staterooms for use during your trip. If you want additional towels, your cabin steward can supply them.

9. Clothes hangers


Even Carnival’s most affordable and compact rooms will feature a closet with hangers for guests to utilize! Packing hangers for your clothes are a waste of space in your suitcase. While some visitors might want to bring extra hangers, I don’t think this is required either.

You will have lots of drawer and shelf space in addition to closet space to unpack your items. No matter how long your voyage is, your Carnival cruise cabin will have plenty of room for you to unpack.

10. Hazardous chemicals, fireworks, and explosives

Though it should be noted that Carnival forbids visitors from taking any explosives on board, including simulated explosives and devices, you probably won’t be packing any of these forbidden goods.

Additionally, the cruise line forbids the use of flares, pyrotechnics, or fireworks. Additionally, Carnival forbids the use of any dangerous chemicals or combustible materials, including paint thinners and methylated spirits.

Carnival Cruise Line stipulates that guests are not permitted to carry any compressed gas tanks, bottles, or cylinders, including diving tanks and propane tanks, in addition to dangerous chemicals.

Aerosol cans of any kind are likewise forbidden, with the exception of personal grooming items. Gas cannons, tear gas sprays, mace, phosphorous, acid, and any other strong chemicals that can cause injury or disability are among the other dangerous materials that are forbidden.

Balloons packed with helium are not allowed onboard any Carnival Cruise Line ships. Consider carrying extra decorations onboard if you want to decorate your cabin for a special occasion. A door magnet, which is fairly common among cruisers, might be part of this!

Lastly, medicinal gas bottles or oxygen cylinders related to a recognized medical condition are accepted at Carnival. However, these cannot be put in a suitcase. Any visitors who have oxygen cylinders need to bring them to Guest Services so they can be kept in a special safe place.

11. Candles

You’ll have to reconsider this, even if you might be picturing a pleasant candlelit evening in your cruise cabin. Due to the potential for fire, Carnival Cruise Line forbids the use of candles on board. As stated by the cruise line, incense is also included in this.

If you’re concerned about foul cabin odors, you might want to pack some PooPoouri spray. Cruisers love these for keeping their cabins smelling good.

12. Handcuffs

Handcuffs and other forms of restraint are expressly forbidden from being taken on board by Carnival.

It is important for honeymooners to know that all types of handcuffs are forbidden and should be kept at home. Any guests attempting to enter the event with handcuffs or any other kind of restraint will have their belongings seized. Leave these at home if possible!

13. Streaming gadget

On a cruise ship, several visitors have thought about bringing their AppleTV or another streaming gadget. Nevertheless, Carnival forbids the use of routers and satellite drives, as well as any other internet-related devices, on their ships. This also applies to any USB sticks, DVD players, and game consoles (Nintendo/X-Box Play devices).

Other communication devices, including satellite phones, transformers, lasers, and laser pointers, as well as Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (ERIRB) and Wideband receivers, are not permitted to be taken on board, according to Carnival Cruise Line. These are prohibited because they are said to set off false alarms that hinder rescue operations.

Onboard internet is available for purchase on all Carnival ships, with several options to suit different budgets. Carnival provides three internet packages: basic, premium, and social media.

14. Speakers and radios

Carnival prohibits visitors from bringing big speakers, boom boxes, or radios on board. Although bringing Bluetooth speakers on cruises is growing in popularity, Carnival Cruise Line has strict guidelines on playing music in public areas.

Only in the guest’s stateroom are Bluetooth, portable, and wireless speakers allowed, and music must be played at a spectral and appropriate sound level. This holds true for every hour of the day.

When watching shows or movies on personal devices or listening to music, passengers are required by the cruise company to use earbuds. Carnival further declares that, for the comfort and enjoyment of every passenger on board, the cruise line retains the right to change this policy.

Items for use only at ports

You may bring the following items on board, but they can only be used while in port. The guest’s stateroom must be used to store all items.

    • It is permissible to fly drones, but they must be in the custody of the Chief Security Officer and must only be used for port purposes.

    • Gear for snorkeling

    • A Segway

    • Boards for skateboarding

    • Golf clubs

    • Fishing rods

    • Tennis rackets

    • Kites

    • Roller blades or skates

    • Metal detectors

    • Beach chair

    • Umbrella

    • Beach Tent

    • Boogie Boards (maximum 42 inches in length)

    • Portable Folding Bicycles (maximum 20 inch tires)

    • The swimming pools on board are not suitable for rafts, tubes, and other floatation devices other than those used as life preservers (water wings).

    • For the safety of our guests, the wagon cannot be rolled onto or off the ship during embarkation and debarkation, as well as off/onto the ship while in port.

The following items cannot be taken off the ship in the United States:

During the cruise or on debarkation day, the following items may not be removed from the ship in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) performs agricultural inspections to prevent the spread of animal and plant diseases and pests that could cause serious damage to American crops, livestock, pets, and the environment.

  • Animal products

  • Unsealed food items

  • Fruits and vegetables

  • Agriculture and horticulture products

  • Plants/cut flowers

  • Ship property

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