The Best Spring Break Cruises for College Students

Cruises for college students: Disney World and Daytona Beach, move aside. Spring break cruises, with their easy planning, wide range of pricing ranges, and captivating onboard and offboard entertainment, are drawing in both families and college students for unforgettable vacations in March and April.

College students can join the celebration and travel to ships that are full of bars and activities for the late hours. Seaside bars, shoreside DJs, sandy sports, and even amusement parks greet stress-relieving couples on short, reasonably priced Bahamas cruises.

Travel businesses organize organized group cruises during the busiest spring break weeks because it’s such a popular way for college students to arrange sailings and connect with other partygoers.

On the upper decks of cruise ships, families can enjoy go-karts, mini-golf, roller coasters, ropes courses, and waterslides during their week off from school. Families may mix beach days with theme park attractions by combining a short spring break cruise on Disney Cruise Line with a park trip, rather than spending a full week at Disney.

Before organizing a spring break cruise, young people under the age of twenty-one should be aware of a few important policies. The top spring break cruises for families and college students are highlighted here, along with information on what you need to know about these March and April sailings.

Cruises for spring break: What to anticipate

Cruises during spring break usually take place in March and April, which are slower travel months in the shoulder season. But spring break travel has become so popular that cruises to the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Mexico during the busiest school vacation weeks are frequently more expensive and packed than cruises during other weeks.

Families should choose the longer sailings, which will be crowded with school-age children, while the shorter trips tend to have a more party vibe.

If older or childless couples are looking for a more sedate getaway, they should certainly steer clear of all the weeklong or shorter warm-weather sailings out of U.S. homeports.

Additionally, some cruise lines have restrictions that might surprise the group of 18 to 20-year-olds who want to have a wild time on their college break. Key information to be aware of is as follows:

Age limitations for reservations

It is a common practice for several well-known cruise lines to prohibit passengers under 21 from booking a cruise without a “chaperone” who is at least 21. The responsible adult aboard a Carnival Cruise Line must be at least 25 years old. This can pose an issue for a group of twentysomethings who wish to sail together. You will need to bring an older buddy or, gasp, a parent with you.

Drinking age

Many cruise ships departing from the United States have a 21-year-old minimum drinking age, regardless of the legal drinking age in the islands. That even applies to European cruise line MSC Cruises’ sailings from American ports. Margaritaville at Sea is the only well-known spring break cruise company where guests must be at least eighteen years old to partake in alcohol.

Regardless of your age, you are not permitted to bring your own alcohol on board.

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If you intend to drink a lot while on board, beverage packages may be a cost-effective choice for college students who are 21 years of age or older. But be advised that certain lines have a maximum quantity of drinks you can get in a single day or at a time.

Also take aware that during spring break, several lines change their policy about drink packages. For instance, from March 1 through April 15, Norwegian Cruise Line only offers its beverage packages to passengers on the day of embarkation. After the first day of the trip, the package is not available for purchase.

Using drugs, smoking, and acting badly

When it comes to smoking aboard cruise ships, cruise lines have tight rules that even apply to vaping and cigars. Smoking is only permitted in specified areas on board; it is never permitted in your stateroom or on your own balcony. Violations of these regulations may result in fines of $500 or maybe expulsion from the ship.

Additionally, attempting to sneak marijuana or substances on board might land you in serious trouble. If you are discovered, you might not be allowed to board the ship or you might be forcibly removed in the middle of the voyage. After that, it would be up to you to travel home, and the cruise company would not reimburse you for the price of the canceled trip.

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Indeed, there are jails, or brigs, onboard cruise ships. The security personnel on board your cruise will hold anyone who is acting inappropriately and will not put up with fights or other rude behavior.

Children’s clubs

Parents considering a weeklong seaside holiday with their children will be ecstatic to learn that the onboard kids clubs are free of charge from dawn until ten or eleven at night. in the evening.

Because there are so many children on board during these holiday weeks, you may find that there are long lines to check children in and out or that, if the designated youth spaces become too crowded, activities may need to relocate to other parts of the ship.

Royal Caribbean

Ownership Structure of Royal Caribbean Group

There are plenty of laid-back dining options available aboard Royal Caribbean, like the Lime and Coconut on the Oasis of the Seas. Royal Caribbean/TIM AYLEN
For its student spring break cruises, CPC frequently charters Royal Caribbean ships because of their size, abundance of exhilarating features like rock-climbing walls and surf simulators, and availability of bars, nightclubs, and adult onboard entertainment.

Spring breakers should think about taking one of the line’s megaships, Independence of the Seas, Freedom of the Seas, or Liberty of the Seas, for a three- or four-night cruise to the Bahamas from Florida ports. Perfect Day at CocoCay, the line’s private island with a zip line, water park, and adults-only beach, is a must-visit.

West Coasters might enjoy the three- to five-night Navigator of the Seas excursions that depart from California and arrive in Mexico. We’ve heard that Cabo and Ensenada have excellent margaritas.

Best Royal Caribbean Ships for College Students:

  • Wonder of the Seas
  • Oasis of the Seas
  • Harmony of the Seas
  • Navigator of the Seas
  • Freedom of the Seas

Virgin Cruises

Virgin Cruises
(Credit: Virgin)

One key feature of this relatively new cruise line will make it a success with spring breakers: children are not permitted. Virgin Voyages’ ships provide programming with distinctly mature themes, and visitors must be 18 years of age or older to sail. You can go to drag shows, get intoxicated at late-night pool parties, and get inked while on board.

Cruise rates aren’t necessarily the cheapest, but they do include free Wi-Fi (which can be expensive on other lines), nonalcoholic drinks (coffee, soda, and juice), gratuities for the crew, and exciting group exercise sessions in addition to meals in every restaurant from Korean barbecue to Mexican tacos. Your bar bill is the only thing on your mind. Make reservations for a four-person Social Insider cabin to save money. Although your cabin is small, you solely use it for sleeping and taking showers.

On Virgin’s Scarlet Lady, look for four- and five-night cruises to places like Key West, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the line’s exclusive beach club on Bahamian Bimini Island. Virgin, ever the rebel, simply advises one member of your group to be 21 years old or older; anyone can reserve a trip as long as they are 18 on the day the ship sails. Make cautious selections about your itinerary because the drinking age on board corresponds with the location (it is 18+ in international waters).

Best Virgin Voyages Ships for College Students

  • Virgin Scarlet Lady
  • Virgin Valiant Lady
  • Virgin Resilient Lady (coming soon)

Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruises
(Credit: CNN)

Families know that Disney will provide an incredible spring break vacation, whether they want to spend a weeklong Caribbean cruise on Disney Dream or Disney Fantasy, or a shorter Bahamas cruise on the brand-new Disney Wish, followed by a half-week stay at Disney World.

With family-friendly accommodations, restaurants that serve as entertainment spaces to keep everyone entertained during dinner, and lots of opportunities to engage with your favorite Disney, Pixar, and Marvel characters, Disney Cruise Line’s ships really go above and beyond.

During the day, families may enjoy water rides and splash pools together. At night, they can see Disney films and the brand’s well-known musical productions together. While children tinker with the Millennium Falcon or learn at Marvel Super Hero Academy, parents may relish an elegant evening at several restaurants reserved for adults or unwind with a drink at a bar with a Star Wars motif.

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A must-see port stop is Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, which offers plenty of beach activities and an on-site BBQ buffet. Disney guarantees that its shore excursions, whether in the Eastern or Western Caribbean, are specially designed with families in mind.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line
(Credit: Software AG)

Many cruise ships have mini-golf available on their top decks, providing guests with an enjoyable way to pick up clubs without harming the environment.

Carnival’s newest Vista- and Excel-class ships are the most family-friendly in the fleet, so families spending spring break should check them out. Every one of them has Family Harbor cabins, which range in size and cost but are all intended for families and include access to a private lounge with games, refreshments, and concierge services.

The whole family will love spending their sea days racing down waterslides, splashing around in wet playgrounds, experiencing exhilarating attractions like a suspended bike ride and an onboard roller coaster, pushing their fear of heights on a ropes course, and engaging in games of basketball, foosball, and ping pong. Fill up on endless soft-serve ice cream and pizza.

Parents can go to the spa or the adults-only Serenity sun deck while their children are in the designated kids, tween, and teen lounges for video games, socializing, and structured activities.

Families have many options when it comes to vacation spots for a week. Carnival Horizon, Carnival Vista, Carnival Celebration, and Mardi Gras depart from Florida and travel throughout the Caribbean, while Carnival Jubilee sails from Galveston to the Western Caribbean. West Coasters can take a Carnival Panorama trip from Los Angeles to Mexico. There’s always plenty of beach time and water sports to enjoy, along with exciting and diverse activities ashore.

Best Carnival ships for college students:

  • Carnival horizon
  • Carnival Spirit
  • Carnival sunshine
  • Carnival vista
  • Carnival dream
  • Carnival celebration

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise
(Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line)

While NCL does have certain Caribbean and Bahamas sailings, families seeking something new might want to check out the line’s week-long Hawaii cruises on Pride of America.

Weekly sailings from Honolulu visit all the major destinations, including the Big Island with its access to Volcanoes National Park, an overnight stay in Maui where visitors can take in the sunset or sunrise from the summit of Haleakala or go whale watching, and an additional overnight stay in Kauai where they can explore the breathtaking Waimea Canyon or take a cruise along the Napali Coast. That implies you won’t have to move hotels, pack and unpack, or figure out how to get around.

Fortunately, families don’t need to worry about bringing formal attire because of the laid-back atmosphere. You have the freedom to choose where and when to dine; there are no set eating hours or tables here. Instead, there are several dining venues. Although Pride of America lacks go-kart courses and laser tag features compared to other Norwegian cruise ships, its main purpose is to serve as a floating center of operations for seeing Hawaii.

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Best Norwegian ships for college students:

  • Norwegian Viva
  • Norwegian Joy
  • Norwegian Escape
  • Norwegian Bliss
  • Norwegian Sky (for shorter cruises)

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises
(Credit: Travel Weekly)

This picture can be found on Pinterest: Regal Princess cruise ship
Even though Princess Cruises often draws older guests, college students can still have a great time on one of these ships. There are several of clubs, hot tubs, and pools on Princess that draw younger people.

Compared to other cruise lines, Princess offers superior food and service. If you’re searching for a more luxury cruise experience, Princess is ideal.

Princess is an excellent cruise line if you’re a college student traveling with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You’ll enjoy a pleasant and restful vacation, but there won’t be any outrageous parties.

Princess is the ideal choice for unwinding while on vacation if you’re a college student.

I adore Princess ships, and every time I’ve been on one, I’ve made new friends and had a great time. While Princess may not offer as many amenities as some other well-known cruise companies, it nevertheless has many excellent qualities.

The Ocean Medallion is among the Princess’s greatest possessions. This technology is very remarkable. Using your phone to place direct food and drink orders delivered to your location is one of the nicest features!

MedallionNet is a fast wifi service offered by Princess Cruises as well. This is excellent if you want to stay up to date on social media or have online schoolwork to complete.

Best Princess Ships for College Students:

  • Sky Princess
  • Discovery Princess
  • Regal Princess
  • Enchanted Princess

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises: Ownership, Impact and Future Plans

Celebrated Yachts Celebrated Edge Save this picture to Pinterest
Celebrity is the ideal cruise line for college students seeking a luxurious, stress-free getaway. Celebrity Cruises do draw a more sophisticated clientele, so don’t anticipate an exuberant party scene. The activities and entertainment are still really decent, though.

Celebrity cruises are known for their excellent service, delicious cuisine, and laid-back atmosphere. Unlimited drinks, free wifi, and included cruise gratuities are all included in the cost of a Celebrity cruise. Thus, Celebrity excels at capturing that “all-inclusive” vibe.

One of my favorite cruise lines is Celebrity Cruises. I’ve traveled on quite a few other cruise lines, but nothing compares to Celebrity for relaxation.

I’ve had cruises in the past when I partied nonstop. After that, I feel as though I never had time to unwind. It is truly a unique experience to be a guest on a Celebrity ship; you will feel at ease and stress-free there.

Best Celebrity Ships for College Students:

  • Celebrity Edge
  • Celebrity Summit
  • Celebrity Beyond

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