The Ultimate Cruise Ironing Guide: Tips for Wrinkle-Free Clothes

Ironing clothes on a cruise: There’s a risk that when you unpack your regular wardrobe or even your formal attire for dinner when you go to your cruise cabin, you’ll have wrinkles to deal with.

I’ve got some advice about ironing your clothes and preventing creases, whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or planning your first trip.

Fortunately, there are a few more cruise-approved ways to maintain wrinkle-free, presentable clothing.

Is there an iron service on Cruise Ships?

Because of the risk of fire, irons and ironing boards are not provided in staterooms aboard cruise ships. On the other hand, several cruise lines provide guests with irons in the onboard laundry.

Cruise liners offer pressing and laundry services in place of irons in the cabin. Depending on your loyalty status, the type of cabin you are in, and the length of your voyage, laundry services on cruise ships may or may not be free of charge.

Self-serve laundry facilities are available on several cruise lines, and they’re excellent for rapidly smoothing out creases. However, not every cruise company has self-serve laundry facilities.

Here are the cost of using iron services on diffrent cuises:

Cruise Line Approx Cost per Item for Pressing Only
Azamara $2 to $5
Carnival $1.25 to $6
Celebrity Cruises $4 to $14
Costa Cruises $1 to $9
Cunard $1.50 to $11
Disney Cruise Line $1.50 to $6.60
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines £1 to £5
Holland America Line $2 to $6.50
Marella Cruises £1.20 to £3.60
MSC Cruises 50p to £7.50
Norwegian Cruise Line $2.95 to $6.95
P&O Cruises £1.65 to £8.80
Princess Cruises $2.20 to $9.20
Royal Caribbean $1.99 to $14.99
Virgin Voyages $4
Windstar $1.50 to $2.50

You might have to wait to have your clothes pressed if the only full-service laundry available on your cruise ship is this one. Verify your outfit on the day of embarkation and have your formal wear pressed before formal night if you want to look your best on the cruise ship.

Full-service laundry often has a turnaround time of fewer than 24 hours. For an extra charge, several cruise ships provide same-day laundry service. However, don’t count on the cruise company pressing your clothes at the last minute.

Cruise Lines which offer Iron services:

Cruise Line Self-service Rooms with Ironing Equipment Available
Azamara Yes
Carnival Yes, but only ironing rooms on Carnival Mardi Gras and Carnival Celebration
Celebrity Cruises No
Costa Cruises No
Cunard Yes
Disney Cruise Line Yes
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines Yes
Holland America Line Yes, but only on Amsterdam and Maasdam ships
Marella Cruises No, but allows guests to bring a travel iron on board
MSC Cruises No
Norwegian Cruise Line No, but you can request an iron and board from guest services
P&O Cruises Yes
Princess Cruises Yes
Royal Caribbean No
Virgin Voyages No

Is it allowed to carry an iron on a cruise ship?

Most cruise lines forbid guests from bringing irons on board due to fire safety concerns.

If you need services for Ironing clothes on a cruise, you can use the onboard laundry services.

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What Takes Place on a Cruise Ship If You Bring an Iron?

An iron will be confiscated if it is discovered that you are carrying it aboard a cruise ship. After the voyage, the cruise line may return the iron, but they retain the right to hold any objects that are forbidden.

Passenger safety is a top priority for cruise lines, and this policy is always followed.

One of the biggest threats to a cruise ship is fire. Do everyone a favor and leave the iron at home to safeguard the vessels, yourself, and other passengers.

Is it Possible to Take a Clothes Steamer on a Cruise?

Ironing clothes with Steamer

Cruise ships typically allow passengers to use clothes steamers. Similar to clothes irons, they provide a potential fire hazard and are forbidden on the majority of cruise lines.

How to Take Away Clothes Wrinkles I’ve started getting ready for a formal night while traveling on multiple occasions, only to discover that my dress or blouse is wrinkled. Furthermore, I have lost count of the number of times Marcello’s dress shirts wrinkle when he travels.

Spray for Wrinkle Release

Wrinkle Releaser
(Credit: Travel fashion girl)

Always bring Downy Wrinkle Releaser with me when I go on cruises. The tiny travel bottle eliminates wrinkles from clothes without the need for an iron and doesn’t take up much room in my suitcase.

The spray isn’t always reliable, and an iron will give you crisp, clean lines.

However, it works well if you need to get rid of creases quickly. To remove the creases from your garment, just spritz it and gently tug on it.

Use a light spray if you’re pressed for time to avoid having to wait for the items to dry. If not, thoroughly spritz it, give it a light tug, and hang it to dry. Your clothes are dry and wrinkle-free after 30 minutes.

Advice: Before using the wrinkle-release spray, hang your clothes in the bathtub to let the steam to release the creases if you’re having trouble getting them out. On a cruise ship, a steam room, shower cabin, and toilet
You may eliminate creases from your clothing by using the steam from your shower. Turn the shower on high heat and hang your clothing from the hook on the back of the door.

The majority of cruise ships provide rather hot showers, in contrast to hotels. In just a few minutes, the heat can aid in the release of wrinkles. To get rid of creases, gently pull on the lower parts of your clothing after a few minutes in the steam.

You’ll be shocked at how well it functions. Some showers on cruise ships are just moderately heated. However, if you examine the shower head closely, you can turn it more to raise the water’s temperature by pushing it in.

Advice: While taking a hot shower, hang your clothing in the bathroom if you’re concerned about conserving water.

Use a Flat Iron

Use Flat Iron for Ironing clothes
(Credit: Pinterest)

To be clear for those of you who might be surprised, I am speaking of hair straighteners, which are also called curling irons or flat irons.

Use flat iron for Ironing clothes on a cruise. When packing for a cruise, it’s vital to keep in mind that while you can bring a curling iron or hair straighteners, regular irons are not permitted. These work wonders not only for your hair but also for smoothing out the creases on your clothing.

Straighteners are a great tool for minor wrinkles in fabric. They work well, for instance, for smoothing down the hems of shirts and dresses and straightening collars. To prevent stains on your clothing, simply make sure they are spotless and devoid of any hair product residue.

Naturally, hair straighteners or curling irons cannot replace the effectiveness of a traditional iron. Nevertheless, when you’re on a cruise and have to make do with what you have on hand, they turn into a useful and surprisingly efficient instrument for ironing garment creases.

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Hand Washing

(Credit: Gear Patrol)

You have the option to hand wash your clothing in the cabin bathroom sink if you would rather not pay for laundry services.

Most cruise ships have uncomfortable-sized bathrooms, but they can function.

You can use the clothesline or the hook on the back of the bathroom door to hang your clean garments to dry after washing them in the sink.

Bring a magnetic hook to attach to the door, as some cruise ships don’t offer either.

How to Keep Clothes from Wrinkling While Traveling

It’s easy to get rid of wrinkles from your clothes. However, if you can avoid wrinkles in your clothes from the beginning, it will be easier.

When traveling, the following advice will help you keep your clothes from being wrinkled.

Wrinkle Free Clothing

Wrinkle-resistant fabric is used in a multitude of apparel alternatives. The majority of wrinkle-free clothing is in the casual category, but formal and business casual items are also available.

If you like cotton or other natural fibers, there are blended fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily. While blended textiles don’t completely prevent creases, they do so to a lesser extent when traveling.

Avoid Overpacking

Woman kneeling on top of wrinkled clothes in overstuffed luggage: I have a reputation for packing too much. I can’t help but be ready for every kind of weather, occasion, or fashion.

However, the strain of the packed bag and the additional weight of the garments can cause wrinkles in apparel.

Make sure you have the appropriate number of garments with you on your travels to avoid wrinkles in your outfits.

In addition, if you don’t pack full luggage, your clothes can move around while you’re on the road. As they unfold within the bag, the moving may cause wrinkles. To stop your clothes from shifting around in the luggage, stuff it with one or two more towels.

Things You Should Never Do on a Cruise Ship

Make use of packing cubes

(Credit: The New York times)

You won’t grasp packing cubes as a product until you use them. Although I used to think they were a gimmick, I now depend on them for every trip.

Your clothes are neatly compressed into small cubes by the densely packed cubes. The cubes prevent creases and keep your things properly folded, unlike a piece of overflowing baggage.

They facilitate organization as well since comparable things can be packaged in the same cube.

Unpack Right Away

Make sure to unpack your baggage as soon as you arrive at your cabin and they are delivered. Long-term folding in a suitcase increases the likelihood of deep creases and wrinkles developing in the clothing.

As soon as possible, lay your clothes flat in drawers or hang them up in the closet to reduce the chance of creases appearing. In addition, it’s always pleasant to settle into your stateroom and begin savoring your voyage.

In actuality, synthetic materials are used in a few of my favorite cruise dresses. Not only do they look great, but they hold their shape the entire voyage without requiring ironing. I suggest checking out a few of these crease-resistant dresses for a cruise on Amazon.

Avoid Stress

Finally, try not to worry too much about creases or wrinkles in your clothing. Recall that the purpose of your cruise is to unwind and have fun. It all comes down to enjoying yourself and creating enduring memories.

Even though everyone wants to appear their best, a few creases in your clothing won’t take away from the amazing experiences you’ll have while aboard.

Yes, all of us are practically in the same boat! Most other passengers are probably facing the same problem, and their main concern is probably enjoying the voyage rather than fretting over a few creases. Thus, inhale deeply, release the tension, and concentrate on enjoying the best cruise you can.

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