Top 12 Hidden Amenities on Cruise Ships Revealed for Ultimate Travel Experience

Amenities on Cruise Ships: The cruise business is continuously developing and introducing new features aimed at improving the traveller experience. There are many intriguing onboard services, amenities, and attractions available to cruise passengers nowadays. These ten are the most outstanding.

The likelihood is that you are unaware of all the hidden amenities on cruise ships, such as secret pools and cruise ship morgues, whether you are an experienced sailor or a first-time traveller.
The concealed elements on board

If you’re fortunate enough to be taking a cruise, it may not look quite the same as it did the last time you set sail since some activities are being phased out as the cruise industry recovers from the epidemic and strives for a more environmentally friendly future.

Whether you’ve never been on a cruise before or are an experienced sailor, you may believe you know a ship fairly well after spending about a week on. The problem is that because most cruise ships are so large and intricate, it’s unlikely that passengers would ever learn all that cruise lines choose not to reveal.

These are the obscure amenities on cruise ships that the majority of visitors are unaware of, like crew quarters, the cruise ship morgue (yes, there is one!), and covert storage options. (Psst: if you know these cruise ship slang terms, you’ll be well-informed.)

Top 12 Hidden Amenities on Cruise Ships

Magnetic walls

Magnetic hooks should be at the top of your list of items to take on a cruise because many people are unaware that the walls of your stateroom on a cruise ship are magnetic. You can use them to hang up your bags, clothes, and any documents you may receive from the cruise line. You can even use a shower curtain to provide privacy if a lot of people are in your room at once. Additionally, hanging junk makes your space look neater, making it easier for your steward to clear up!


Why do cruise ships have Jail, Jail on cruise ship, do cruise ship have jail
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Yes, there are “brigs,” or makeshift jails, onboard cruise ships. Passengers or staff who may have committed a crime or who represent a major risk to themselves or other passengers on board are detained in cruise ship jails. Usually located in the crew portion of the ship, the brig is a safe, locked space where people can be detained until the ship arrives at a port where formal law enforcement procedures are conducted.

Cruise lines do have jails on board, but they are not meant to house inmates for extended periods. Cruise lines don’t go to jail until it is necessary. The captain often decides whether to jail or disembark a passenger. While many older cruise ships lack jails, many modern ones do.

When the cruise ship jail is not able to be used, the offender is detained under cabin arrest, with a security officer stationed outside the entrance.

A morgue

morgue on cruise
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The fact that cruise ships are legally compelled to have a morgue on board means that this is undoubtedly not a hidden benefit. In the event of a fatality, the majority of large ships have a designated morgue.

According to Flavio Serreti, a former cruise line reservations manager, “the bodies are held here until the ship next reaches a suitable port.” “Death is more common than you would think because the majority of passengers on [some] cruises are elderly.” It’s advisable to be organized, particularly during this time. This is precisely what occurs if you become ill while on a trip.

Elegant suites

Cruise Cabin, Cruise Cabin Facts, Cruise Cabin bedrooms, Cruise Cabin Balcony,
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Have you ever wondered where VIPs and celebrities stay while on cruises? Ultra-luxurious suites on some cruise ships are hidden gems. For instance, the Wish Tower suite is available on the recently renovated Disney Wish, which is tucked away on the upper decks toward the front of the ship in the funnel.

This almost 2,000-square-foot, two-story, four-bedroom suite with a Moana theme is available. It is disguised, of course, and even has its private elevator that is reachable from the tenth and eleventh floors. Learn all the advice you need to book a cabin on a Disney Cruise.

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A dedicated children’s entrance to the kids’ club

A little, round whimsical gate in the Grand Hall atrium of the Disney Wish may catch the eye of observant spectators. It is easy to miss, as it is designed in the same Gothic, Baroque, and French Rococo styles as the rest of the railings.

It won’t take long for parents to discover that the kids club is accessed by a kids-only slide located behind the door. Parents need not fret; a cast member will check their children into the club for safety. They are stationed at the top of the slide. This is just one of the many exquisite details that set DCL apart as the greatest family cruise line.

A bunk bed

(Credit: Banco)

Many families choose to save money by staying in the same cabin when vacationing with children—very wise! You won’t trip over that extra bed throughout the day, so don’t worry. A bunk bed that is hidden up into the ceiling of your cabin is one of the many skillfully installed extra beds that several cruise lines, like Disney Cruise Lines, have made so you would never know it was there unless you were looking for it.

When necessary, the cabin attendant arranges it for you during your dinner, and when they tidy up your room the following morning, they conceal it once more. Speaking of secrets, find out everything there is to know about Disney’s exclusive island.

Undiscovered swimming pools

According to Serreti, a lot of cruise ships have secret bars and swimming areas for the personnel because they aren’t permitted to interact with passengers during their free time.

There may even be decks designated solely for the accommodation and amusement of crew members, which are hidden from paying guests. Next, discover the purpose of the wings on cruise ships.

Getting to the bow

Travel consultant Lois Barbour notes that while the bow section is off-limits on some ships, Princess Cruises has a secret door that opens to the front of the ship! “Get a spectacular view when sailing way from port and when sailing into port,” according to Barbour, if you sneak out there with your honey.

Most cruise ship TV shows include a bow cam, so even if your ship doesn’t let you access the bow, you can still watch the waves break over the prow from the comfort of your bed. Find out which cruises are ideal for couples.

larger cabins

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Two hidden advantages of selecting your cabin, according to our experts, are having more space inside and having access to a larger bathroom. Looking for “hump rooms,” where the ship’s curve means the balcony is larger but they sell in the same category (and for the same price) as other balcony cabins, is one insider tip for getting a room with more space, according to Barbour. “For seasoned cruisers, these are the most desirable cabins.”

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For those who prefer to take their time getting ready, Jeremy Camosse, author of Cruise Hacks and proprietor of the cruise accessory firm Cruise On, has some advice. He remarks, “Your cruise cabin bathroom is tiny.” However, you can “use the luxurious gym bathroom for more room and comfort” if you choose a cabin close to the exercise facility. Although it’s not required, being extremely disorganized is something that courteous people never do when sailing.

Additional storage

Finding room in your tiny cabin for all your clothes and toiletries is one of the hardest things about taking a cruise. Because they are aware of this problem, cabin designers frequently provide additional storage beneath ottomans, under beds, or behind mirrors.

Even the TV in your cruise stateroom has USB charging connections behind it. If you are unable to locate additional storage, ask your cabin steward to give you a tour of your room. Request a robe from them as well, advises Camosse. One of the best ways to stay healthy while cruising is to stay warm.

Savings on your upcoming cruise

If your current cruise is something you’re enjoying, it might be time to plan your next one. The Voyage Line’s marketing director, David Smith, advises planning your next voyage before you’ve even finished the one you’re on. According to him, “sales agent offices are typically found somewhere on most cruise ships, usually close to the front desk.” “[Using] the sales agent is a great way to lock in a lower price for your next sailing—many of the fantastic discounts that are available now won’t last until you get back home.”

Everyone enjoys a good deal, especially when it comes to travel. Even better, here is the finest cruise for each month of the year, with a cruise ship offering the opportunity to see the entire world as well as both hemispheres.

Magical Carpets

Magical Carpets
(Credit: Cruise Critic)

Cruise ships never feel the same from day to day, and this invention is one way to make sure of that: Celebrity’s Magic Carpet is a movable deck that may be used as a hot bar and lounge area, an exclusive dining room, or an extension of the pool deck on Edge-class ships.

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