Veranda on a Cruise Ship: Is it Worth it?

Veranda on a Cruise Ship: You could have noticed some name inconsistencies if you’re comparing cruise ships or making a reservation with a different operator.

One would assume that all cruise ships have identical names for their cabins and decks.

Remarkably, they don’t. Thus, it makes sense to be curious if you’re searching for a lovely balcony stateroom on a Celebrity cruise and seeing the word “veranda” everywhere.

What Does a Cruise Ship’s Veranda Mean?

All that a veranda is is a balcony. The distinction between a balcony and a veranda is merely a matter of preference for the cruise line.

A cruise ship’s veranda is a private balcony that is affixed to a guest’s cabin, providing a special outside area for taking in the fresh air and sea views. Some verandas are made to be used exclusively when the ship is docked due to strong gusts at sea, while others are larger and have seats for two.

A modest table and two chairs may be all that’s available in a standard veranda stateroom. These ships may feature suites with larger verandas—some even going so far as to extend around the back of the vessel, offering vast views of the surrounding area and the ocean.

Veranda Types on Cruise Ships

Veranda on a Cruise Ship

On a cruise ship, there are a few distinct veranda styles to choose from.

With a variety of options to suit a variety of tastes and budgets, each form of veranda improves the passenger’s relationship with the sea and their destination.

The following are a few varieties of verandas you can encounter aboard your next cruise ship:

Standard Verandas: Often connected to ocean cruise cabins, these classic balconies are big enough for a modest table and a few chairs, allowing visitors to enjoy quiet time outside with views of the port or the ocean. Guard rails and privacy walls are there to ensure your safety and privacy, so you can relax in peace.

French Balconies: Especially common on river cruises, French balconies create the impression of an outdoor space without the need for a step onto an actual platform by having sliding doors that open to a railing.

Aft-Facing Verandas: These balconies, which face the ship’s stern, provide sweeping views of the wake of the vessel. Because of the distinct viewpoint and more sedate atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of port-side activities, they’re frequently larger and more sought-after.

Wraparound Verandas: Usually found on higher-class suites, these extend down the side of the ship and provide expansive views as well as plenty of space for dining and relaxing. They also cover the entire corner of the ship.

Concierge or Spa Verandas: Associated with more opulent staterooms, these verandas offer first-rate extras like plush furnishings or personal hot springs. They may also include concierge services or unique access to the ship’s spa amenities.

Obstructed View Verandas: These verandas still offer outdoor space and fresh air, but they are priced lower since lifeboats or other ship structures partially obscure the view.

Extended Verandas: Roomier than typical options, these balconies give travelers greater space for extra furnishings or to host friends in a more expansive outside environment.

Family Veranda: Are you and your loved ones on a cruise? With its larger capacity to hold several people, a family veranda offers a cozy environment for making enduring memories with your loved ones. Additional seating choices for this kind of veranda usually include a small sofa or a few extra chairs.

Certain cruise lines, such as Celebrity Cruises, designate their outdoor seating sections as “verandas,” which makes identifying them simple.

Whichever style you select, a cruise ship’s veranda is a perfect place to unwind, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and make the most of your trip.

Is It Worth It To Sit On A Cruise Ship Balcony?

If you value peace and love panoramic, private views, then a balcony on a cruise is well worth the expense. You might not find it worthwhile to pay the extra money on a private veranda if you’re the kind of tourist who prefers to be out and about and rarely stays in your cabin.

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A cruise ship balcony is well worth the extra cost if you find that crowded areas overwhelm you and you need some “alone time” with a view.

A veranda is the ideal place to escape the congested feeling that some large cruise ships can have.

However, I know a lot of folks who would rather not spend a single second of their vacation in their cabin—even if it is outside on a private balcony.

Thus, it all depends on your preferences, your spending limit, and the kind of cruise experience you’re looking for.

Cruise Ship Balcony vs. Veranda


There is no distinction between a balcony and a veranda on an ocean liner. It’s just a matter of naming. American cruise lines vary slightly in their preference for “Veranda” versus “Balcony,” with British cruise lines typically favoring the latter.

The Royal Caribbean Group uses “Veranda” for its Celebrity Cruises brand and “Balcony” for Royal Caribbean International, thus it’s not even consistent by owner.

Even among luxury cruise lines, they frequently use both terms interchangeably, so there is no clear definition for who should use which.

For a cabin with a “verandah,” several cruise lines—Disney Cruise Line and Holland America Line, in particular—append a “h” to the end. This is a little strange considering that neither cruise company was founded nor is headquartered in the UK, and “verandah” is thought to be the more traditionally British spelling.

However, if you’re wondering what a cruise ship verandah is, it’s the same thing.

Is a Cruise’s Veranda Worth It?

If you enjoy spending peaceful time on a cruise and taking in the scenery, a veranda is well worth the expense. Depending on your own tastes, some people might rather forgo a private deck in favor of saving money and relaxing outside on a public one.

Selecting a hotel with a veranda with an obstructed view is a smart approach to save money. The lifeboats hanging aboard the ship block the view from these. With careful planning, it is possible to secure a less expensive veranda stateroom with a partially hidden view between two lifeboats.

Advantages of a Cruise Ship Veranda

The ability to walk outside your cabin and take in the crisp air, expansive views, and magnificent sunrises or sunsets is one of the most noteworthy advantages.

You feel liberated because you don’t have to share your private outside space with other travelers. This can improve your cruise experience and be a terrific opportunity to get away from the masses.

A veranda adds not just visual beauty but also a great deal of comfort and convenience to your cabin.

In your bedroom, the sea breeze and natural light create a tranquil and soothing atmosphere.

You may relax and rejuvenate without having to leave your cabin thanks to your own outdoor area.

Ultimately, choosing a cabin with a veranda may also save you money. Even though it would initially cost more than an inside cabin, the atmosphere, seclusion, and ocean views may make up for the difference.

Furthermore, if you want to spend the majority of your time aboard taking in the scenery, a veranda stateroom can be well worth the money.

In addition, a cruise ship’s veranda stateroom provides a special degree of privacy when compared to other cabin categories.

While everyone can enjoy the beauty in common areas and on public decks, having a veranda lets you do so without having to deal with outsiders.

This makes your cruise living room feel more like a private haven where you may unwind, eat, or sunbathe in peace and quiet.

Possible Negative Effects of a Veranda

Cruise ships’ verandas can provide breathtaking views and a private outdoor area, but there are also some possible disadvantages to take into account.

One problem you may have is space constraints. Because cruise ship staterooms are already small, adding a veranda may occasionally result in the loss of useful internal square footage.

Should you be traveling with a larger group, you could discover that the additional space required for a veranda is not worth the compromise in the size of the internal rooms.

The fact that many cruisers are prone to motion sickness is another possible drawback. You’ll probably be higher up and farther out from the ship’s center if your stateroom has a veranda, which puts you in a more mobile region.

Even though the vistas of the ocean and the fresh air may be alluring, they may also make you feel more queasy, particularly in the event of choppy seas or heavy gusts.

Some people could be concerned about their privacy. Although you would think of a private balcony as a haven from other travelers, the truth isn’t always so.

Since neighboring verandas are frequently close to one another, the privacy provided by the dividers between them might not be perfect.

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Sometimes the noise from other cabins even spills over, taking away from the peaceful environment you were hoping for.

Finally, there may be a big cost difference between a regular cabin and one with a veranda. If you’re going to be traveling for a long time, upgrading to a cabin with a veranda may put a burden on your travel budget.

Even though a veranda might add a touch of luxury to your cruise, you should consider how often you really plan to use the area before incurring the additional expense.

It might not be worth the extra cost if you anticipate spending the most of your time seeing ports and taking advantage of the onboard amenities.

Selecting The Ideal Veranda

In order to guarantee that you’ll have the greatest experience possible, there are a few things to take into account when choosing a cruise ship veranda.

Consider where the ship’s veranda is located. A cabin with a veranda that provides breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape or the ocean is what you should ideally look for.

Try to locate a veranda distant from public spaces and boisterous activities to guarantee a more tranquil and private encounter.

Think about the veranda’s size and arrangement in addition to its location. You’ll need enough room to sit down, unwind, and breathe in the sea breeze.

Certain cruise lines provide cabins with noticeably larger verandas, which can add more room for a small dining area or even recliners.

Before choosing, make sure to measure the space and go over the furniture placed on the veranda.

Consider whether the extra features are worth the additional expense when it comes to amenities. For example, various verandas could offer special access to particular amenities or extra services like room service.

Compare the advantages of these added features against the higher cost of your cabin with a veranda.

Remember to investigate the particular cruise line and ship as well. Every cruise line may have a different naming scheme for their veranda-equipped suites, which may affect the inclusions and any possible limitations.

A ship’s definition of a “veranda stateroom” might vary greatly from ship to ship.

Safety Factors for the Veranda of a Cruise Ship

Veranda on a Cruise Ship

It’s crucial to remember certain safety precautions when relaxing on your cruise ship’s balcony.

The most crucial guideline of all is to never leave kids unsupervised outside on the veranda. Accidents can still happen even with barriers and guard rails installed to protect your privacy and safety.

It’s also essential to take common sense safety measures, such making sure the veranda door is locked when not in use. This lessens the chance of unintentional falls and illegal entry into your cabin.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to ensure that your possessions are safe when on the veranda. Items exposed to the open air may blow away or sustain weather-related harm.

When not in use, it is advisable to store expensive goods and private possessions within the cabin.

Never sit on the guard rails or bend over. They are in place to keep you safe and shield you from falls. Always take a seat and unwind on the offered furnishings.

You are welcome to reorganize the table and chairs as you see fit, just make sure there is enough room to walk around safely.

Additionally, it’s critical to respect the privacy of others using nearby verandas. Remember to respect other passengers’ personal space and keep your noise levels moderate while taking in the breathtaking vistas and fresh air. This keeps everyone on board in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

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Which cruise lines use “veranda” in their names?

For their balcony cabins, several ocean cruise lines choose to refer to them as “Verandas.” Oceania Cruises and Celebrity Cruises are two of these.

This phrase is also used by Holland America Line and Disney Cruise Line, however they spell it “Verandah” with an extra “h” at the end.

In addition, luxury lodgings known as “Veranda Suites” are provided by Seabourn and Silversea. Using a different strategy, Virgin Voyages calls their balcony rooms “Terrace.”

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