Virgin Voyages Cabins: Categories & Types of Cabins

Virgin Voyages Cabins: Virgin Voyages lives up to its identity by doing things a little bit differently than other cruise companies, and this philosophy also extends to its lodging. With their futuristic accents and minimalist design, Virgin Voyages’ cabins and suites are perfect for rock & roll lovers, complete with in-room turntables and peekaboo showers.

You won’t have any trouble selecting your cabin or suite, even though these cruise cabins can be unique in the cruise industry. Virgin offers eight different types of suites and three reasonable designs of regular cabins; therefore, your decision will mostly depend on how much space, money, and light you need.

Virgin also does not describe its rooms using terms often used in the cruise business. Sea Views are those with an ocean view; inside cabins are called Insider rooms; and sea terrace cabins have balconies. Rockstar Quarters are the suites. If you’re traveling in a group and want to save a few dollars on your cruise cost, take note since many rooms can accommodate one to four guests—often in quite unique bed configurations.

Categories & Cabins on Virgin Voyages

There are 1408 passenger cabins and suites on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady, Brilliant Lady, and Radiant Lady, accommodating 2,770 people.

There are 1,030 Sea Terrace, 95 Sea View, 78 suites, and 105 Insider cabins among the 1,408 passenger accommodations. Notably, 93% of the accommodations have an outside view, and 86% of the cabins have balconies.

Virgin Voyages provides four types of cabins to suit varying tastes and price ranges. These well-designed accommodations will enhance your cruise vacation and ensure a pleasant stay.

  • For guests looking for a comfortable area with all the necessities, insider cabins are ideal. These cabins have space-saving, creative features like foldable sea beds, all designed with comfort and functionality in mind. Insider cabins are the least expensive on the ship, but they don’t have a view of the ocean.
  • Sea View suites give visitors a stunning view of the ocean through their porthole. There are two sizes available for these rooms: the Solo Sea View, which has 130 square feet to accommodate one visitor, and the Standard Sea View, which has 190 square feet to accommodate up to three guests.
  • With their balconies and additional room, Sea Terrace suites let you relax in a quiet outdoor environment while taking in breathtaking views of the ocean. For individuals who enjoy sunbathing or the peace and quiet of the sea, these apartments are ideal.
  • The opulent suites known as Rockstar Quarters provide unmatched perks and conveniences such as priority bookings, a private outdoor living space, and a fully stocked bar.
  • The ultimate accommodations are the Mega Rockstar Quarters. They provide you the best possible experience, making you feel like a rock star.

The stateroom categories on Scarlet Lady are broken down as follows, and this list should apply to all sister ships as well:

  • Inside cabin occupants: 105 (8%)
  • Cabins with a view of the sea: 96 (7%)
  • 1,051 (79%) sea terrace balcony cabins
  • Suites at RockStar Quarters: 78 (6%)

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Virgin Voyages Cabins: Categories & Types of Cabins

1. Inside cruise cabins

Inside cruise cabins

Virgin refers to its windowless internal accommodations as “insider cabins.” They sleep one (Solo Insiders) to four persons (Social Insiders), and they range in size from 105 to 177 square feet. The bed size of the Solo Insiders is 3/4, as was already established. Two twin beds are set up in a L shape, head to head, with two bunkbeds directly above. This configuration sleeps four people.

The layout of the room is similar to a typical Scarlet Lady cabin, but instead of a window on the far wall, there’s a crimson, circular artwork that seems like a porthole.

2. Sea View cabins

The somewhat larger Sea View cabins, measuring 130 to 190 square feet, have one pull-down bunk and beds that can be made into two twins or a queen. They can accommodate one to three people. They are set up exactly like the Insider cabins, with the exception of the enormous circular porthole window and window seat on the outside wall.

Certain Sea View cabins, particularly those near the point where the ship’s superstructure protrudes at an angle, have slightly different layouts. One of these nearly V-shaped cabins we saw featured a single rectangular window instead of a complete porthole. The desk, mini-fridge, and mirror were on the other wall from the window, which was shared with the bed and chair. The space between the workstation and the bed was narrow due to the two walls’ convergent angles.

There was a full-length mirror and tall wardrobe at the base of the V, if you will. The wall at the top of the V housed the closet, bathroom, and entry door, all of which were tucked away in a small space next to the window.

3. Balcony cabins

Balcony cabins

There are four different varieties of Sea Terrace cabins: XL Sea Terrace, Limited View Sea Terrace, Central Sea Terrace, and Sea Terrace. All versions of the game include the ground-breaking Seabed, which doubles as a sofa and a bed. It also has mood lighting that is easy to adjust and personal tablets that help you personalize the cabin to your preferences.

Accessible Balcony Cabins

Virgin Voyages offers 16 accessible balcony cabins to ensure inclusion. Everybody can enjoy a balcony view because these cabins are created with extra floor space and bathroom adjustments.

4. Solo Cabins: Designed with Single Travelers in Mind

Solo Cabins

Virgin Voyages’ uniquely constructed Solo cabins provide a unique travel experience for individuals traveling alone. For people traveling alone, these cabins offer a cozy and roomy setting that guarantees a nice and private experience without requiring any extras.

Additionally, Virgin Voyages makes a concerted effort to guarantee that lone sailors never feel excluded or alone; you can read our comprehensive guidance on sailing alone on Virgin Voyages here.

Solo Insider Cabin

The Solo Insider is a great option for travelers traveling alone since it offers a spacious layout, a big bed, and all the conveniences needed for a comfortable stay.

Solo Sea View Cabin

Virgin Voyages also has a special Sea View cabin just for single travelers, so there’s no reason to feel like you’re missing out on luxurious amenities when you travel alone on their ships.

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5. Sea Terrace

Most of the cabins on Virgin Voyages ships are balcony cabins, often known as Sea Terrace cabins.

Virgin Voyages offers sea terrace cabins in four different categories:

  • Restricted Perspective Sea Terrace provides balcony accommodations, but there’s a big distinction. A lifeboat or a ship structure might be obstructing your view.
  • Standard balcony cabins are called Sea Terraces. Usually found forward or aft of the ship is this category.
  • As the name implies, Central Sea Terrace is a Sea Terrace cabin that provides a central location on the ship. The ideal stateroom position is in the center so you’ll experience less motion sickness during your vacation. Additionally, you are nearer to the ship’s amenities because to its central location.
  • More roomy apartments with a split bathroom and shower are available at XL Sea Terrace. With 265 square feet, the XL Sea Terrace is approximately 18% larger than the regular Sea Terrace cabin.
  • Cozy and practical European queen-sized transitional Seabeds are a characteristic of the Sea Terrace cabins. Roomy Rainshowers, a feature of the renovated bathrooms, give visitors a little more luxury.

Although the cabins had large closets, we did not locate much storage outside of the closet.

The terrace’s iconic red hammock is my favorite feature. Every balcony of the cruise ship has a crimson hammock. Not only does it enhance the vessel’s aesthetic appeal, but it also offers immense relaxation.

6. Rockstar Quarter

Rockstar Quarter

Enjoy a taste of luxury at Rockstar Quarters with first-rate suite accommodations and exclusive benefits.

Tom Dixon created Virgin’s RockStar Quarters, which have fully stocked bars. Naturally, Virgin’s trademark terrace hammock is a component of each unit.

  • With its record deck, tailored bar, wake view, and peek-a-boo shower, Suite Aft Suite is sure to excite your inner mixologist. The suites sleep two people and are from 416 and 661 square feet.
  • With 416–418 square feet, Pretty Big Terrace can accommodate up to two guests for sleep.
  • With 459 to 504 square feet, Bigger Terrace can accommodate two sailors for sleeping.
  • The largest terrace is 557 to 661 square feet and may accommodate up to two guests.
  • According to Virgin Voyages, the Seriously Suite is the most popular suite category. The cozy, 352 square foot cabin, which sleeps two, is located in a good spot on midship deck 12. The Rockstar suite has an outdoor Champagne table, a big marble bathroom, and a peek-a-boo shower window.
  • The 615–857 square foot Cheeky Corner Suite features a large patio with views of the ship’s wake. A spacious closet and a corner sofa are further elements of the Cheeky Corner Suite.
  • Thanks to its convertible sofa, the 482-square-foot Brilliant Suite has an open floor layout and can accommodate up to four passengers.

The following are the benefits:

  • Richard’s Rooftop Access. a special sundeck for members only that features opulent cocktail hours, views of the ocean, and late-night events.
  • A well-stocked bar with carefully chosen beverages to enjoy on the patio or in your suite.
  • First dibs on dining establishments, events, shore excursions, and experiences.
  • 24/7 Rockstar Agents are here to assist you in making the most of your journey.

7. Mega Rockstar Quarters

For travelers who wish to take advantage of everything the cruise line has to offer, the Mega Rockstar Quarters are the perfect place to stay. These private rooms appeal to visitors who value first-rate luxury, first-class access, and attentive care. They capture the essence of a real rock star.

Mega Rockstar Quarters come in various varieties on Virgin Voyages, such as:

  • Massive Suite: At 2,147 square feet, this suite is the biggest and most amazing one on board. The Massive Suite is meticulously designed, with a bottomless in-room bar, a stargazing hot tub, and access to Richard’s Rooftop, a members-only sundeck.
  • Fab Suite: With 950 square feet, this suite provides guests with a chic area to unwind. The Fab Suite offers a comfortable yet opulent haven with stylish furnishings and contemporary accents.
  • Posh Suite: At 833 square feet, the Posh Suite is a little bit smaller but still rather opulent. Along with other special features reserved for visitors staying in Rockstar Quarters, this suite features access to Richard’s Rooftop.
  • Beautiful Suite: Measuring 570 square feet, the Beautiful Suite is an elegant area to live like a rock star. Visitors will experience a sense of pampering and well-being thanks to the tastefully decorated rooms and access to Richard’s Rooftop.

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Reserving a room at the Rockstar Quarters gets you more than just excellent lodging.

Guests who book a stay in the Rockstar Quarters have first dibs on a variety of onboard activities, including sumptuous cocktail hours and late-night celebrations at Richard’s Rooftop. In addition, Rockstar Agents are available around-the-clock to attend to the needs of guests staying in these suites.

  • Richard’s Rooftop Access. a special sundeck for members only that features opulent cocktail hours, views of the ocean, and late-night events.
  • First dibs on dining establishments, events, shore excursions, and experiences.
  • A daily bar tab that includes free beverages and wine bottles all throughout the ship. (Within certain bounds.)
    complimentary entry to the Redemption Spa’s Thermal Suite.
  • Private shuttles to and from the cruise and complimentary parking are provided (where available).
  • A Mega Rockstar Agent who is specifically committed to your requirements and offerings.
  • Fully equipped minibar in the cabin.
  • On Caribbean cruises, Virgin Voyages offers premium WiFi.

In essence, anyone seeking a deluxe, customized cruise experience with first-rate access to some of the line’s greatest amenities will find great satisfaction in Virgin Voyages’ Rockstar Quarters. These suites give visitors a glimpse of the rock star lifestyle and guarantee an amazing cruise experience.

Cabin Amenities and Features

The sleek, contemporary interiors of Virgin Voyages’ cabins are ideal for unwinding and savoring the cruise experience. Compared to the cozy and dim accommodations on other cruise lines, the contemporary and vibrant color palette is a pleasant departure.

Virgin’s cabins are known for their innovative technology that is discreetly placed around the compartment. The minor upgrades to the cabin experience include motion sensors, iPad room controls, automated blind opening and closing, and ambient lighting.

The following are a few of the features offered in Virgin Voyages cabins:

  • Large rainshower: Gorgeous downpour showers reminiscent of a spa. ideal for taller people.
  • Lighting that can be adjusted to create the ideal atmosphere is known as mood lighting.
  • Ingenious in-room control: Utilize an iPad in the cabin to regulate every aspect of your stay.
  • Enjoy a wide range of entertainment options on your large flat-screen TV, including new releases in movies and TV series.
  • Mini-bar in your room: A mini-bar lets you quench your thirst and keep your drinks cold.
  • Essentials for the bathroom: complementary items like body wash, hand soap, shampoo, and conditioner.
  • Hairdryer: For your convenience, keep a high-quality hairdryer on hand.
  • Safe in your room: Keep your things safe in a safe that can hold a 17-inch laptop.
  • PIR motion sensors: When you enter a room, motion sensors cause the patio curtains to open. When you leave, the curtains close, keeping your room cool and using less energy.
  • There are plenty of USB chargers and plugs, so you won’t need a power bar to charge your gadgets.


The staterooms on Virgin Voyages perform the job well. Its ordinary accommodations, however, won’t keep you inside while the actual action is outside in the ship’s public spaces. Their hammocks on each balcony are their finest feature.

Upgrade to the RockStar Quarters for larger bathrooms, elaborate terraces, lounge and lounging areas, and additional benefits. You miss out on the entertainment and comfortable hangouts available around Virgin Voyages’ ships if you retreat to your upper-deck accommodations after the party. However, you might wish to bring the after-party back to your communal living quarters.

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