6 Unique Theme Cruises: Sail with like-minded individuals on specialized ship experiences.

Theme Cruises: Any cruise ship is an enjoyable way to travel. However, picture yourself on a ship that is centered around something you adore as well. That’s precisely what a themed cruise offers. Along with being at sea and seeing distant locations, you are also near hundreds of other travelers who enjoy the same kinds of activities and entertainment.

Even though you may be familiar with these cruises, you might be surprised by the sheer number of them that depart each year and the unique focus each can have. Specialty cruises, which cater to fans of anything from particular bands to lifestyles to specific movies or TV shows, can charter entire ships.

As a result, thousands of people who all have rather specific interests are catered to on cruises, and they discover a ship full of like-minded individuals.

In light of this, you should reserve your spot for a few themed cruises right away, even if you were unaware that they existed.

Hallmark Channel Christmas Cruise

Hallmark Channel Christmas Cruise
(Credit: Hallmark Channel Christmas Cruise)

A whole culture adores Christmas, from the music to the decorations to the gifts. However, there is a subculture that also enjoys the corny Hallmark Christmas films that have become associated with the occasion.

You’re in luck if you can relate to it. There’s not just one Hallmark Channel Christmas Cruise; two were added because of how well-liked the first one was.

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There will be wine tastings, photo ops with Hallmark stars, a tree-lighting ceremony, panels with the stars, and activities with them on board the ship. The movies, of course, are the main attraction; in fact, a new Hallmark Channel Christmas movie for passengers will make its world premiere in addition to a Hallmark movie marathon.

As previously stated, Norwegian Gem will be making two sailings on November 5–9 and November 17–21. The sailings head to Nassau from Miami.

Big Nude Boat

Getting some sun is part of cruising the beautiful Caribbean. But what about absorbing lots of sunlight? and in certain areas that might not often see it?

On a regular ship, you’ll probably see a lot more swimsuits, but on the Big Nude Boat tour, you won’t see as many. This is because, as the name suggests, this is a cruise for nudists. The Big Nude Boat is the company’s largest voyage, although Bare Necessities, the travel agency that organizes these excursions, really charters many each year.

The 2024 iteration travels from Tampa to the western Caribbean on Carnival Pride. You can wear your birthday suit wherever on the ship, except for the casino and several of the pools (there are dress codes for ports and restaurants). There are theme parties and even a passenger talent show during the vacation.

This is your opportunity if you’re a nudist or have ever considered becoming one. Apart from the 2024 voyage, there’s also the Big Nude Boat 2025, which departs in February of that year.

New Kids on the Block Theme Cruises

New Kids on the Block Cruise
(Credit: NKOTB Cruise 2023)

You might not be listening to New Kids on the Block, or NKOTB as their fans call them, very often these days. Perhaps you haven’t even given them a thought in decades, but they have a devoted following and a well-liked yearly theme trip.

The NKOTB cruise for 2023 is almost past, but you can guarantee that news of a new trip will be released shortly.

Carnival Conquest made the voyage from Miami to Half Moon Cay, an exclusive Carnival resort, in the Bahamas. Live acts, beach parties, theme evenings, and even games that the men staged were all part of the cruise experience. There is simply no finer experience than sailing on this cruise if you’re a major fan, and hundreds of others are undoubtedly eager for the next one.

Simply bookmark this website to be informed when the next NKOTB cruise is scheduled.

Atlantis Events Gay Cruises

Atlantis Events Gay Cruises
(Credit: Wikipedia)

Lifestyle cruises, particularly those that serve homosexual or lesbian passengers, are a popular theme cruise that many people are unaware of. Traveling on these excursions allows travelers to meet and socialize with people who share their orientation. And these sailings are numerous.

Atlantis is a prominent participant in this particular market area, offering seven such trips in the year 2024. One of the biggest cruise ships in the world, Oasis of the Seas, will be visited in January 2024. This particular voyage, dubbed “The Largest Gay Cruise in History,” has more than 5,000 passengers signed up and is already sold out.

Naturally, the entertainment on board differs slightly from that of a regular cruise, with drag queens, concerts, special themed nights, outdoor dance parties, and more in what Atlantis likes to refer to as a “gay festival” rather than just a regular cruise.

Additional travel plans include sailings from Australia to Europe and a second North American cruise departing from San Diego in October 2024.

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The ’80s Theme Cruises

The ’80s theme Cruise
(Credit: thptnganamst)

A cruise honoring everything ’80s? This week-long trip from Port Canaveral brings back all the nostalgia for the 1980s, from Pac-Man to neon.

Well-known people like Debbie Gibson, 38 Special, and Air Supply are on board. The list includes MTV VJs including Downtown Julie Brown. More than fifty live concerts and shows, ’80s karaoke, neon and spandex aerobics, and theme nights like “Salute to Sci-Fi” and “John Hughes Prom” night (among others) revolutionize the entertainment on board the ship (Mariner of the Seas).

The main factor is, of course, that thousands of other individuals are aboard the ship with you to commemorate everything from the decade in addition to ordinary passengers. Remember to bring leg warmers, though.

Star Trek Cruise

Star Trek theme Cruise
(Credit: Trekmovie)

The term “all kinds” refers to a wide variety of theme cruises, including those that are truly extraordinary.

Star Trek: The Cruise departs Port Canaveral, Florida, in February 2024 onboard Mariner of the Seas. Thousands of “Trekkies” are on board, taking advantage of everything this trip has to offer. Every fan will find something to love, from the board staff (which includes Walter Koenig, Gates McFadden, and Levar Burton, among many others) to the Q&A sessions, seminars, quizzes, and, of course, theme parties.

In addition to costume parties, there is Gorn’s Warp Party, which honors the well-known reptile from the first season.

In summary, this 7-day cruise to Aruba and Curacao is a themed excursion that should not be missed if you love Star Trek and are a cruise aficionado.

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