Alaskan cruises: Should you take one?

Alaskan cruises: Alaskan cruises provide an experience unlike any other. although there may also be a hefty cost. Not to mention the expenses for costly excursions or the cost of the plane ticket to arrive to the port. To put it briefly, it can be far more costly than taking a Caribbean cruise.

Alaskan cruises provide an experience that is difficult to duplicate in any other manner: seeing a striking environment and visiting isolated cities like Juneau. Are they worthwhile, though?
Therefore, it is understandable that someone looking at Alaskan cruises might wonder if they are worthwhile. After all, an Alaskan cruise would set you back thousands of dollars and require far more vacation time than a short, cheap trip to a port in the Bahamas or Mexico, which you can easily do for a few days and a few hundred dollars.

We firmly believe that Alaskan cruises are well worth the expense. It’s an experience that is unmatched and far different from taking a regular cruise. We go into the specifics of the worth of a cruise to the “Last Frontier” below for those who would like additional information.

What is the price of an Alaskan cruise?

Alaskan cruise price
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First things first: if the costs you see when looking for an Alaskan cruise are more than you are accustomed to, don’t be shocked. A journey to the Caribbean? Headline rates for a three- or four-day journey from Miami range from $200 to $300.

Although Alaskan cruises vary widely, even a good price will usually include an inner cabin for at least $500–$700 per person. Travel during the busiest months may begin earlier than that. Of course, there are also taxes and port fees to consider, in addition to spending money onboard and gratuities.

The longer trips are partly to blame for the higher prices. There are no 3/4-day cruises to Alaska available. Usually, a 7-day cruise is the minimum. In actuality, costs to Alaska are frequently higher—though not significantly higher—than for excursions of a similar length to the Caribbean.

Naturally, costs will differ significantly based on cruise lines, dates, itineraries, and other factors. When sailing in a balcony stateroom, which is a popular option because to the abundance of views, we would project that the cruise itself, including fees, taxes, and gratuities, would cost between $1,500 and $2,000 per person during the busiest times of the year.

Spending & Excursions While Aboard

Our calculations show that the actual cost of a cruise for a couple visiting Alaska would be between $3,000 and $4,000. Then there is the additional cost of anything you will purchase, including as beverages, internet access, casino games, spa services, mementos, and meals (both at the ship’s specialized restaurants and while dining in port).

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At least once or twice during your voyage, excursions are also a necessary, and their costs are generally more than those of a standard Caribbean cruise. For $80-100, you could, for instance, sign up for a snorkeling tour in the Caribbean that includes lunch and drinks. Kayaking along the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska is available for $169 per person.

Depending on your buying patterns, what you spend in these categories will vary greatly, but a decent estimate is between $500 and $800 per person based on our experience.

The Whole Alaskan Cruise Experience
All things considered, we believe that a 7-day cruise to Alaska should cost between $2,000 and $2,800 per person.

This should give you an approximate sense of what you’ll pay, but keep in mind that your total may be higher or lower.

Remember that airfare can be costly

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Travel expenses are not the only aspect of sailing to Alaska that may add up. Most Alaskan cruises depart from Seattle and Vancouver, however some depart from ports all around the West Coast. It requires flying in because the majority of people don’t live close enough to these ports to drive there.

Although airfare is infamously erratic, exorbitant costs are to be expected. The days of inexpensive airline tickets appear to be over, at least for the time being. You should budget at least $300 for your flight to Seattle, but frequently it can go much higher (we just paid over $700!). Additionally, tickets for events that take place later in the evening or early in the morning may cost considerably more.

The day before your cruise, you may also want to try one of these less expensive late-night flights and only book a hotel for the evening. Perhaps this combo is less expensive than buying a more expensive ticket with more preferred times.

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Why Alaskan Cruises Are Unique

See locations that would normally be unreachable, such as Alaska’s Endicott Arm, by cruise.

Booking an Alaskan cruise can be very expensive. Why then are they so well-liked?

To put it simply, sailing to Alaska offers a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere.

Alaska is a very far-off place on Earth. Most individuals can’t afford to drive there. You would also have limited mobility even if you were to visit the state by plane. That’s why traveling on a ship is so wonderful.

First, port to port transportation is made simple for you. You can observe a far greater area than you could have otherwise. For example, you can visit glaciers, towns, and isolated locations that are otherwise difficult to access by automobile or too costly to visit by plane in a matter of days.

Alaska Cruise
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Second, taking a boat ride offers an amazing experience. If you’ve ever gone on a cruise in the Caribbean, you are aware that once a ship departs port, the only thing visible is open water. Aside from the days at sea required to travel there and back, there is always something amazing in store while taking an Alaskan cruise.

Along the cruise, there are mountains with waterfalls. Furthermore, we are not discussing a great distance. They run the length of the waterways the ship navigates. Whales and seals are among the many species that can be seen at any time.

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There’s amazing scenery from the moment you get up until you head to bed. Not only is your time in ports an experience, but the entire day is.

Additionally, Alaska is unique due to those ports of call. To be honest, ports in the Caribbean and the Bahamas are lovely, but they are primarily designed to accommodate cruise ships, which gives them a very touristic vibe.

That’s not to suggest that Alaskan places of call won’t have some of that. While they undoubtedly serve tourists, Sitka and Juneau are home to a variety of different industries. Rather from being tourist destinations designed only for ship passengers, these are actual villages that host visitors.

This implies that compared to other cruises, what you see and do may feel far more genuine.

It’s Not Necessary to Spend a Fortune

Even if tours provide an unforgettable experience, you can have a great day exploring the towns at no cost.
Will your Alaskan cruise cost you a lot of money? Indeed. It is not going to be possible to find a trip to the Caribbean for a few hundred dollars like you can. However, you also don’t have to go broke. There are a few key methods to cut costs on your trip without sacrificing quality.

Sail in Shoulder Seasons: The short season in Alaska is one reason why cruises there might cost more. While cruises to Alaska operate from May through September, vacations to the Caribbean are available year-round. On the other hand, you’ll frequently discover that cruises during the shoulder seasons of May and September have cheaper rates than those offered during the busiest months of June and July. For example, sailing in May rather than June can save you hundreds of dollars.

Control Your Excursions: Going on an excursion allows you to see and do things that you wouldn’t be able to do. The price tag is the only problem. Excursions can easily cost hundreds of dollars per person, which adds up quickly if you’re going with several individuals. Though it might not be as memorable as kayaking to a glacier or whale viewing, the good news is that many Alaskan ports are simple to explore independently.

Allow Your To Take Off Decide on the Cruise Schedule: Most guests reserve a cruise and then plan their travel. But since plane tickets can be pricey (and vary greatly depending on the day of travel), it might be worth it to go the other way. Depending on when you sail, prices for Alaskan cruises will vary significantly, but they will probably be about the same. On the other hand, flight costs can differ significantly. First, look for a less expensive flight, and then book a cruise.

Do Alaskan cruises worth it?

Alaska Travel Destinations
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Does the experience justify the cost?

In a nutshell, definitely. This isn’t a mathematical formula where you can calculate the price of an Alaskan cruise and contrast it with the price of a conventional vacation or a trip to another destination. It is a subjective measure instead.

But in our opinion, the experience is well worth the cost. First off, it is typically difficult to view much of Alaska at all, as was already indicated. Travel is challenging due to the state’s vastness, isolated location, and topography. However, a cruise allows you to see a lot of places quickly in addition to giving you access to places that are often difficult to get to. Thus you won’t have to plan travel between Sitka, Juneau, and Skagway; instead, you can visit them all in succession.

Furthermore, there’s probably no better way to take in Alaska’s breathtaking landscapes and terrain. You don’t simply go to port and go back out to sea when taking a voyage around the Inside Passage. You will be traveling directly along glaciers, ice flows, and magnificent mountains. Additionally, you get to see the enormity of the surrounding area because you are at sea level.

In summary, Alaska is unparalleled in terms of its natural beauty. And cruising the region on a cruise ship is the easiest way to see it. We believe that this makes the price well worth it. To be honest, we haven’t heard from anyone who has cruised Alaska that it wasn’t an amazing experience.

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