Best Cruises for Adults: 4 Perfect Cruise Lines for Adult Only experience

Best Cruises For Adults: For those looking for a quiet vacation, adult-only cruises are becoming more and more popular. Although many typical cruises are designed with families in mind, creating busy, kid-heavy spaces, a new trend provides a calm, kid-free option.

While most big cruise lines, like Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian, concentrate on family-friendly activities, some, like the well-known Virgin Voyages, are leading the way in adult-only cruises. These cruises offer a peaceful holiday away from the lively environment of family-friendly ships.

Virgin Voyages

Virgin Cruise
(Credit: Virgin)

For people looking for a sophisticated and thrilling cruise vacation, Virgin Voyages is the ideal choice. It’s a great option for anyone who values a chic, contemporary cruise experience that emphasizes entertainment, sustainability, and well-being.

A more recent cruise line, Virgin Voyages, is reinventing the adult cruise experience.

Virgin Voyages distinguishes itself with its “Adult-by-Design” philosophy. This guarantees an elegant and mature atmosphere because every trip is an 18+ event. Virgins’ adult-only policy serves individuals looking for a fun adventure or a peaceful retreat without kids.

The cruise line’s innovative products cater to those who have an adventurous spirit. Virgin Voyages is not your usual cruise liner, with its raucous nightlife and provocative acts. Because of the innovative onboard entertainment and activities that guarantee an unforgettable experience, it’s a refuge for partygoers looking to party till morning.

Compared to regular cruise lines, Virgin Voyages’ all-inclusive cruise pricing was significantly better when I traveled on their Scarlet Lady cruise ship. The cruise cost for Virgin Voyages comprises:

  • WiFi
  • Essential drinks
  • Dining at all onboard restaurants
  • Gratuities
  • Group fitness classes
  • Onboard activities and entertainment

Dining on Virgin Voyages is a genuine highlight of the company. Out of all the cruise lines, I discovered that Virgin provides the best dining experience. Comparable to other cruise lines are the ambiance, food, and service.

With more than twenty distinct dining options—from sophisticated dining to more casual, laid-back options—the adult-only cruise company offers all of this without charging extra. With meals designed by Michelin-starred chefs, each restaurant offers a distinct atmosphere.

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The core values of Virgin Voyages are health and fitness.

To accommodate a range of interests and fitness levels, the cruise line offers a variety of health and fitness classes. From vigorous group lessons to yoga at dawn, there’s something to keep everyone centered and energized.

Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises
(Credit: Travel + Leisure)

One of the best cruise lines for adults is Viking Ocean Cruises, which especially appeals to the more sophisticated group of people 55 and older. Viking’s amenities and cruise atmosphere clearly reflect the company’s concentration on elder cruisers. Unlike Virgin Cruises’ party at sea, Viking Cruises provides a more sophisticated experience.

The cruise line, which made its debut in 2015, has enforced an 18+ age restriction, thereby establishing an adult-only environment. Their 12-ship ocean cruise division and their 80-ship river cruise division are both covered by the adult-only cruise line policy.

The focus Viking places on enrichment is one of the main draws for many adult tourists.

The cruise line provides a variety of lectures and learning opportunities for passengers to attend onboard that are intended to inform and interest them in a wide range of subjects, especially those associated with the countries they go to. An older population that values in-depth knowledge of the cultures and histories of their trip destinations may find this educational component to be quite appealing.

Itineraries with a destination-oriented tour focus that showcase the history and culture of each port are available from Viking Ocean Cruises. In every port, they provide at least one free shore excursion, enabling guests to fully immerse themselves in the culture without having to pay additional fees. Many adult tourists who want more from their vacations than just pleasure and relaxation will find that Viking Cruises’ approach to shore excursions suits their interests.

Additionally, Viking Cruises’ onboard entertainment is very different from those of other cruise lines. Viking provides more elegant entertainment options, such string quartets, which are more in line with the likes of their target market, as opposed to boisterous parties or kid-oriented events.

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P&O Cruises

P&O Cruise
(Credit: On the Luce Travel Blog)

P&O Cruises is the world’s oldest cruise line, having been in operation for more than 180 years. The British cruise line provides an unparalleled adult-only cruise experience, particularly on its adult-only ships, the Aurora and Arcadia. Travelers looking for a more calm and sophisticated environment away from the chaos typically associated with family vacationing are the target audience for adult-only cruise ships.

A wide range of services and activities catered to adult tastes are available to passengers. These ships guarantee a relaxing and delightful voyage with their amazing onboard entertainment options and elegant eating establishments serving classic British cuisine.

In addition to offering enrichment opportunities through lectures, workshops, and classes, P&O Cruises’ adult-only ships pique the intellectual curiosity of their adult passengers.

The adult-only cruises also provide carefully designed itineraries that cater to adult interests. Whether you want to indulge in cultural activities, explore historic cities, or take in breathtaking scenery, these itineraries are made to offer enriching and unforgettable experiences at every location.

While P&O Cruises offers both family-friendly and adult-only ships, it’s crucial to remember that the adult-only cruises have garnered special praise for offering a more upscale and laid-back ambiance. The adult-only ships offered by P&O Cruises are a great option for adults who want a cruise that puts their comfort and preferences first.

Saga Cruises

Saga Cruises
(Credit: Meyer Werft)

Saga Cruises has become a well-known option for mature tourists. Not 18 or 21 is the minimum age to cruise with Saga. 50 is the number. Mature adults will have a more sophisticated experience thanks to the 50-year age limit.

Saga Cruises is well-known for its all-inclusive itineraries, which guarantee hassle-free vacation experiences for its clients. Smaller cruise ships from the cruise line have itineraries to far-flung locations like the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, Greenland, Iceland, and the Canary Islands. Whether one wishes to tour historical monuments or take in the natural beauty of remote locations, this range caters to a multitude of interests.

The considerate services offered by Saga, such as the extended return chauffeur service, which is currently available for up to 300 miles from the departing port, demonstrate their understanding of the needs of senior travelers. This service offers an extra degree of convenience, particularly for people who might find long trips difficult.

Passenger reviews emphasize Saga’s dedication to quality and care; many compliment the helpful staff and the general relaxing ambiance on board. The cruise line thrives at creating a welcoming and interesting atmosphere, placing a strong emphasis on first-rate service and a variety of activities that appeal to its target market.

Saga Cruises offers the best experience for Adults that precisely suits their tastes and needs because of its commitment to giving older tourists a sophisticated and delightful experience, as well as its selection of destinations and high-quality service.​

Other Cruises For Adults

In the event that none of the cruise lines on this list appeal to you, there are additional companies who, while not expressly adult-only, have built their ships and experiences with the adult market in mind.

Children are welcome on luxury cruise lines such as Windstar Cruises, Seabourn, Silver Sea, and Regent Seven Seas. To ensure that there aren’t nearly as many children as with major cruise lines, these upscale cruise lines specifically target the adult cruising market.

Additionally, the majority of cruise lines offer age-restricted areas aboard their ships if you find yourself on a mainstream, family-oriented cruise company and require an adult-only area.

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