Gratuities on Royal Caribbean Cruise: Everything You Need to Know!

Gratuities on Royal Caribbean Cruise:  Going on a Royal Caribbean trip is sure an unforgettable experience, but many travelers get lost when they try to figure out how to tip. Let’s dive into this and explain everything you need to know about Royal Caribbean tips, from costs and breakdowns to tips and payment choices.

What are gratuities?

First and foremost, what is gratuities? Gratuities, which are sometimes just called “tips,” are a set fee that Royal Caribbean charges its crew members every day to thank them for their great service. With this efficient method, guests don’t have to tip each staff member separately, which makes sure that everyone gets a fair share.

Gratuities on Royal Caribbean Cruises: How Much Do They Cost?

Since November 2023, when the last change was made, the usual tip is $18.00 per person per day. A slightly higher fee of $20.50 per person per day is charged to guests in Grand Suites and higher groups. An 18% tip is also added automatically to all spa, salon, and drink services.

Additional tips for kids

Royal Caribbean charges tip rates for all guests, even babies and kids, which is different from what some people think. The reason for this is that crew members have to put in extra work to care for babies, like putting up travel cots, making special meals, and cleaning up after meals.

Gratuities in Royal Caribbean Cruise: Break Down

Gratuities on Royal Caribbean are given to numerous crew members, including stateroom maids, waiters, bartenders, chefs, and other important hotel service staff. The exact split has not been made public, but services in the main dining room, specialty restaurants, and buffet areas are covered.

Service tips are daily payments split among crew members who provide services to passengers, like room stewards and people who work in the dining room. This makes sure that tips are given fairly to the people who are making the guests’ experience better.

How do I pay gratuities?

Guests can choose to pay their tips ahead of time or have them added automatically to their accounts while they’re on the trip. It is best to pay ahead of time to avoid rate changes and extra fees on board. You can ask Guest Services before you leave to change your tips because of bad service.

Even though extra tips on top of the automatic ones aren’t required, you can give extra cash to certain crew members if they want to. This kind act is greatly welcomed and is meant to thank you personally for your great service. People who work directly with customers, like cabin attendants, waiters at different restaurants, and hotel services staff who work behind the scenes, all get tips. But people who work in certain jobs, like gambling dealers, kids’ camps, and spas, aren’t automatically tipped and may be tipped separately.

For extra tips on a Royal Caribbean cruise, U.S. dollars are usually best, but other big currencies are also accepted. It’s important to keep in mind that credit cards and other non-cash means might not work for direct tipping.

Noting Extraordinary Efforts

Extra tips can be used to thank team members for going above and beyond, like meeting special requests for rooms or food. Extra tips are nice to show appreciation for the hard work of the staff, but they are not required. Through writing compliments or feedback forms, guests can let crew members know how much they appreciate their great service.

This kind of feedback is useful because it can affect the crew member’s career and reputation aboard. Gratuities are a big part of how Royal Caribbean’s team makes extra money. Even though wages aren’t always the same, tips are often a big part of what staff members make, making sure they get paid fairly for their hard work.

How to Deal with Rate Changes

It’s important to know about any changes that might happen to Royal Caribbean’s gratuity numbers over time. To protect against rate increases, guests should pay their gratuities in advance. This gives them peace of mind about their cruise spending. Guests can pay their gratuities ahead of time in several ways, such as by adding them to the total cost of their reservation, calling Royal Caribbean, using the Cruise Planner online, or getting help from their travel planner.

Choosing to Eat at “My Time” and What That Means

If you choose the “My Time” eating option, which lets you eat whenever you want without a set time, you have to pay for your tips ahead of time. This makes sure that the eating experience goes smoothly without having to stick to set times.

Pre-pay or not?

There are a lot of personal factors that affect whether or not someone should pay their tips ahead of time. Some things to think about are whether or not the ship includes free tips, whether you choose My Time dining, whether you book early to get lower rates, whether you can pay in installments, and whether or not you can get credit onboard.

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Tips to handle these situations

It can be hard to figure out how to tip on a cruise ship, but it’s important to know how to show your respect for the hardworking staff. Let us give you a general idea. On a Royal Caribbean trip, each passenger gives a daily tip to the crew to thank them for their hard work. The eating, bar, and kitchen teams, as well as the stateroom attendants and the hotel service team, all get a cut of these tips.

How much of a tip you should leave also depends on what kind of cabin you are in. Guests in cabins that aren’t suites, like Junior Suites, pay USD 16 per person per day in tips. People staying in Grand Suites or higher pay USD 18.50 per person per day. When making a Royal Caribbean cruise budget, it’s important to remember to include tips. When you go on a 7-night cruise with your family of four, tips can add up to almost $500 to your ship fare.

Noting down the following may be helpful:

1. When you order at a bar, it costs about $1 to $2 per drink, especially if you talk to the waitress for a while.

2. Give $20 or more to the person working in your cabin.

3. The main dining room wait staff gets at least $20 a night.

4. An extra tip for great service in specialty eating rooms: an 18% tip is added to the bill when you pay for the meal.

Gratuities in Royal Caribbean Cruise: Conclusion

To get the most out of your Royal Caribbean ship, it’s helpful to know how to tip your server properly. As you start your cruise adventure, you can be sure that the money you tip will help the hardworking staff who are there to make your trip unforgettable.

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