Oasis of the Seas Central Park: Everything You Need To Know

Oasis of the Seas Central Park: Imagine exploring the center of the paradise of the seas, where this magnificent ship is the centerpiece of a breathtaking green paradise.

This quaint location is the ideal fusion of luxury and nature, offering a tranquil area to unwind during the day beneath the verdant foliage.

There is so much to do in every Central Park on Royal Caribbean ships, from entertainment to food and drink.

This area is full of eateries and tranquil spots where you can have a classy dinner or a quiet drink while taking in the gorgeous surroundings.

While certain parallels may exist, every neighborhood in Central Park possesses distinct characteristics and allure of its own.

Is Oasis of the Seas home to Central Park?

Yes, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas offers a unique experience when you stroll through Central Park! Originally present on the first Oasis-class ship, this green haven has grown to be a standard feature for both this fleet and the more recent Icon-class ships.

You can enjoy a variety of eating and drinking businesses while you stroll about the pathways, although they may come with a cost.

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But you don’t have to pay extra to enjoy the Park Café. Nestled amid this amazing park are luxury boutiques for a little retail therapy as well as a library for a peaceful read.

How much does it cost to see Central Park at Royal Caribbean?

oasis of the seas
(Credit: Royal Caribbean Cruises)

On Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, it is free to explore Central Park.

You should be aware that while the Park Cafe and the surrounding area are free to visit, the majority of the pubs and specialty restaurants in Central Park do charge for their services.

Oasis of the Seas: Exploring Central Park

Increasing Tide Bar

(Credit: Royal Caribbean cruise)

The Rising Tide Bar offers a unique atmosphere for enjoying drinks, so don’t miss it.

This bar is also a movable platform that will carry you and your preferred drink from the busy Royal Promenade to the peaceful center of Central Park with ease.

There isn’t much seating because it’s small, but it’s still well worth it. We strongly advise you to visit in order to enjoy this special occasion.

Chops Grille

The Chops Grille at the Park’s Entrance is a traditional American steakhouse that you will come across right at the start of your journey through Central Park.

Picture yourself sitting by the window, taking in the splendor of the park as it unfolds before you—it’s especially mesmerizing when the region is twinkling beneath the stars at night—while relishing a delicious steak or exquisite seafood.

150 Central Park

The steakhouse is located directly across from 150 Central Park, where you can savor a diversified menu that emphasizes products that are obtained locally and freshly.

Enjoy a gourmet show as some meals are expertly prepared next to your table while taking in the tranquil views of the natural surroundings.

Park Café

Park Cafe is a more relaxed restaurant in Central Park that serves deli-style sandwiches. It’s a great place to go for breakfast and lunch.

The standout item on the menu is the famous roast beef sandwich. Order one, relax amidst the foliage, and have a complimentary picnic.

But the cafe’s menu goes beyond sandwiches; it also includes a selection of salads, soups, and pastries that are ideal for a quick and energizing lunch.

Cruisers looking for a change of pace from the more formal dining options on board will find the cafe’s laid-back atmosphere and free admission suitable.

Giovanni’s Desk

Situated on Oasis of the Seas in Central Park, Giovanni’s Table provides a comfortable Italian eating experience that blends in with the park’s tranquil environment, particularly in the evening.

This restaurant, which offers a varied menu with traditional pasta, meat, and seafood options designed to replicate real Italian flavors, is well-known for its rustic Italian cuisine.

Giovanni’s Table’s outside seating adds to the dining experience by letting patrons eat outside in the peaceful atmosphere of the park while stargazing.


Guests may enjoy a refined and laid-back atmosphere at Vintages, a wine bar tucked away in Oasis of the Seas’ tranquil Central Park neighborhood, which is ideal for wine tasting.

The wine selection at the bar is extensive and ranges from crisp, refreshing white wines to robust reds and sophisticated sparkling wines.

The knowledgeable staff at Vintages is there to help if you’re having trouble making a decision and will help you select a wine that will properly fit your palate.

This location is charming and a great place for people who want to spend a quiet evening on this amazing cruise ship with a bottle of superb wine because you may relax inside or outdoors in the fresh air.

The Central Park Library

A quaint little haven tucked away in the middle of Central Park is the Central Park Library on board the Oasis of the Seas. It welcomes visitors to select from a variety of books and provides the ideal getaway for bookworms.

After choosing a book, you can relax in a peaceful area surrounded by a variety of lush plants, which makes it the perfect site to lose yourself in a wonderful book.

This library offers a calm retreat for reading and unwinding away from the activity of the rest of the ship, enhancing the Central Park experience with a dash of serenity and literary appeal.

Trellis Bar

For those seeking a calm pre-dinner drink, Oasis of the Seas’ Trellis Bar, nestled in the verdant surrounds of Central Park, provides a calm and cozy ambiance.

In the evening, when live music permeates the air and adds to the tranquil outdoor ambiance of the park, this intimate outdoor bar becomes even more alluring.

It’s the ideal place to relax while sipping a drink and taking in the peaceful fusion of entertainment and nature.

For those looking for a quiet yet interesting time onboard, the Trellis Bar is a lovely destination because to its unique position surrounded by the flora and ambiance of Central Park.

Tiffany & Co.

Travelers may enter a world of elegance and luxury at Tiffany & Co. on the Oasis of the Seas. This unique boutique offers a unique shopping experience and is the first Tiffany & Co. store at sea.

You can peruse an exquisite assortment of upscale jewelry here, possibly discovering a unique item to commemorate your voyage.

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John Hardy

The John Hardy store features an excellent selection of handcrafted jewelry as part of the unique shopping experience in Central Park on Oasis of the Seas.

Being the first of its sort at sea, this business distinguishes itself by combining artisanal expertise with elegance.

Beautifully created artworks, each representing the fusion of elegant style and the spirit of marine adventure, are available for visitors to view and possibly purchase at John Hardy.

Where aboard Oasis of the Seas is Central Park located?

Deck 8 of the ship is home to Central Park on Oasis of the Seas. Other than the forward section, which has few bedrooms, and the aft section, which leads to the Music Hall, this deck is primarily devoted to Central Park.

The park’s open-air design offers a distinctive outdoor seaside experience.

What is an Oasis of the Seas Central Park View Balcony?

Oasis of the Seas has a special kind of stateroom called a Central Park View Balcony Stateroom, which has a balcony facing the inside of the ship and providing a view of the Central Park area.

These accommodations, which provide views of the park’s vegetation and activity, are the first on cruise ships to feature an inward-facing balcony. These rooms provide guests the opportunity to take in Central Park’s vibrant atmosphere and people-watching.

Though individuals in neighboring staterooms or in the park can see into these balconies, it’s vital to keep in mind that these balconies may be noisier and less private than those that face the water.

Central Park View Balcony vs. Ocean View Balcony on Oasis of the Seas?

(Credit: The points guy)

Selecting an Ocean View Balcony at Oasis of the Seas or a Central Park View Balcony provides two different viewpoints and experiences. Staterooms with balconies that face inward provide a glimpse of the vibrant, verdant Central Park neighborhood.

For visitors who want to participate in shipboard activities and people watch, these accommodations are ideal. Because the balcony faces other rooms and the public park, they may be noisy and provide less solitude.

With its external views of the water, Ocean View Balcony Staterooms, on the other hand, offer a more conventional cruise experience.

For those seeking solitude and a connection to the open sea, these apartments provide a quiet, secluded atmosphere with the always shifting ocean as your backdrop.

These balconies provide a calm haven from the busy parts of the ship because they are more sedate and private.

In the end, it comes down to your own taste for a lively, social environment or a serene, ocean-focused experience. Each of the options has its own special qualities and offers various cruise experiences on Oasis of the Seas.

Though there aren’t any terrible cabins aboard Oasis of the Seas, we would personally choose one with an ocean view.


Situated amidst lush foliage, Central Park on the Oasis of the Seas invites you to experience tranquility. It is a calm refuge. During the day, enjoy a light supper in a welcoming and informal atmosphere at Park Cafe.

Live music alters the area as nighttime approaches, resulting in a pleasant and calming atmosphere.

It’s a pleasant change of pace from the lively pool decks and other areas like the Royal Promenade and Boardwalk.

Spending some time relaxing in this lush setting will help you feel refreshed. On your voyage, don’t pass up the opportunity to take in Central Park’s distinct beauty.

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