Royal Caribbean Group: Owners, Stock, History, Net worth and More!

Originally known as Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., the Miami, Florida-based Royal Caribbean Group was founded in Liberia and now has operations all over the world. It is the second biggest cruise line, after Carnival Cruise Line.

It owns three cruise lines as of January 2021: Silversea Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, and Royal Caribbean International. Additionally, they own a 50% share in Pullmantur Cruises, CDF Croisières de France, and TUI Cruises. So who is the owner of Royal Caribbean?

Who Is the Owner of Royal Caribbean?

Royal Caribbean International
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The Royal Caribbean Group owns the cruise line Royal Caribbean International. Despite being formed in Liberia, Royal Caribbean’s headquarters are located in Miami.

Following its 1997 acquisition of Celebrity Cruises, the cruise line rebranded itself as Royal Caribbean International, and the group was renamed Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Later, to make a more distinct identity, the group changed its name to Royal Caribbean Group.

Who Holds The Most Royal Caribbean Shares?

Capital Research & Management, a sizable investment group that has been around since 1931 and presently has over $2.6 trillion in assets under management throughout its whole portfolio, is the company that holds the most shares in the Royal Caribbean Group. They hold more than 16% of the business.

The majority branch of the same organization, Capital Research & Management Co (International Investors), owns 11.66% of the corporation, while the remaining branches are divided among them. Major investment groups, such as JPMorgan and The Vanguard Group, make up the remaining top ten shareholders.

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How Do You Buy Shares?

Buying shares is done through a stockbroker. They might be laptop/smartphone platforms or a licensed stockbroker. To buy RCL shares, you must locate a platform that works with the NYSE and submit a request.

Stockbrokers are usually more expensive, but they will provide you guidance. This is typically preferable for people who require assistance selecting what to invest in. It is typically less expensive to use the online stockbroker platform, nevertheless, if you are aware of the hazards.

Shareholder benefits include:

  • $250 onboard credit per stateroom for cruises lasting 14 nights or longer
  • $100 onboard credit per stateroom for cruises lasting 6-13 nights
  • $50 onboard credit per stateroom for cruises lasting five nights or less

Who is the Royal Caribbean as CEO?

Michael Bayley

Jason Liberty is the President and CEO of Royal Caribbean Group, while Michael Bayley is the CEO and President of Royal Caribbean International. Michael Bayley attended the University of Bournemouth to study business. He is originally from the United Kingdom.


Originally, this group was known as Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. When it acquired Celebrity Cruises in 1997, everything changed. After the original merger, the decision was made to maintain the separation of the two brands. This choice ultimately led to the company’s rebranding as Royal Caribbean International. Both brands now have Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. as their parent corporation.

As a joint venture between Royal Caribbean and First Choice Holidays, Island Cruises was established in 2000. It evolved into a kind of unofficial line for the British and Brazilian markets.

In 2006, Pullmantur Cruises in Spain was acquired, marking another acquisition. After making this acquisition, Royal Caribbean quickly expanded by founding Azamara Cruises. In 2007, Azamara Cruises was separated from its Celebrity Cruises division. To access the French-speaking markets, the company established CDF Croisieres de France in May 2008.

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They entered the German market in 2009 when they bought stock in TUI Cruises. After joining with First Choice Holidays, TUI Travel, a TUI Cruise subsidiary, acquired a 50% stake in Island Cruises. Selling TUI Island Cruises allowed Holdings to make sense.

In 2019, a joint venture with ITM Group was launched, which resulted in the establishment of Holistica with the purpose of developing cruise destinations. The Grand Lucayan Resort in Freeport is the only location they wish to open. The government of the Bahamas had purchased the hotel complex.

Royal Caribbean Cruises acquired the remaining shares of Silversea Cruises in 2020. They rebranded themselves as Royal Caribbean Group and altered their logo. They then sold Azamara Cruises to Sycamore Partners for $201 million.

The company recently got court authority to pay $275 million for the purchase of Endeavor, a former Crystal Cruise ship, in 2022. Later, when it becomes a part of the Silversea Cruise fleet, it will take the name Silver Endeavor.

Who was Royal Caribbean International’s founder?

In 1968, three maritime companies created Royal Caribbean International in Norway. IM Skaugen & Company, Anders Wilhelmsen & Company, and Gotaas Larsen were these founding firms. Their first ship, Song of Norway, was launched after two years. A year later, Nordic Prince was added, and in 1972, Sun Viking came next.

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The first cruise ship to be extended was Song of Norway in 1978 when an 85-foot portion was added to the ship’s previously broken core. Two years later, the business intended to replicate the success of this endeavor with Nordic Prince. The sterns were modified during the modification, which added more room. Sun Viking was the lone ship that remained unchanged.

Subsequently, the founding group of Royal Caribbean floated on the New York Stock Exchange and changed its name to the Royal Caribbean Group. Later on, this same group incorporated the business in Liberia.

In order to avoid paying American taxes and complying with labor and wage regulations, the company decided to incorporate in Liberia. This is the same reasoning that many cruise lines use to justify their registration in nations such as the Bahamas.

What Is Royal Caribbean’s Net Worth?

7 Exotic Royal Caribbean Cruise Destinations, Royal Caribbean Cruise Destinations
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The net worth of Royal Caribbean International is not disclosed. In September 2022, however, the Royal Caribbean Group’s net worth was $11.93 billion. With this figure, it is $1 billion ahead of Carnival Group.


Three maritime companies initially founded Royal Caribbean. Millions of cruise passengers enjoy them annually as they swiftly transformed into a massive empire via strategic expansion and hard work. By always modifying itself to fit the needs of the times, Royal Caribbean manages to maintain its position as the leader of the cruise line industry.

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