Princess Cruises Vs Carnival Cruise Line: Which is Better?

Princess Cruises Vs Carnival Cruise Line: Taking a cruise is a thrilling experience, and picking the correct cruise line can have a big impact. The decision between Princess Cruises Vs Carnival ultimately comes down to your priorities and personal tastes. Both offer unique experiences that can make your maritime journey unforgettable. 

Which cruise line, Princess Cruises or Carnival Cruise Line, is better for your getaway trip? Let’s explore what both have to offer!

Princess Cruises

First, let’s talk about the princess. For those seeking an experience that is more elegant and sophisticated, Princess Cruises is a fantastic option. Princess Cruises provides a variety of destinations across the globe on its fleet of 15 ships, which includes personal journeys on the diminutive Pacific Princess and super-sized sailings on the Royal Princess. The airline offers two cost options: Princess Plus and Standard. The latter includes Wi-Fi, a drink package, and gratuities. With a range of dining options to accommodate all tastes and preferences, Princess Cruises is renowned for its exceptional food and beverage offerings. On Princess sailings, families with kids are most welcome, although the onboard activities are designed with the more “seasoned” visitor in mind.


Princess Cruises is the height of luxury and sophistication, with 15 state-of-the-art ships in its fleet. From the little Pacific Princess to the roomy Discovery Princess, which can hold up to 4,300 passengers, the fleet is divided into classes including Sphere, Royal, Grand, and Coral, providing a range of ship sizes and features to suit different types of passengers.

Places of destination

Princess Cruises offers departures from 330 widely distributed ports worldwide, covering a wide range of locations. The cruise line offers carefully planned itineraries that include the famous Sydney in Australia, the enticing Fort Lauderdale in Florida, the picturesque Southampton in the UK, and Yokohama, which is close to Tokyo. As prominent hubs, Australia, Europe, and North America offer a plethora of options for the discriminating world traveller.


Princess Cruises emphasizes authenticity and regional inspirations while transforming dining into an artistic endeavour. Specialty eateries including Kai Sushi, Bistro Sur La Mer, and the Crown Grill complement the main dining areas. The culinary adventure also includes one-of-a-kind events like the Chef’s Table and the highly regarded Chocolate Journeys program. Princess Cruises is recognized for having “the best pizza at sea.”

Entertainment and Activities

There is a wide range of activities available for passengers on Princess Cruises. The spectrum offers a wide range of activities to suit a variety of interests, from elegant dancing classes and wine-tasting seminars to thrilling art auctions and top-notch gaming. Theatrical works of art, “Movies under the Stars” events held outdoors, and an onboard production of “The Voice” called “Voice of the Ocean” are all part of the entertainment offerings.

Children’s Facilities

Princess Cruises’ well-designed Camp Discovery program is a prime example of family-friendliness. The cruise company enhances shore excursions and themed activities by partnering with Discovery and Animal Planet to provide age-appropriate activities and educational experiences. A variety of activities are available through the program, such as sports, video games, movies, and arts & crafts. Kids and teenagers can also take part in educational activities like cooking courses and science projects. Children aged six months to seventeen years are guaranteed a memorable and exciting cruise experience thanks to the all-inclusive approach.


According to Princess Cruises’ financials, a 7-night Caribbean cruise typically costs $1,153 per person. For an extra $60 per person per day, the Princess Plus Fare option expands the all-inclusive plan to include a beverages package, unrestricted Wi-Fi, and pre-paid gratuities. Princess Cruises provides a variety of cruises to locations across the globe; the cost of the trip varies based on the length of the voyage, the location, and the season. For a 10-to 14-night cruise, a Princess Cruise can cost $398 to $1,330 per person. Additionally, Princess Cruises provides two different pricing options: Princess Plus and Standard.

Safety and Reputation

Modern and well-known for its varied itinerary and elegant dining options is Princess Cruises. It has undoubtedly been successful in making deliberate attempts to appeal to a wider audience, including families and younger folks. Travelers trust the cruise company because it upholds a good reputation for safety.

Carnival Cruise Line

However, for those wishing to cruise on a budget and in search of a party atmosphere, Carnival Cruise Line is a fantastic choice. Carnival Cruise Line offers services to suit the needs of families, couples, and groups of friends, with 24 ships that cruise to places worldwide. Carnival stands out due to its emphasis on providing fun and entertainment at a lower cost than its competitors in the business. However, Carnival cruises offer a party environment that is excellent for some adults but not so great if you’re travelling with kids. Additionally, there have been multiple problems involving Carnival ships, including mechanical failures, fires, and power outages.


Founded in 1972 as a division of the Carnival Corporation, the 23-ship fleet of Carnival Cruise Line represents bright fun and affordability. All of the ships, which are the epitome of a “Fun Ship,” range in passenger capacity from 2,606 to 6,500 and are part of the Fantasy Class to the Excel Class. The vibrant and colourful designs, especially those tagged as “Carnivalization” and “Fun Ships,” infuse the fleet with a lively atmosphere.

Places of destination

With a wide variety of itineraries, Carnival Cruise Line offers a lively atmosphere while covering destinations across the globe. Carnival provides a wide range of cruises with more than 700 ports worldwide, spanning from the sun-drenched Caribbean to the culturally diverse Europe! Carnival is a great option for budget-conscious travellers looking for thrilling adventures because of its emphasis on value.


Carnival Cruise Line breaks the mould of being a low-cost cruise line by surprising and delighting guests with the calibre of its culinary selections. Carnival’s cuisine includes international cuisine and ranges from informal cafes showcasing culinary brilliance to luxury restaurants and unusual eating locations. Notable choices are Bonsai Teppanyaki, Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que, and the omnipresent 24-hour pizza parlours.

Entertainment and Activities

Carnival Cruise Line embodies fun through a variety of activities offered onboard. There’s never a dull moment thanks to water parks, sports centres, casinos, live entertainment, and hilarious comedy acts. The ships are made to provide endless entertainment, with features like the thrilling Bolt rollercoaster, SkyRide, and Dr Seuss at Sea among other themed events.

Children’s Facilities

Carnival Cruise Line is a leader in family entertainment, with programs like “Camp Ocean,” Circle ‘C,” and Club O2 that are tailored to different age groups. Little guests will have an engaging experience thanks to the Dr. Seuss relationship, which adds a whimsical touch with Seuss-a-palooza Story Time and Green Eggs and Ham meals.


Carnival Trip Line’s financial situation shows that a 7-night Caribbean trip typically costs $963 per person, with prices ranging from $400 to $4000. Optional drink packages and gratuities, which run from $16 to $18 per person per day, are extra charges.

Safety and Reputation

With its ability to carve out a niche for itself, Carnival Cruise Line has established a solid reputation for offering fun-filled, reasonably priced holidays. Although it has a history of historical mishaps, Carnival has worked hard to strengthen safety protocols to improve the overall cruise experience.

So, which one is better?

The decision is entirely up to you, but to make things easier for you, here is a side-by-side comparison of both incredible cruise

Princess Cruises: Perfect for people looking for elegance, a variety of itineraries, and a more upscale atmosphere. Ideal for elders, families, and couples.

Carnival Cruise Line: Ideal for tourists looking for an exciting, lively environment, exciting events, and reasonably priced choices. appeals to young folks, families, and those looking for an exciting cruise experience.

Daycare centres

Carnival Cruise: They can get rather busy because it is a popular option for families.

Princess Cruises: on the other hand, it has fewer kids in its daycare centres and appeals to a more adult clientele. Princess Cruises also has additional activities to keep you occupied, along with larger cabins and a more upscale atmosphere.

After 10 PM, both cruise companies provide babysitting services for an extra cost, allowing parents to have some alone time.

Dinner Experience

Princess Cruises: places a strong emphasis on speciality restaurants, excellent cuisine, and authenticity. Ideal for people who appreciate sophisticated food.

Carnival Cruise Line: Offers informal dining establishments and speciality venues along with surprisingly good dining selections. Perfect for people who value fine dining outside of a formal setting.

Family-Friendly Environment

Princess Cruises: Fun for the whole family, featuring Camp Discovery and special activities. A more sophisticated and laid-back atmosphere.

Carnival Cruise Line: Offers a variety of kid-friendly activities and a vibrant, party-focused ambience. Families seeking nonstop entertainment will find it appealing.

Considering the Budget

Princess Cruises: Average prices are a little bit more, but the Princess Plus Fare adds value with an all-inclusive package.

Carnival Cruise: It is a more cost-effective choice because of its reputation for affordability.


All things considered, Princess Cruises’ slogan is “Escape Completely,” whereas Carnival Cruise Line is renowned as the “Fun Ship.” Carnival Cruise Line is the best option if you’re searching for a busy entertainment venue with interesting cocktails.

On the other side, Princess Cruises is the ideal option if you’re searching for a more elegant and laid-back atmosphere. When you reserve a balcony room with Princess Cruises, you can be confident that you will return to a tranquil haven after a full day of sightseeing and exploration. I hope this was helpful. Happy travels!

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