Top 10 Largest Cruise Ships in the World: A Look at the Growing Market

The ten Largest Cruise Ships in the World will be examined in this article. We have also talked about how the world market for cruise ships is expanding. Go directly to the list of the top five largest cruise ships in the world if you want to bypass our in-depth study.

According to a predicted estimate, the worldwide cruise ship market is expected to rise significantly between 2024 and 2032. The market is currently divided into some categories, such as luxury cruise ships, ocean cruise ships, and mainstream cruise ships. This division goes one step further and distinguishes according to application (leisure, transportation, and others) and size (small, medium, and giant).

Which cruise ship is the biggest in the world?

The list is subject to regular modification as new mega-ships from various cruise companies come into service. What is now the biggest cruise ship in the world?

Icon of the Seas surpassed Wonder of the Seas to become the largest cruise ship in the world once it was delivered from the shipyard to the cruise line in November 2023. With a gross weight of an astounding 250,800, the new class Icon of the Seas can accommodate 5,610 passengers when traveling in double occupancy. Meyer Turku, a Finnish company, developed the enormous vessel, which has space for 2,350 crew members. has a length of 1,198 feet.

Formerly, Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas, an Oasis-class ship, held the title of largest cruise ship in the world. Although the ship’s design is similar to those of her sister ships, it advances the class and includes several new features. Wonder of the Seas can accommodate 5,734 guests at double occupancy and weighs a whopping 236,857 gross tons. The list below shows the largest cruise ships in service as of right now.

Top 10 Largest Cruise Ships in the World

10. Arvia

(Credit: ITVX)

Tonnage total: 184,700

Meyer Werft constructed the MS Arvia, an excellence-class cruise ship for P&O Cruises, and she made her debut on December 23, 2022, with a slight delay from the original schedule. At 184,700 gross tons, it is the biggest ship in the British cruise sector. With the addition of berths, the vessel’s usual capacity of 5,200 passengers can be increased to 6,264. On March 2, 2023, P&O Cruises announced that Nicole Scherzinger will be Arvia’s godmother.

With a few significant exceptions, Arvia’s interior decor mimics that of her sister ship, Iona, and features over 30 bars and eateries. It’s among the world’s most idyllic cruise ships.

9. Costa Tascona

Costa Tascona
(Credit: travel Weekly)

Gross Tonnage: 185,010

The 185,000 gross ton flagship of Costa Cruises, Costa Toscana, measures an amazing 1,106 feet in length and 138 feet in breadth. It can carry up to 1,678 crew members and 2,663 cabins, with a maximum capacity of 6,554 passengers.

Similar to its predecessor, the Costa Smeralda, Toscana is powered by LNG and has the famous Colosseo as its focal point. There are many of alternatives for dining and entertainment for guests with 11 restaurants, 19 bars, and lounges. Notable locations include the new sushi bistro Sushino at Costa and the Aperol Spritz Bar, which served beachside cocktails.

Reaching more than 200 feet above sea level, the Volare Skywalk offers tourists breath-taking vistas of the sea and an experience they won’t soon forget.

8.  Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda
(Credit: Peakpx)

Gross Tonnage: 185,010

The flagship of Costa Cruises’ Excellence-class fleet, the Costa Smeralda has a gross tonnage of 185,000 and measures 1,106 feet in length and 138 feet in breadth. Having room for up to 6,554 passengers and 1,678 crew members, it has 19 bars and lounges in addition to a multitude of dining options, including 11 restaurants and snack bars.

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Among its culinary options, Archipelago stands out because to its inventive menu, which is created by three internationally recognized chefs. Along with live performances and social gatherings around the Colosseo, the ship offers a variety of entertainment options.

In addition, the Costa Smeralda offers a plethora of recreational facilities, such as an aqua park, 13 pools and hot tubs, and the Beauty Spa Solemio, guaranteeing an unforgettable cruise experience for every guest. Among the biggest ships in the world is this one.

7. MSC World Europa

MSC Cruises
(Credit: Skift)

215,863 gross tons

As the first LNG-powered ship in the cruise line’s history, MSC World Europa made her debut in December 2022 as part of MSC Cruises’ MSC World-class fleet. Its contemporary design includes a 341-foot promenade with views of the ocean and Meraviglia-class LED sky panels.

It can accommodate 6,762 passengers and has 2,626 staterooms. It features several entertainment areas, such as a quiet adult area and a family section with roller skating and bumper cars. The ship has thirteen restaurants and bars in addition to Luna Park Arena, a 300-seat multipurpose entertainment space. It is among the world’s most opulent cruise ships.

Premium rooms, a private pool, and butler service are just a few of the MSC Yacht Club’s exclusive features that provide guests the height of luxury. It’s a cruise ship that you should definitely take a trip on at least once in your lifetime.

6. Allure of the Seas

Allure of the Seas
(Credit: Topflight)

Tonnage Gross: 225,282

Royal Caribbean International is the owner of the Oasis-class cruise liner Allure of the Seas. The cruise’s astounding size is the epitome of grandeur. She was built in 2008 at the Perno shipyard in Turku, Finland, and is 50 millimeters longer than Oasis of the Seas, her sister ship.

She was the largest passenger ship in the world when she was launched in November 2009; Harmony of the Seas, her sister ship, only eclipsed her achievement in June 2015. Harmony of the Seas, measuring an amazing 362.12 meters overall, broke all previous records for marine grandeur. After moving to Port Canaveral, Florida, in October 2023, Allure of the Seas found her home in Galveston, Texas, in November 2022. From there, she continues her tradition of luxury and adventure by taking 3- and 4-night excursions to the Bahamas. All Oasis class ships are the biggest passenger ships in the world as of 2022.

5. Oasis of the Seas

Royal Caribbean
(Credit: Royal Caribbean Cruises)

Tonnage Gross: 226,838

When Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas was introduced in 2009, it was the largest cruise ship in the world, measuring 1,187 feet long and 215 feet wide. With a gross tonnage of 226,838 and a passenger capacity of up to 6,771, it is over five times larger than the Titanic.

The ship features 2,801 cabins, 2,109 crew members, and a range of contemporary amenities after its 2019 redesign. The ship offers a variety of activities in each of its seven neighborhoods, including Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade, the Ultimate Abyss, and FlowRider simulators. The onboard experience is further enhanced with state-of-the-art amenities like VOOM internet and exhilarating games like laser tag and escape rooms.

4. Harmony of the Seas

Harmony of the Seas
(Credit: CNN)

Total Weight: 226,963

The fourth-largest passenger ship in the world is called Harmony of the Seas. This Oasis class marvel by STX France is larger than even its older sisters. With a length of 1,188 feet and a width of 215.5 feet, it provides a roomy sanctuary for up to 6,687 guests who are accommodated in 2,747 staterooms under the care of a devoted crew of 2,200.

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With nine specialist restaurants and eight free venues, there are plenty of dining alternatives to suit every taste, from casual snacks to international cuisine. The districts on board the ship are equally as dynamic, especially the bustling Boardwalk, which has restaurants, stores, and entertainment options.

3. Symphony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean International
(Credit: CruiseMapper)

Total Weight: 228,081

The enormous Symphony of the Seas, built by Royal Caribbean, is 1,188 feet long and 215.5 feet wide. It has a gross tonnage of 228,081 and can carry up to 6,680 passengers. This Oasis-class marvel, which was launched in April 2018, has 2,759 guest cabins and 2,200 crew members.

The ship has a ton of entertainment and culinary options, with seven different neighborhoods, four pools, about 20 restaurants (including specialized venues), and a dozen bars and lounges. Two robotic bartenders at the Bionic Bar, Broadway-style performances, Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade for sports fans, and kid-friendly features like the Splashaway Bay water park and an exhilarating nine-deck-high zip line are among the notable attractions.

2. Wonder of the Seas

Wonder of the Seas
(Credit: The Indian express)

Total Weight: 236,857

Measuring 1,188 feet in length and 211 feet in width, with a massive gross tonnage of 235,600, Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas is a real marvel of the sea.

This Oasis-class ship, which can accommodate up to 7,084 guests and has a crew of 2,204, promises an amazing journey. Featuring eight unique neighborhoods, including as Central Park and the Boardwalk, and 2,867 staterooms, guests are offered an abundance of experiences. A 150-foot-tall waterslide called Ultimate Abyss awaits daredevils, while the AquaTheater puts on a spectacular performance.

Younger visitors can have fun in the Wonder Playscape in the meanwhile. Culinary pleasures and invigorating libations await at every turn with over 20 dining options, as well as a dozen bars and lounges, guaranteeing an opulent voyage on this majestic ship.

1. Icon of the Seas

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Tonnage Gross: 248,663

With a gross tonnage of 248,663,

Icon of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world. January 27, 2024, saw her set off on her first trip from the Port of Miami, USA. The ship, which Meyer Turku built in Finland, has 20 decks and can accommodate up to 7,600 passengers when fully occupied. A crew of 2,350 people works on board.

She cruises at 22 knots thanks to three Wärtsilä 14V46DF engines that produce 16,030 kW each and three 12V46DF engines that produce 13,740 kW each. Five 4.8 MW Wärtsilä bow thrusters and three 20 MW ABB Azipods together provide diesel-electric propulsion.

The ship, which football player Lionel Messi christened on January 23, 2024, is a landmark in luxury travel and maritime engineering and the result of a €1.65 billion ($1.78 billion) investment by Royal Caribbean Group. In 2024, it will be the biggest cruise ship ever built.

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