Top 5 Party Cruise Lines for Wild and Fun-Filled Adventures

Top 5 Party Cruise Lines: There’s a line to suit your cruise party taste, whether you’re a newbie who likes themed parties, a sucker for a family promenade march, a fan of elegant ballroom dancing, or a college student who likes a wild kegger.

Short sailings (two to four days) out of Florida or southern California are ideal if you’re looking for a wild environment with lots of drinking and dancing in the early hours of the morning. Pick a time when elementary schools are in session if you want to create a feeling that is more adult-oriented than family-oriented. Spring break for college students is usually the best time to party hard.

The type of party you want, maybe something more sophisticated or family-oriented, will probably influence your choice of cruise line more than the itinerary’s duration or port of departure.

Top 5 Party Cruise Lines

1. Virgin Voyages: Ideal for fashionable gatherings

Virgin Voyages
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There’s no party like a Richard Branson cruise ship party, and Virgin Voyages’ ships are full of them. It went without saying that the cruise ships would be modern, stylish, and equipped to rock when the business magnate signed up with the cruise company.

A Virgin cruise is like one continuous, delightful fever dream, with elements of rock star flair and drag queen glitz. Only adults are allowed on any ship.

Expect risqué entertainment such as lounge singer-style acts; late-night events such as Scarlet Night, where attendees are encouraged to dress in red for a massive poolside rave; and quirky activities such as scavenger hunts and crew bar tipples after the sun sets.

The most welcome aspect of Virgin’s cruise philosophy is its “come as you are” philosophy. During a recent voyage, I observed both male and female crew members dressed as sea creatures, diners who chose to wear tutus to dinner (and looked perfectly acceptable doing so), and singers and dancers of all shapes, sizes, and nationalities.

Reasons Why Cruise are the Best Option for a Family Holiday

You’ll get the feel of a music festival at sea on Virgin Voyages’ ships, only with superior cabins and other visitors who have really showered. (We encourage glow-in-the-dark attire, fairy wings, and body glitter.)

2. Carnival Cruise Line: Top cocktails for a party

Carnival Cruise Line
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Consider taking a Carnival cruise if you’d rather enjoy parties while sipping alcoholic beverages. Its inventive and delicious mixed beverages, which include color-changing specialty drinks and those with poppable smoke bubbles on top, are among the best in the business.

My top picks? Try the Crystal Ball (tequila, Green Chartreuse, agave nectar, and lime) at the Fortune Teller bar on Mardi Gras, or the Cucumber Sunrise (vodka, lime juice, watermelon syrup, orange juice, and muddled cucumber) at the Alchemy bar on almost any Carnival ship.

The drinks’ potential cost is a drawback. Consider one of the line’s beverage packages, which range from $60 to $65 per person, per day, if you want to drink a lot of booze. If you purchase the package, everyone in your cabin who is 21 years of age or older will have to consume around six cocktails a day in order to justify the expense.

Similar to Margaritaville at Sea, the line provides reasonably priced sailings, but it has a bigger selection of ships, including some of the top party cruises available. Remember that, similar to Margaritaville at Sea, its shorter sailings tend to attract a more hard-partying population, so consider that when deciding how much shenanigans you can handle when you’re having a good time.

3. Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Cruise Line
(Credit: USA Today)

Some of the coolest bars at sea may be found on the Norwegian Breakaway, which has an ice bar that is 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Other entertaining venues include Headliners Comedy Club, Syd Norman’s Pour House (which has live rock band performances), and Bliss Ultra Lounge, which has a large, glossy dance floor that begs you to show off your best moves.

Put on your best white duds, grab a glow stick, and head to Spice H2O, the ship’s renowned adults-only White Hot Party, which is open day and night.

The Rebellious Fish, the signature beverage of Norwegian Breakaway, is a blend of orange vodka, orange liqueur, passion fruit liqueur, orange juice, and sparkling wine topped with fresh berries.

4. Sea Paradise’s Margaritaville

Party Cruises

The ideal weekend escape is available year-round on two-night Bahamas cruises from Margaritaville at Sea Paradise, formerly known as Grand Classica.

Locals in Florida, as well as tourists in their 20s and 30s are usually drawn to these cruises. For a mid-cruise land-based stay, take advantage of a long weekend and prolong your stay with an all-inclusive package at a resort (containing unlimited food, beverages, and resort activities).

Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas: Largest Cruise Ship with Luxurious Amenities

The ship has six bars that serve specialized mojitos and other tropical cocktails until the wee hours of the morning. Some nightclubs start the celebration early, starting at 6 p.m., with music that is suitable for dancing.

Additionally, the line is renowned for booking well-known musicians all year, including Tito Puente Jr., KT Tunstall, and the Marshall Tucker Band. Make sure to review the entertainment schedule ahead of time.

The Encore, a vodka-based cocktail with lime juice, basil, ginger, and cucumber; lychee martinis; and acai caipirinhas are signature beverages on Margaritaville at Sea Paradise.

5. MSC Cruises: Ideal for celebrations that go late

Club Twenty

Do you enjoy staying up late partying and sleeping the next day? For just that purpose, MSC Cruises is an excellent cruise line, particularly when sailing on one of its ships that is located in Europe. (On a recent sailing trip to the United States, the club was empty well before midnight, but the casino and bar remained open long after I retired to my bed.)

There are bars and lounges all across the ship, but if there’s a crowd, you should head to the onboard disco, where DJs spin records until well past two in the morning.

There are two types of themed parties: snow parties, when the staff throws foam-like snow onto the pool deck as guests dance, and white parties, where everyone is invited to wear white.

Seek for Caribbean itineraries that include overnight stays at the line’s private island, Ocean Cay Marine Reserve if you also want to party on land. The island’s lighthouse’s body is lit up with LEDs after dusk, creating a breathtaking spectacle that is complemented by a beachside celebration.

If you wake up feeling exhausted or hungover, don’t worry. The coffee is excellent, in typical Italian style (this is a Mediterranean line, after all). A fancy machine in every bar can make any kind of coffee-loving concoction you could want, including espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte, mocha, and more. Keep in mind that if you don’t have a beverage package, speciality coffee is more expensive.

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