Top Cruise Destinations Departing from U.K. Ports

Cruises from U.K. Ports: It should come as no surprise that the Cruises from U.K. Ports offers a large selection of cruise ports from which to launch your cruise vacation—it is a proud island nation with a lengthy maritime heritage. Every region of Britain has at least one excellent departure cruise port, so there are plenty of ports to select from when it comes to cruises from the UK. Britain offers a port to suit your travel and cruising needs. For instance, cruises from Southampton, Tilbury, and Liverpool offer iconic world cruises, transatlantic voyages, or the start of a wonderful no-fly cruise. You can also take a fun mini cruise to the nearest regional Cruises from U.K. Ports.

Cruises from U.K. Ports have several benefits, including excellent cruise destinations, customer services, and contemporary transport links.

Families, individuals with mobility challenges, and those seeking peace of mind with no complicated travel connections, baggage limits, or baggage inspections will find no-fly cruises from the UK to be excellent. Of course, flying is an option if you’d like, as there are numerous well-connected airports.

Beginning your no-fly cruise in the United Kingdom, you can take advantage of:

  • Short security and passport checks
  • No official luggage restrictions—bring as much as you can!
  • Mobility support – get in touch with us
  • Parking for cars may be free!
  • Those seeking a quick escape might take advantage of a brief cruise in the meantime. Typically spanning one to three nights, visitors can relish the opulent facilities on board before departing for a port of call in the United Kingdom.

From which port should you go?

When considering cruises from different ports in the UK, there are a few things to consider. These variables include the modes of transportation available to you, the amenities at the port if you are traveling in a big group or with those who have limited mobility, and the cruise lines and destinations that sail out of that port.

We provide all the information you require to identify the ideal Cruises from U.K. Ports for your cruise from right here. Additionally, we’ve included helpful advice for every port, including the best ways to get to the terminal via public transportation, parking, storage, and easy-access services, as well as things to do in the vicinity both before and after your trip. To assist you in making the most efficient use of your time and the resources at your disposal, we have even included maps of the ports.

Cruise Ports in the UK

Finding the departure port that best suits your needs is simple because there are so many of them in the UK. Our helpful port guides provide you with all the information you need to select the best UK departure port, regardless of your preferences for a particular cruise line, location, or amenities. In the interim, take a look at our UK cruise offers if you’re looking for your cruise itinerary.

  • Oban
  • Newcastle Port
  • Liverpool
  • Southampton
  • Tilbury
  • Dover
  • Greenock
  • Dundee
  • Hull
  • Bristol
  • Portsmouth
  • Rosyth
  • Cardiff
  • Harwich
  • Poole

Cruises From Southampton

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises: Ownership, Impact and Future Plans

Ships: Celebrity Apex

From: 15 May to 23 October 2024

Highlights: The 2,910-passenger Celebrity Apex is a member of the line’s revolutionary Edge-class, created by Kelly Hoppen. This class has raised the bar with features like the stylish Celebrity Apex Retreat, a cantilevered platform protruding from the side of the ship, and the jovial Magic Carpet.

Plans: Towards the end of the summer, Apex will change things up with shorter break cruises to Bruges and longer itineraries to the Norwegian fjords, Baltic Sea, Spain, Portugal, France, Iceland, and Ireland.

Cunard Line

Cunard Line cruises
(Credit: Cunard)

Ships: Queen Victoria, Queen Anne, and Queen Mary 2.

From: April 28 for Queen Victoria (European sailings) and QM2 (Transatlantic sailings resume); May 2024 sees the launch of Queen Anne in Southampton.

Highlights: The line’s first new ship in twelve years, Queen Anne, has the cruise industry and cruise enthusiasts thrilled.

With formal nights mandatory and even a class system based on whatever cabin you are in (Balcony cabin passengers dine in the Britannia dining room, Queens Grill suite occupants in the Queens Grill, etc.), Cunard is renowned for providing a trip back in time to the Golden Age of cruising.

Itineraries: Queen Victoria will offer a variety of mini-cruises from Southampton along with Norwegian fjords, Baltic Sea, British Isles, Iceland, Spain, France, and Portugal, as well as Mediterranean sailings. Queen Mary 2 will resume her famous Transatlantic to New York and back, in addition to a few mini-cruises. A combination of round-Britain, Mediterranean, Canary Islands, and Norwegian fjord cruises will be offered by Queen Anne.

Disney Cruises

Disney Cruises
(Credit: CNN)

From: July 24 through September 8

Highlights: During the summer, Disney Cruise Line’s 2,500-passenger Disney Dream will be based in Southampton, giving guests the chance to see real-life “Frozen”-inspired scenery in Norway and Iceland.

Itineraries: British Isles, Norway’s fjords, Iceland, Northern Europe, Spain, and Portugal

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines
(Credit: Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines)

Ship: Balmoral, Bolette

From: January through February 28, returning December 16 (Balmoral); from February 20 to April 17 (Bolette).

Highlights: The line’s flagship, the former Holland America Line ship, can accommodate 1,338 guests and has six dining options in addition to eleven bars and lounges.

Itineraries: Fred. will provide a broad range of voyages from Southampton, visiting the British Isles, Mediterranean, Canary Islands, Norwegian fjords, and the Northern Lights in the winter.

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises to Begin Sailing from Texas in 2025

Ships: MSC Euribia, MSC Virtuosa, and MSC Preziosa

From: April 22–November 8 (Virtuosa); October 4–April 18, 2024 (MSC Preziosa); to April 23 (MSC Euribia).

Highlights: The week-long Northern Europe sailings offered by MSC Euribia are a great way to get acquainted with the line. This family-friendly ship has rooms that can accommodate couples, families, and multigenerational groups, along with dining options and entertainment to satisfy all preferences.

Itineraries: A series of seven-night Northern Europe sailings to France, Belgium, and Germany are being offered by MSC Euribia. The MSC Virtuosa makes a combination of shorter (some trips to Zeebrugge, Belgium are as short as one night) and longer voyages to the Norwegian fjords, Iceland, France and Spain, the Canary Islands, and the Western Mediterranean.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruises from U.K. Ports
(Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line)

Ships: Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Prima, and Norwegian Star are among the ships.

From: May 13 & June 6 (Norwegian Getaway); June 26 – September 9 (Norwegian Dawn);

Norwegian Prima runs from May 12 to October 6, while Norwegian Star runs from May 11 to October 31 and September 29 to November 12.

Highlights: West End-style shows, racetracks, and a variety of eating and drinking establishments can be found on NCL’s action-packed ships. This year, Norwegian Prima, the line’s stunning newest ship, will make a short visit to Southampton.

Itineraries: Norwegian Dawn will provide sailings via the British Isles, Northern Europe, and France, Spain, and Portugal. In May, September, and October, Norwegian Star will provide a variety of cruises to Ireland, Norway, Spain, and France. Norwegian Prima will provide trips to Belgium, Iceland, Norway, and the Western Med. A variety of Northern Europe, Iceland, and Norway cruises will be available on Norwegian Getaway.

P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises from U.K. Ports
(Credit: CruiseMapper)

Ships: Arvia, Aurora, Britannia, Iona, Ventura, and Arcadia are the ships.

From: Britannia on April 21; Ventura, Iona, and Aurora all year long; Arcadia on April 15; and Arvia on March 31.

Highlights: The line’s newest ship, the 5,200-passenger Arvia, which made her debut in December 2022, and sister ship Iona will sail from Southampton during their second summer season.

Every kind of traveler can find a P&O Cruises ship departing from Southampton. While Britannia, Arvia, Iona, and Ventura are kid-friendly ships with lots of kid-friendly amenities and serve popular British cuisine, Arcadia and Aurora are adult-only vessels. Throughout the fleet, there is a heavy focus on cuisine (thanks to P&O Cruises’ partnerships with well-known chefs like Marco Pierre White and wine specialist Olly Smith).

Itineraries: the Canary Islands, Spain & France, the Western Med, Norway’s fjords, and Northern Europe.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises from U.K. Ports
(Credit: Travel Weekly)

Ships: Sky Princess, Island Princess, and Regal Princess are the ships.

From: April 21–October 6 (Regal Princess); March 25–November 28 (Sky); and July 26 (Island).

Highlights: Delicious dining, first-rate kid-friendly amenities, and engaging shore excursion choices.

Itineraries: A variety of British Isles, Mediterranean, Canary Islands, Baltic Sea, Scandinavia, Norway, Iceland, and transatlantic sailings will be available on the ships.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Cruises: History, Destinations and Itineraries

Ship: Anthem of the Seas

From: 10 May to 14 October

Highlights: In addition to amazing events and an extensive selection of bars and restaurants, Anthem of the Seas offers an enormous array of entertainment alternatives, including virtual skydiving, roller disco, dodgems, and surfing. The finest amenities and programming for children are offered at sea.

Itineraries: the Western Med, Norway’s fjords, and Spain and France.

Dover to Host Ambassador Cruise Line, Carnival, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, Hurtigruten & Saga Cruises

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruises from U.K. Ports
(Credit: Software AG)

Ship: Carnival Legend

From: 16 June to 18 August

Highlights: During the brief summer season, Carnival Cruise Line sails from Dover and offers its brand of fun at locations including Guy’s Burger Joint, Bonsai Sushi, Alchemy Bar, and RedFrog Pub.

Itineraries: Norway’s fjords, the Baltic Sea, Iceland, the British Isles, and the Western Med.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Ship: Borealis

From: 26 June until 14 August

Highlights: With 1,338 passengers, the former Holland America Line ship Borealis is a highlight. The ship boasts eleven bars and lounges in addition to six restaurants following a major overhaul.

Itineraries: Borealis will provide a variety of voyages to the British Isles, Iceland, the Baltic, short trips to Amsterdam, and longer cruises to the Azores, Madeira, and the Norwegian fjords.


Hurtigruten Cruises from U.K. Ports

Ship: MS Maud

From: 14 April–1 June

Highlights: In anticipation of a more extensive renovation, the former Midnatsol has been given a facelift with the opening of two new eateries: Fredheim for light fare and Lindstrom for a la carte dining.

Itineraries: Maud provides expedition voyages that visit the Isle of Man, the Isles of Scilly, Ireland, and the Western Isles as they travel around the west coast of Britain. There are lengthy trips to Iceland.

Saga Cruises

Saga Cruises from U.K. Ports
(Credit: Meyer Werft)

Ships: Spirit of Discovery and Spirit of Adventure

From: June 22–September 9 (Spirit of Discovery) May 9–September 5 (Spirit of Adventure)

Highlights: The luxurious ships of this over-50s line blend flair and luxury, with a strong focus on gastronomy and a collaboration with Jools Holland for music.

Itineraries: Iceland, the British Isles, Norway, the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean, and even the Caribbean.


Seabourn cruise
(Credit: Cruise critic)

Ships:  Seabourn Sojourn and Ovation

From: July 13–September 7 (Sojourn); May 18–June 8 (Ovation).

Highlights: The 600-passenger Seabourn Ovation and Seabourn Sojourn, which offer an unlimited supply of Champagne and caviar, are luxury cruise company Seabourn’s return to Dover.

Itineraries: The British Isles, British Isles & Iceland, British Isles & Western Europe, Greenland & Canada, Transatlantic to New York, and Western Mediterranean are among the fairly port-intensive sailings.

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Tilbury is the Homeport for Ambassador Cruise Line’s Flagship Vessel

Ambassador Cruise Line

Ownership of Ambassador Cruise Line
Ambience cruise of Ambassodor Cruise Line

Ship: Ambition and Ambience

From: April 7–April 29 (Ambition); May 5–May 25, 2025 (Ambience”).

Highlights: There are five restaurants on Ambassador Cruise Line’s two ships, including specialty dining selections; there are also two cafes, nine bars, a swimming pool, a spa, and entertainment geared at Brits.

Routes: Greenland, Canary Islands, Iceland, Western Med, Baltic Sea, British Isles, Norwegian fjords, Belgium, and Germany

Saga Cruises

Ship: Spirit of Adventure and Spirit of Discovery on board

From: May 9–September 5 (Spirit of Adventure) and June 22–September 9 (Spirit of Discovery).

Highlights: Specifically designed for the British over-fifties market, Saga Cruises’ two like-for-like ships offer a luxurious, all-inclusive cruise experience.

Itineraries: Routes include Iceland, Greenland, Norway, the British Isles in the Baltic Sea, and the Mediterranean.

Fred will be hosted by Newcastle. Olsen Cruise Lines and the Representative

Ambassador Cruise Lines

Ship: Ambition

From: 16 August to 21 November

Highlights: During a series of trips in the summer of 2023, the line’s newest ship, Ambition, will alternate between Newcastle, Dundee, Belfast, and Liverpool.

Itineraries: Iceland, Norway’s fjords, Britain, Spain, and France

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Ships: Balmoral

From: November 19 to March 1 (Balmoral)

Highlights: Designed for seasoned British travelers, this elegant and amiable ship offers excellent levels of personalized service.

Itineraries: Balmoral is going to provide an extended season of cruises from Newcastle, including stops in Iceland, the Baltic Sea, Scotland, Northern Europe, and the Western Mediterranean.

Fred is also hosted by (Rosyth) Edinburgh.

Olsen Cruise Lines’ Balmoral

Ship: Balmoral ship

From: 27 June until 22 August

Highlights: Exceptionally nice crew and a ship that is friendly to Brits.

Itineraries: Balmoral will provide cruises to Scotland, Iceland, the Baltic Sea, Northern Europe, and the Western Mediterranean.

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Liverpool is Fred’s host city. Ambassador Cruise Line and Olsen Cruise Lines

Ambassador Cruise Lines

Ship: Self-centeredness

From: July 7 until September 3

Highlights: Ambition, the second ship of Ambassador Cruise Line, will sail in May 2023. Ambience made her premiere in 2022.

Itineraries: Iceland, Guernsey and France, Norway, British Isles

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Ship:  Bolette

From: April 19, 2023, through 2025

Highlights: With a long Liverpool season in 2024, Bolette provides travelers in the northwest of England with an easy port of embarkation and disembarkation. Among its many amenities are a swimming pool, spa, culinary theater, six restaurants, eleven bars and lounges, and a 1,338-passenger ship.

Itineraries: Iceland; Greenland; fjords in Norway; Western Mediterranean.

Portsmouth’s busiest-ever cruise season is coming up.

Nobel Caledonia

Nobel Caledonia cruise
(Credit: Nobel Caledonia)

Ship: Hebridean Sky; Island Sky

From: May 1, 11 and 25; August 22, and September 1.

Highlights: Beautiful wood paneling inside and teak decking outside set the tone for an incredibly exquisite journey on this magnificent ship.

Itineraries: themed cruises around the British Isles and circumnavigations of Great Britain.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Ship: Norwegian Sky

From: May 8 and May 18

Highlights: Despite being an older ship, the Atrium and the colorful Spinnaker Lounge are two of its nicer features.

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Itineraries: Iceland is the second stop on the itinerary, and the British Isles is the first.

Saga Cruises

Ship: Spirit of Adventure and Spirit of Discovery on board

From: April through June; October through 2025 (Spirit of Discovery); January through April 17; and September 21 through March 2025 (Spirit of Adventure).

Highlights: There are luxurious all-balcony cabins, a variety of complimentary specialty dining options, and door-to-door transfers available on these 999-passenger ships.

Itineraries: Western Europe, the Western Med, and the Transatlantic to New York and Canada. A variety of Canary Islands sailings during the winter will be available on Spirit of Adventure.

Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages Cruises from U.K. Ports
(Credit: Washington Post)

Ship: Lady Resilient

From: 23 August till 29 September

Highlights: For a selection of late summer sailings, this popular adults-only cruise line, founded by Sir Richard Branson, is showcasing the third iteration of the Virgin Voyages brand.

Itineraries: A combination of lengthier trips to Spain, France, and Morocco, as well as shorter trips to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Viking Ocean Cruises will be returning to London (specifically to Greenwich Pier in Central London).

Ocean Cruises with Viking

Viking cruise
(Credit: Viking cruises)

Ship: Viking Venus mostly, with occasional sailings to Viking Saturn, Sky, and Neptune

From: September 2024 (Viking Venus) to February 5, 2024

Highlights: Six trips from central London’s Greenwich Pier will be offered by the luxurious 999-passenger Viking Venus.

Itineraries: Nine trips with itineraries that include cruises through Norway, the British Isles, and Northern Europe.

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