Unleash Your Adventurous Side with Essential Sailing Gear for a Nude Cruise Experience

Nude Cruise Experience: It seems like any traveler can find the ideal themed cruise these days. Do you adore Broadway and long to cruise with the winners of the Tony Awards? You may want to cosplay at sea and have an interest in Comic Con.

Most cruises require guests to wear clothes, but there are some sailings where guests are encouraged to show off their birthday suits and feel confident in their skin.

Do you ever desire to go on a cruise where attire is not required? If so, you should consider going on a nudist cruise!

Nude Cruise Experience: What is it?

Guests on nude cruises are free to dress as casually as they like. There may be limitations, such as while dining in the main dining room, but overall, it’s an opportunity to have an experience different from the typical family-friendly cruise in an accepting environment.

Nor are they exclusively focused on activities for adults. Castaways Travel, for example, makes it clear that it reserves the right to evacuate passengers for public sexual misconduct.

The fact that nude cruises are kid-free is a significant benefit. Even if you stay dressed, you won’t have to worry about kids yelling and running around.

Several distinctive elements are available on nude cruises to improve the cruiser experience:

  • Areas with Optional Clothes: While it’s not required, most of the ship’s public areas let visitors be naked.
    Body Positivity: Regardless of size or shape, these cruises promote a body-positive environment that invites guests to feel at ease and self-assured in their true selves.
  • Adults-Only Cruise Policy: Adults-only are permitted to go on nude cruises, guaranteeing an adult-only environment in which visitors may unwind and take advantage of the clothing-optional lifestyle without worrying about younger passengers.
  • Privacy and Respect: The comfort of every traveler is given top priority, along with privacy and respect. Personal space is respected and rules are in place to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment.
  • Safety and discretion: Organizers of nude cruises put their passengers’ safety and discretion first, putting in place measures to preserve their privacy and guarantee a civil environment.
  • Themed Nights and Events: A lot of nude cruises offer social gatherings, parties, and themed nights that let visitors have fun and socialize with people who have similar interests.
  • Activities and Entertainment: Similar to regular cruises, nude cruises include a variety of opportunities for fun and relaxation, such as dining, dancing, swimming, sunbathing, and special events, all of which can be taken part in without the need for clothing.

Who offers nude cruises?

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A nude cruise could be the ideal choice for you if you’re trying to plan a holiday that’s a little unusual. There are other travel agencies and tour operators that provide clothing-optional cruises where you can experience the liberation of dressing however you choose, but none are more well-known than Bare Necessities.

The biggest and most well-known provider of nude cruises is Bare Necessities. With its founding in 1990, the company—which has its headquarters in Austin, Texas—pioneered clothing-optional cruises.

Their growth was so great by 2013 that they were forced to charter Carnival Freedom, a 110,000 gross registered ton ship that can accommodate 2,980 passengers based on double occupancy. Furthermore, they assert that 75% of first-time nude cruisers come back.

Known as the “Big Nude Boat” trip, they provide an annual big-ship voyage. They used to be nearly two weeks long, but in 2024, the sailing will be shorter!

The trip, which will take place onboard Carnival Pride, will visit the ports of Costa Maya, Mexico; Mahogany Bay, Belize; and Cozumel, Mexico in the Western Caribbean from February 25 to March 3, 2024. Prices for inside rooms start at $1,200 per person and go up to $8,400 for a Grand Suite.

Bookings for Bare Necessities’ 2025 Big Nude Boat Cruise are now available. Visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico; Phillipsburg, St. Maarten; Roseau, Dominica; Fort-de-France, Martinique; and Castries, St. Lucia are all stops on the 11-night cruise on Norwegian Pearl. In addition, you will get to spend two days on Norwegian’s private island in the Bahamas, Great Stirrup Cay. The period is February 3–14, 2025.

Even smaller ships are available for customers seeking a more personal cruise experience. The Star Clipper, a ship that is only 379 feet long and can hold fewer than 200 passengers, is offering a two-week vacation around the Greek Isles in May 2024. However, their website indicates that it’s already sold out.

Another firm that hires cruise ships for clothing-optional sailings is Castaways Travel. Swingers are more likely to be found on board these lifestyle-friendly cruises.

Having been the first firm to organize clothing-optional ship charters, Bliss Cruises is a pioneer in nude cruising and offers a wide range of cruises to various destinations worldwide. The tour operator fosters an environment that is welcoming, kind, and freeing, which has made them renowned.

Numerous well-known cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, Holland America, and Celebrity Cruises, have allowed people to charter their ships for nude cruises. Although the major cruise lines don’t directly offer nudist cruises, businesses that do might charter them.

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What to Anticipate

Expect a freeing mood mixed with standard cruise comforts when you go on a nude cruise with Bare Necessities.

Clothing is optional in most ship areas, such as the pools, sun decks, and entertainment areas. However, certain areas—like the dining areas—may have dress codes.

A nude cruise’s basic philosophy is body positivity, which encourages visitors to feel good about their bodies regardless of their age, size, or form. To protect everyone’s comfort and safety, this setting has tight rules on photography and interactions, as well as a high standard of respect for privacy.

You have a full day of activities on the ship without having to worry about what to wear. Every aspect of the aboard experience is as typical as it gets on a standard (vanilla) cruise. The activities, which range from performances and games to seminars and themed evenings, are made to appeal to a broad variety of interests and can be enjoyed in a group of people who share those interests.

One of the best things is the sense of community, which offers lots of chances to meet people and make new ones.

Wellness and leisure also have a big part to play, with amenities like fitness centers, spas, and pools accessible for those looking for peace and renewal—often without having to wear clothes. With a variety of destinations on the route, travelers can experience the customs and scenery of the places they visit. Though there are plenty of options for nude shore excursions, most shore excursions require clothing.

Just make sure that before you disembark from the ship, you find out if clothes is required. Additionally, until you get to the land excursion, you must wear clothes.

Locations indoors may have different dress requirements, so ask the staff.

The standard dress code is as follows, albeit it varies according to the ship and charter.

  • Dining locations: Although casual attire is appropriate, it is necessary in some locations.
  • Events & Parties: There may be dress rules for themed parties, which can range from completely dressed to imaginative costume ideas.
  • Bathrobes: You may only wear bathrobes outside on the terraces or in the spa.
  • Lingerie: Excessive jewelry, fetish ears, and lingerie are not allowed.
    It’s crucial to remember that when sitting nude, all passengers must use a towel or piece of clothing.

Recall that comfort is essential. Because of the kind and nonjudgmental atmosphere, it’s a special chance to meet new people and maybe come away with a newfound sense of confidence and independence. It’s a social setting where you may meet new people, unwind, and have fun.

What to Pack

What To Pack for A Cruise Trip, things to pack for a Cruise Trip, what to pack for a Cruise
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You should pack a beach towel, sunglasses, and sunscreen in open luggage and place it on a bed. Tucked into a side pocket are a passport and a cruise ticket.

Packing for a nude cruise may seem like a strange idea at first—after all, you’re going to be spending your days wearing as little clothing as possible, so how much will you really need? Here are some necessities, nevertheless, to make sure you have a relaxing and pleasurable time.


  • Passport, boarding passes, travel insurance, and any necessary visas are the travel documents.
  • Money is needed for gratuities and onshore expenses, credit cards, and a tiny wallet.
  • People can take sun protection measures by using high-SPF sunscreen, SPF-containing lip balm, and after-sun lotion to shield delicate areas that are not often exposed to the sun
  • Items for personal hygiene: soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste, among others.
  • Painkillers, prescription drugs, anti-motion sickness products, and any other personal health supplies.

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You’ll need some clothes for shore excursions, dining establishments, and themed parties—even on a nude cruise:

  • Casual Wear: For places or occasions (such as dining rooms or certain events) when clothes are expected. Add options that are comfy and light.
  • Evening Attire: On certain cruises, formal evenings or themed events may call for particular ensembles.
    Shoes: Dress shoes if necessary for formal events, sandals for the deck, and cozy walking shoes for excursions.
  • Swimwear: Not required because decks and pools are open to all visitors, although some may feel more comfortable wearing them for specific events or trips outside the ship.
  • Exercise Wear: Should you intend to work out at the gym or take fitness courses?
  • Hats, sunglasses, and a sturdy daypack for travel are examples of accessories.


  • Passengers can request extra beach towels for relaxing on deck chairs or for trips ashore, even though the cruise ship usually supplies towels.
  • Cover-ups: Lightweight robes or sarongs for easy transitions in public spaces.
    Books, e-readers, portable games, and equipment for journaling during free time are examples of entertainment.
  • Electronics: smartphone, camera (remember to abide by privacy laws when taking pictures), chargers, and worldwide adapters.
  • Reusable Water Bottle: To avoid continuously buying bottled water and stay hydrated.
  • Non-perishable munchies for your travels or accommodations.
  • Binoculars: To observe wildlife or beautiful scenery.

Recall that the secret to packing light for a nude cruise is to strike a balance between being ready for the activities you want to partake in, both aboard the ship and on shore excursions, and enjoying the freedom of wearing nothing at all. Consult the rules and schedule of your cruise for any special events or themed nights that may require special clothing.

Do Mainstream Cruise Lines Offer Decks That Are Perfect for Sunbathing?

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Conventional cruise lines have shifted their focus to family-friendly settings and cultural sensitivity by eliminating topless sunbathing areas.

In the past, a lot of cruise lines provided topless sunbathing to accommodate adult European sunbathing inclinations. To guarantee everyone’s comfort and inclusivity, several firms, like Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean, have implemented more restrictive restrictions in recent years. Travelers interested in topless or clothing-optional sunbathing may need to check into specific adult-focused or themed cruises, even if mainstream lines are trending toward more restricted sunbathing standards.


A calm shoreline dotted with palm trees, a pristine ocean, and an opulent cruise liner anchored far offshore
While investigating the realm of nude cruises, you’ll run into lifestyle cruises. Singles and couples who want to experience the swinging way of life can participate in adult-only sailings known as “swingers.”

Combining standard cruise amenities with areas and activities intended for adult-only encounters, lifestyle cruises offer a unique experience. Passengers on nude cruises do not have to wear clothes and prioritize an adult-only environment, body positivity, and consideration for one another. But swingers cruises set themselves apart with special features like themed nights, seminars about swinging and sexual health, and adult-only spaces for activities that promote camaraderie among travelers who have similar interests.

These cruises are a unique kind of adult-focused travel since they offer a covert and secure setting for investigating non-monogamy.

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