5 Mysterious Stories of the Bermuda Triangle

Stories of the Bermuda Triangle: The Devil’s Triangle, sometimes referred to as the Bermuda Triangle, is one of the world’s most enigmatic locations. Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, between Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico, off the US southeast coast, this area has emerged as a hub for mysteries.

The Bermuda Triangle, which stretches across 440,000 miles of ocean, is a major shipping route. Every day, some ships travel through it on their way to the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean.

It is a well-studied but mysterious feature of the earth’s surface, mostly because of the unexplainable results.

Numerous aircraft and ships have reportedly inexplicably vanished in the area over the ages.

In addition, many of people’s disappearances during the previous few decades have been attributed to the Devil’s Triangle.

In a 1964 piece that appeared in Argosy magazine, Vincent Gaddis coined the phrase “Bermuda Triangle.”

The legend surrounding the Bermuda triangle dates back to Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to the New World, when it is said that he witnessed a flame from a fire smashing into the sea in the triangle.

The USS Cyclops, a Navy cargo ship carrying over 300 people, disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in the 20th century, bringing the region’s strange behavior to the attention of the general public. The disappearance of a small twin-engine plane in May of this year is the most recent event in the area.

When the plane, carrying four people, abruptly vanished from the radar while it was traveling from Puerto Rico to Florida, the wreckage was eventually discovered.

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The most recent ship-related incident occurred in October 2015, when a cargo ship sank in the Bermuda Triangle. Several theories have been proposed to explain the Bermuda Triangle’s frequent unexplained incidents.

Paranormal activity and aliens have often been alleged as causes of strange occurrences, but numerous scientists have refuted this and offered logical explanations.

A more widely accepted explanation is electromagnetic interference as the cause of compass problems.

The earth’s natural magnet has a strong pull, causing sophisticated devices like compass to be redirected and unable to pass through the waters.

The lack of a conclusive answer has led many people to believe that there was nothing unusual about the area and that the majority of incidents were exaggerated or misreported.

Despite the lack of a well-established explanation explaining the Bermuda Triangle mystery, accidents occur every year.

Additionally, a number of the region’s inexplicable vessel disappearances are included in the stories surrounding the Bermuda Triangle, the majority of which are still shrouded in mystery. The most well-known disappearance stories or unsolved mysteries surrounding ship accidents in the Devil’s Triangle are listed below.

5 Mysterious Stories of the Bermuda Triangle

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1. Mary Celeste

This ship has a unique story to tell and is perhaps one of the most enigmatic shipwreck tales ever. The connection to the Bermuda triangle had been somehow invoked to solve the mystery of its fate, even though it had been discovered adrift in another location in the Atlantic Ocean.

On December 4, 1872, the ship was discovered in Genoa, Italy, with everything in its place-apart from the crew. Captain Benjamin Briggs, his wife, and their two-year-old daughter were aboard the raw alcohol-laden ship.

However, Mary Celeste was abandoned with no crew overseas and missing the lifeboat when a passing British ship named Dei Gratia discovered her partially sailed in the Atlantic, off the coast of the Azores Islands, a few days later.

In addition, a sword was discovered on the deck and nine of the cargo’s barrels were empty. There has never been a trace of the individuals on board the ship or the lost lifeboat.

Studies of the ship made it abundantly evident that there was no chance of a pirate attack because everything on board—including the costly possessions of the crew and the barrels of booze it was carrying—was undamaged.

There have been theories regarding the mystery of the Mary Celeste, such as the possibility of an alien abduction, a criminal plot, or even an attack by a huge squid.

A natural calamity was another possibility on the list. Few suggested that the ship may have inadvertently entered the Bermuda Triangle, but many suggested that an underwater earthquake was to blame for the catastrophe.

Even if these theories sound plausible, they obviously don’t fit. Why, after all, would a flawlessly trained crew quit their ship and never return on a day with favorable weather conditions?

2. Ellen Austin

The mystery surrounding the American white oak schooner Ellen Austin is a triangular enigma. The 210-foot-long Ellen Austin discovered a wreck close to the Bermuda Triangle in 1881 while traveling from London to New York. The nameless schooner was drifting slightly north of the Sargasso Sea, and everything seemed normal, except for the missing crew.

For two days, Captain Baker of the Ellen Austin watched the abandoned ship to make sure it wasn’t a trap. Captain and crew boarded the abandoned ship after two days without hearing from the ship, only to find neatly packed freight and no sign of the crew.

A prize crew was put on board and they set sail together to tow it back. But after two days at sea, a squall cut off the two ships’ paths, and the abandoned ship disappeared.

The accounts go that several days after the storm, Captain Baker’s lookout saw the ship through his spyglass and realized it was drifting aimlessly far away once more. Ellen Austin was finally able to catch up with the vessel after many hours of work.

Oddly enough, though, nobody was on board. Another account of the incident, however, claims that Baker made another attempt to return her to land but met the same fate as Ellen Austin before abandoning the cursed ship.

Ellen Austin’s prize team did not appear with the derelict, according to other reports.

The narrative of the ship’s disappearance, reappearance, and lack of prize crew is fascinating. It is more akin to a Bermuda triangle mystery, one that doesn’t seem likely to be revealed anytime soon.

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3. USS Cyclops

Devil's Sea

The most number of casualties in a single occurrence in US Navy history occurred with the disappearance of USS Cyclops, one of the largest fuel ships in the fleet.

With over 309 crew men on board, this enormous ship sailed 10,800 tons of manganese ore from Brazil to Baltimore via the Bermuda region in March 1918. This ship’s first and only transmission, sent out on a reasonably decent day, said nothing of the such regarding problems.

But there was never more word from the ship. Despite conducting a thorough search of the region, nothing was ever discovered. There has never been any trace of the ship or her crew discovered. The USS Cyclops’ captain never issued a distress signal, and nobody on board answered radio calls from nearby warships.

Even though there were several speculations offering different explanations for its loss, the navy investigators were likewise unable to determine a clear cause.

Cyclops’ enigmatic disappearance has led to its inclusion in the list of over 100 ships and aircraft that have mysteriously disappeared in the Bermuda triangle.

4. Carroll A. Deering

Because of the entire mystery surrounding her departure, the five-masted commercial schooner Carroll A. Deering is one of the most well-researched maritime mysteries of the twentieth century.

Carroll A. Deering was discovered adrift on the perilous rocks of Hatteras Diamond Shoals, North Carolina, on January 31, 1921. Rumors circulated that the ship was engaged in rum running.

After days of searching through the choppy sea, the Barbados-based inquiry team eventually reached the ship, only to discover it abandoned and all crew members missing, along with the personal belongings of the crew, the ship’s navigational equipment, logbooks, and life rafts, among other items.

Often referred to as the “Ghost Ship of the Outer Banks,” Carroll A. Deering vanished in the Bermuda Triangle at the same time as a few other vessels. Knowledge has shed light on these enigmatic waters, but nothing has been able to solve them.

During this time span, nine vessels are said to have disappeared from the same area; none have survived.

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5. Witchcraft

Witchcraft set sail with Captain Dan Burack and Father Patrick Horgan from Miami on December 22, 1967.

On a 23-foot luxury yacht, the two guys took in the breathtaking view of Miami’s Christmas lights. While only a mile offshore, the captain called the coast guard to report that his ship had struck something.

After signaling for assistance to be towed to land, the coast guard headed straight for witchcraft in 19 minutes.

No ship had ever been stranded or even visited the area where the ship was supposed to be.

Besides the many lifesaving tools on board, such as flares, lifeboats, life jackets, distress signal systems, etc., what makes this story so fascinating is how almost unsinkable the cruise ship was. The ship was gone, and none of them were used. The coast guard searched hundreds of square miles of ocean over the next two days without success. To this day, nothing about this ship has been discovered. The ship has already disappeared, leaving only conjecture.

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