Arriving at the operator, the first large cruise ship built in China gets ready for its inaugural trip

First Large Cruise in China: China Media Group (CMG) reported on Sunday that Adora Magic City, the country’s first major cruise ship built in-house, has been turned over to its operator, Adora Cruises, following the installation of all shipboard equipment.

Following the ship’s designation and delivery in Shanghai last month, which came after eight years of research and five years of design and building, the installation and functional testing of goods, including artwork, hotel supplies, and medical equipment, began.

To be ready for trial operations and the ship’s inaugural journey, 1,292 crew members from all around the world have boarded. Soon, it will make its way to Shanghai’s Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal, its operational port.

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Guo Jia, director of business development for Adora Cruises, told CMG that the ship would go on a complete test journey to replicate the real one after it arrives, testing marine management and services, among other things.

For official use, “We have created international cruise routes for our guests, departing from Shanghai and traveling to well-known tourist destinations in Northeast Asia.” Future additions to the lines will include travel to Southeast Asia and member nations of the Belt and Road, among other destinations, according to Guo.

With a gross weight of 135,500 tons and dimensions of 323.6 meters in length and 72.2 meters in height, the cruise ship can hold up to 5,246 passengers in its 2,125 guest rooms.

January 1, 2024, is the planned date of the maiden trip. Tickets have been available since September.

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