Disney Unveils Exciting New Update About Its Newest Cruise Ship

We have been following all of the developments, attractions, and construction of the Disney Treasure, which is set to sail this fall. And now, we have an exciting update!


As of now, we have seen concept art of what the finished ship will look like, as well as some construction updates.

Among the new features aboard the ship will be a Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea lounge. Additionally, a new Moana stage show will entertain you throughout your voyage.


Now, Disney has revealed the latest update — the artwork for the ship’s bow! We were teased with the design in April 2023, but now it has been officially completed. It features a whimsical Minnie Mouse in adventure clothing, keeping an eye on the tide.

This artwork represents Disney’s belief that two decades of unique character-inspired artwork have been displayed on the bows of its ships for the past two decades. As part of the installation process, several pre-cut steel plates were welded together on the hull to create the beautiful artwork. It was then secured, hand-painted, and sealed off with a special topcoat. This was a very intensive process.

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