Eidesvik-Agalas Joint Venture to Construct New IMR Vessel for Charter with Reach Subsea

Reach Subsea has hired Eidesvik Offshore to construct a new construction support vessel (CSV) in collaboration with Norwegian shipowner Agalas.

The newbuild will provide inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR) services for the subsea and offshore wind markets.

The vessel will be equipped with methanol engines and a battery hybrid system. It will be owned by an entity named Eidesvik Agalas AS, of which Eidesvik will hold a majority interest with 50.1%.

Northern Norway shipowners Agalas will own the remaining shares.

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This vessel is expected to be delivered in early 2026 at an estimated cost of $87.7 million (€81.5 million).

Additionally, Eidesvik Agalas AS has been granted options for four additional vessels.

The vessel is scheduled to begin a 3 to 5-year time charter with Reach Subsea following completion.

According to the company, Eidsvik will be responsible for the full management of the vessel, which is scheduled to be built at the Sefine Shipyard in Turkey.

“By renewing our fleet with a low emission, favorably priced and versatile vessel we confirm our ability to deliver on our strategy. This vessel, along with the options for 4 additional vessels, will increase our capacity and competitive edge in the future energy mix”, said CEO & President of Eidesvik Offshore, Gitte Gard Talmo.

With the help of designer NSK Ship Design, Agalas has developed a highly flexible vessel with state-of-the-art design, comfort, and capabilities. The vessel measures 99.9 meters in overall length with a width of 21 meters, and is capable of accommodating 100 passengers.

This vessel is equipped with a 150-metric-ton heave-compensated crane and a spacious deck area of approximately 900 square meters.

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