Lawsuit alleges Norwegian Cruise Lines security guard assaulted passenger using ‘his size and strength’

According to a $75,000 federal lawsuit, a woman aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship was allegedly assaulted by a “large security guard” in a cabin.

According to a lawsuit reviewed by Fox News Digital, the passenger, identified as Jane Doe, claims she became lost and confused after partying at a heavily promoted Hip Hop Comedy Show.

According to the lawsuit, a “large” security guard employed by Almighty Protection Services, identified as John Roe, pretended to help the woman, but instead forced her into a different cabin and overpowered her.

Upon entering the unfamiliar cabin, John Roe began touching Plaintiff’s body. Plaintiff attempted to escape, but John Roe allegedly used his size and strength to prevent Plaintiff from getting away. “John Roe forced Plaintiff to kiss him against Plaintiff’s will and then forced Plaintiff to kneel in front of him.”

According to the lawsuit, Almighty Protection Services, which is subcontracted by the cruise line, was aware of the incident by July 5, 2023, but did not take action.

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In the lawsuit, which was filed in a federal court in Florida on Oct. 31, 2023, it was alleged that the survivor was assisted to her room by another guard. She informed the boat police the following day and the Oakland police, where she resided, of the incident.

The Norwegian Cruise Line and Almighty Protection Services did not respond to Fox News Digital‘s request for comment.

DJ Khaled, who promoted the cruise line’s event, was named a defendant for “general negligence” and “negligent hiring and supervision.”

According to a filing on Tuesday, Khaled’s attorneys have filed multiple motions to dismiss the case against him “because it fails to state any plausible claims against him and improperly combines the claims and causes of action.”

As a result, Norwegian Cruise Line filed their own motion to dismiss the case on Feb. 1, and made similar arguments. They called the accusations a “shotgun pleading,” meaning they are vague, conclusory, or irrelevant to the matter at hand.

The legal battle over dismissing the lawsuit against the cruise line and DJ Khaled continues to play out in a volley of legal arguments filed as recently as Tuesday, but no decision has yet been made.

It is unclear whether any disciplinary action has been taken against the alleged attacker. Almighty Protection Services has not filed any motions to date.

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There are still ongoing mental issues associated with the alleged sexual assault, according to the lawsuit.

“Since her attendance at the Summer Cruise Fest which took place on the Norwegian and/or NCL ship, (Jane Doe) has been in psychological counseling and therapy for depression and anxiety resulting from the abuse she suffered from defendants’ actions,” the lawsuit says.

She “continues to suffer from acute panic attacks and anxiety and deep depression from the assault.”

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