Cruise Dance Hosts: All you need to know!

Cruise Dance Hosts: Cruise ships go above and beyond with their cruise dance hosts to make sure that guests have an enchanted and amazing experience. These hosts provide captivating ballrooms, thrilling dance events, and carefully selected programming.

A professional dancer who hosts dance parties on cruise ships offers company and entertainment to customers who love to dance but don’t have a partner or are travelling alone. Typically, cruise dance hostesses put in a few hours a day dancing with guests at planned activities, including dance classes, cocktail hours, and theme parties. Additionally, they might be accessible for individual dance lessons or when other passengers want to use their company. Cruise dance hosts are in charge of interacting with visitors and making sure they have a nice time while onboard in addition to dancing.

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Who are the Dance Hosts?

Anyone wishing to host a dance must adhere to certain standards set by the cruise lines, and you’ll notice that the majority of hosts have similar backgrounds. Hosts must normally be between 40 and 70 years old, though most tend toward the older age. They also have to be bereaved, divorced, or single. They enjoy cruising and are either retired or semi-retired. A wide range of professions, including the law, insurance, and education, have employed gentleman hosts. They can perform the fox-trot, waltz, swing, rumba, and cha-cha with ease. The dance hosts can also be able to passably move to Beyonce and execute a nice tango. They are given free cruise passage in exchange for their dancing and social skills.

These hosts are outgoing; they enjoy chatting and can strike up a conversation about a wide range of topics. They also smile a lot—alright, all the time—even when a passenger overshares or is repetitive. They also always have good manners, maintain decent grooming, have nice senses of humour, dress appropriately, and drink in moderation. Additionally, they are skilled at handling unpleasant circumstances, including when a passenger becomes envious, conceited, or even approaches. (Yes, that does occur.) Dance hosts also need to be in good physical shape because being a polite social butterfly day and night requires endurance.

In addition to dancing, hosts participate actively in daytime onboard activities. In addition to helping dance instructors and acting as partners in class, they take part in trivia games and frequently lead passengers on shore excursions. They host dinner tables and drink parties for lone travellers later in the day. In lounges, they flirt and strike up conversations with unmarried women.

What a Dance Host Can Do for You

Dance Hosts

Enjoying a host’s company can be done in a variety of ways, and the final advice could surprise you.

Looking to play board or card games with someone? Consult the host. When they’re free, they’ll gladly participate.

You can ask a gentleman host to accompany you if you’re going ashore on your own.

At supper, dance hosts amuse lone travellers most evenings. You can ask to be seated at a hosted table.

A host who isn’t employed as a showroom greeter can take you to a performance. Just be aware that you cannot be his only friend.

Giving your business card or email address to a host upon departure is OK if you become friends with them or sense a connection.

Even when you’re not travelling alone, you can still dance with the host. A lot of us go on cruises with companions who are either incompetent or dislike dancing. Ask the host to lead the dance. If your partner grudgingly accepts to lead the first dance, then pout as the next song starts. Just remember that single passengers are his top concern and be mindful of them.

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A warm and friendly social setting for visitors

Cruise lines employ dance hosts, among other reasons, to create a friendly and social atmosphere for single and unmarried visitors. These hosts create an inclusive and fun environment for travellers of all ages with their amazing dance abilities and friendly demeanours. They actively interact with visitors, extending an invitation to join in on the dance floor and fostering chances for camaraderie.

With a variety of dance hosts on board, guests may experience a range of dancing styles and personalities. As an illustration, some cruise dance hosts might be ballroom dance specialists, while others might be salsa, swing, or tango masters. Guests can experience a range of entertainment options and different dancing styles thanks to this variety.

Proficiency in onboard dance events

Even though a lot of passengers might like to dance, not everyone has dance talent. Cruise ship dance hosts are frequently experienced experts with the skills to teach, lead dances, and make sure everyone on the dance floor is at ease and self-assured.


Dancing hosts on board can result in favourable evaluations and referrals, which can boost reservations and income for the cruise operator. The cruise lines’ standing rises, drawing in a sizable clientele and eventually increasing earnings. Not only can dancing hosts add something special to the onboard experience, but they also help the cruise line draw in and keep happy customers.

A few cruise lines, including Cunard, Regent, and Silversea, employ dance hosts to welcome and assist passengers. It’s important to remember, though, that every cruise company has a different definition of what a cruise dance host does. Dance hosts could be required by some cruise lines to take part in events or activities that take place onboard, such as running fitness classes or hosting trivia contests. They must also be able to interact with guests and possess great social skills.

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Recognizing When to Avoid Dance Hosts

In terms of mingling with guests, hosts adhere to tight guidelines. What is deemed to be over the line is as follows

  • Cruise dance hosts aren’t likely to be biased. They have to give every single woman the same amount of time. If they don’t, hosts risk being reprimanded or, worse, kicked from the ship. Thus, don’t try to dominate a place on the dance floor or anticipate a seat at a host’s dinner table every night.
  • Never leave a gratuity for a gentleman host. These aren’t the services of a masseuse or manicurist, and those kinds of gestures are offensive. If you think saying “thank you” aloud is insufficient, offer a handwritten note or a little, modest memento that you bought at the ship’s boutique or on a beach excursion.
  • Even if your plans are just to speak and have a few drinks, don’t invite a host into your cabin. It is not allowed for dance hosts to go inside other people’s cabins.

This brings us to our next point: don’t fall for a dapper host. To find love, hosts don’t go on cruises; if they were interested in a relationship, they would remain home and start one. Additionally, it is against the law. Take pleasure in the company for what it is while on board.

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