Comprehensive Guide to Royal Caribbean Gratuities: Everything You Need to Know

Royal Caribbean Gratuities: In addition to your cruise cost, you will be required to provide the crew with a little gratuity when you take a Royal Caribbean cruise. Royal Caribbean’s tips policy aims to gather this money from every visitor and distribute it evenly among the crew members to make tipping easier and more equitable.

There are still some considerations that guests must make regarding tipping extra and whether to pay the gratuities before or after the cruise. For all the information you require regarding Royal Caribbean gratuities, continue reading if you’re organizing a cruise with them.

What do gratuities mean?

“Tips” are another name for cruise gratuities. To compensate crew members for their services, Royal Caribbean collects a daily fee from visitors instead of having them tip every employee.

Every day, Royal Caribbean charges $18.00 per person as a gratuity. The daily cost for visitors staying in Grand Suites and upwards is $20.50 per person. In addition, all drinks, spa treatments, and salon services include an automatic 18% gratuity.

By late 2023, their prices had gone up. Before Saturday, November 11, 2023, visitors can reserve their gratuities at a discounted cost of $16.50 for Grand Suites and above and $16 for cabins and junior suites.

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Infant and Child Gratuities

Children and newborns are included in the usual gratuity rate of $18.00 per day ($20.50 for suites) for guests staying at Royal Caribbean.
Royal Caribbean gratuities for children may seem excessive, but when you consider that each baby requires a lot of work from the crew—possibly even more than an adult—you can understand why. In addition to much more, they will clean up after meals, purée food upon request, and put up the travel cot (pack and play) every night.

Breakdown of Royal Caribbean Gratuities

Gratuities are divided among the crew members at Royal Caribbean, including waiters, stateroom attendants, bartenders, chefs, and other members of the hotel services team.

Deals on “Free Gratuities” at Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean frequently runs sales to entice customers to make cruise reservations. You might receive complimentary drinks, free gratuities, or discounted children’s prices.

When you reserve a cruise with gratuities included, Royal Caribbean will cover the tipping of the personnel; you won’t have to worry about it.

Is it possible to not want to pay a tip?

You have the option to request a reduction or removal of gratuities if your cruise ship doesn’t provide you with satisfactory service. You would have to go to the Guest Services desk the morning of your departure and explain why you were doing this.

Generally speaking, Royal Caribbean Cruises offer excellent service. Therefore, you should contact Guest Services as soon as possible if you do experience any problems so that they can be resolved for you and your cruise won’t be negatively impacted.

Can you give each employee a tip?

Certain individuals choose to deduct gratuities and give staff personnel separate tips. Although you are allowed to do this, it is not advised. To ensure that the breakdown of gratuities is equitable for every crew member, great attention is paid. If you choose to tip specific employees instead, you can be harming those—like the kitchen crew or cleaners—who you haven’t personally met.

Are additional gratuities accepted?

Tipping more than what is anticipated is acceptable but not required. You have the option to pay the usual gratuity cost and give cash to any crew members you feel deserve it more if you want to give a special thanks to one or two of them.

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