Disney Cruise Line Ships: Unveiling Impressive Size, Age and Classes

Disney Cruise Line Ship: Families that travel often choose Disney Travel Line. On the high seas, Disney cruise ships provide the whole family with an authentic Disney experience.

The cruise line provides itineraries in Alaska, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. I heartily suggest Disney cruise itineraries that include visits to Castaway Cay, their island.

We’ll examine Disney’s fleet of ships below, arranged from smallest to largest and from oldest to newest.

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Disney Cruise Ships Size

The Disney cruise ships are very feature-rich. Apart from the opportunity to interact with Disney characters like Elsa and Mickey Mouse, their ships also provide amazing food options, attractive designs, large cabins, adult-only areas, and fireworks at sea.

The enormous ships that sail for Carnival or Royal Caribbean are not Disney’s cruise ships.

However, don’t let it deter you.

Disney cruise
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Disney cruises are renowned for their fantastic entertainment and family-friendly offerings. Disney’s most recent ships, the Triton-class, are comparable to several of the mid-sized cruise ships.

The Disney cruise ships are listed below in order of size:

Ship Class Gross Tonnage Length Passengers
Disney Wish Triton 144,000 GT 341 m 2476
Disney Fantasy Dream 129,750 GT 339 m 2500
Disney Dream Dream 129,690 GT 339 m 2500
Disney Wonder Magic 84,130 GT 294 m 1754
Disney Magic Magic 83,969 GT 294 m 1754

Disney Cruise Liner Age

In the cruise business, Disney boasts one of the oldest fleets. Disney Magic, DCL’s inaugural ship, debuted in 1998, while Disney Wonder debuted a year later, in 1999.

Disney appears to have chosen a more conventional path, even though the majority of cruise lines aim to innovate with the annual release of new cruise ships. Their ships have a heavy emphasis on traditional family entertainment combined with the recognizable Disney charm you would expect from the “House of Mouse.”

But when Disney Wish is added in 2022, that will change. Wish was the line’s first new cruise ship in a decade. Cinderella’s Castle at Sea, Worlds of Marvel’s cinematic dining experience, Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge, a redesigned kids club, and ingenious new uses of technology to deliver magic to “passengers” were just a few of the thrilling new attractions that the new ship offered.

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Two more Triton-class ships, three more Disney cruise ships, and a Global-class cruise ship acquired from the now-defunct Genting Cruise Lines are all on order.

The Disney cruise ships are listed below, in order from newest to oldest:

Ship Class Built Builder
Disney Wish Triton 2022 Meyer Werft (Papenburg, Germany)
Disney Fantasy Dream 2012 Meyer Werft (Papenburg, Germany)
Disney Dream Dream 2010 Meyer Werft (Papenburg, Germany)
Disney Wonder Magic 1999 Fincantieri (Marghera, Italy)
Disney Magic Magic 1998 Fincantieri (Marghera, Italy)

Disney Cruise Ship Classes

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There are currently three ship classes available from Disney Cruise Line:

Class Ships Size
Triton Disney Wish 144,000 GT
Dream Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy 129,690 – 129,750 GT
Magic Disney Magic, Disney Wonder 83,000 – 83,338 GT

Disney Cruise Ships on Order

Disney Cruise Line is presently ordering two Triton-class ships and three Global-class ships. It is anticipated that the two new warships will arrive in August 2025 and July 2024. The Global-class cruise ship Disney Adventure is scheduled to debut in late 2025.

Which Disney ship is the largest?

With 144,000 GT, the Disney Wish is the biggest Disney cruise ship.

With more passenger rooms than earlier Disney ships, the ship has an open and pleasant architecture. Disney Wish has the same 4,000-passenger capacity as the previous Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, although being 12% larger.

Which Disney ship is the smallest?

Disney Magic is the smallest and oldest Disney cruise ship, weighing in at 83,000 GT.

Just 2,713 people can fit on the 964-foot Magic. With only 11 decks as opposed to Disney Wish’s 15 decks, the cruise ship is also the shortest.
Despite her diminutive size, the ship is well-liked by visitors, who frequently leave glowing evaluations for her.

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