Cruise Passengers Arrested with 112 Bags of Marijuana Found in Luggage

Michael Quesenberry and Savannah Minami, two passengers on the Norwegian Joy, were apprehended on January 11 for their alleged involvement in the unauthorized transportation of a substantial quantity of marijuana.

A combined weight of approximately 160 pounds and 56 packages of cannabis were seized from each of the two individuals as the vessel set sail from Miami to Southampton, England.

The information was obtained through the utilization of a sniffer dog, which identified vacuum-sealed containers in Quesenberry’s luggage that contained a substance recognized as cannabis.

In an affidavit, special agent Joseph Angarone of the Department of Homeland Security stated that Quesenberry claimed the marijuana was for medical purposes and that he had a medical marijuana certificate in California.

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After her initial release because she had met Quesenberry at the ship’s bar, Minami was discovered to be in possession of an equivalent quantity of marijuana concealed in her luggage. As a consequence, she was apprehended in conjunction with Quesenberry.

The majority of cruise lines prohibit cannabis and Delta 8 products in any form, including trace quantities.

Several illicit substances implicated in the case suggest the two individuals were involved in illicit drug distribution and trade.

Using Angarone’s affidavit, News Channel 8 reports that drug traffickers export marijuana to England, where it is sold for a higher price.

Both Quesenberry and Minami are now facing allegations of conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute controlled substances.

Marijuana use remains strictly prohibited on cruise ships despite its legalization in some states.

Norwegian Cruise Line, in light of the incident, underscored their dedication to ensuring the safety and security of their passengers. They explicitly stated their policy of seizing prohibited items and promptly notifying authorities as required.

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