Royal Caribbean Unlimited Dining Package for sophisticated cruise dining

Royal Caribbean Unlimited Dining Package: With the Royal Caribbean Unlimited Dining Package, you can pay a single amount to eat at a variety of specialty restaurants. When visitors on a Royal Caribbean cruise are looking for sophisticated dining options, the included restaurant package is ideal.

Everything you need to know to determine whether Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate Dining Package is worth the cost is covered in our guide.

What is the Royal Caribbean Unlimited Dining Package?

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With Royal Caribbean’s Unlimited Dining Package, you can enjoy a variety of specialized dining selections for a single, fixed charge, turning your voyage into a gastronomic adventure. Regardless of your preference for sushi at Izumi, steaks at Chops Grille, or seafood at Hooked, the Unlimited Eating Package provides access to a variety of excellent eating options.

On days of embarkation or sailing, guests may use the package for lunch.

In specialty restaurants, you can also get discounts on wine bottles. You can save 20% on bottles above $100 and 40% on bottles under $100 when you purchase the Ultimate Dining Package.

You will therefore have a three-course dinner at one of the best restaurants on board, while other cruisers walk to the buffet. It’s the ideal approach to give your cruise days a little additional luxury and fun.

There are two types of dining plans available from Royal Caribbean: the unlimited dining package and the three-restaurant package.

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You can eat at three specialty restaurants with the three-restaurant bundle.

The Unlimited Dining Package, however, is indeed limitless.

Additionally, there is no cap when utilizing the Unlimited Dining Package—a few à la carte restaurants are an exception, which we’ll discuss later. In principle, at least, you can eat at several specialist restaurants every night.

Cost of the Ultimate Dining Package

Depending on the Royal Caribbean ship class and destination, the price of this package varies, but here’s a ballpark sense of what to expect:

  • 3-night cruise: $125 per guest
  • 4-night cruise: $150 per guest
  • 7-night cruise: $275 per guest

When you buy the Unlimited Dining Package, an 18% gratuity is charged at checkout, much like with Royal Caribbean’s beverage packages.

You get 20% off more expensive vintages of wine and 40% off bottles under $100 in addition to dining at the ship’s specialized restaurants.

Don’t forget to reserve these packages in advance for the best deal.

You should always buy the dining package in advance of your cruise to get the best deal.

Although it would be tempting to hold out and see if prices go down, Royal Caribbean offers some flexibility by allowing pre-cruise meal package cancellations and rebookings up to 48 hours before departing.

Is it Worth It to Buy the Kids’ Dining Package?

For children under 12, purchasing a dining package isn’t necessary. This is because children between the ages of 6 and 12 only pay $10 a meal, while children under 5 eat for free at specialty venues.

For children, there is a package that is discounted.

Nonetheless, the majority of youngsters don’t require an Unlimited Restaurant Package due to the inexpensive cost of dining at specialty restaurants.

How does the Unlimited Dining Package at Royal Caribbean work?

Depending on whether à la carte or cover charges are offered in the restaurant, there are differences in how Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate Dining Package operates.

À la Carte Restaurants

À la carte eateries use a standard menu with prices for each dish. Each item on the menu has a cost.

You’ll get a $20 or $35 food credit, depending on the restaurant, which you may use to buy starters, entrées, or desserts.

The menus of the à la carte restaurants listed below are customizable.

  • Izumi Sushi
  • Portside BBQ
  • Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade
  • Johnny Rockets Express
  • Fish & Ships

There’s a catch, though: you can only go to these eateries once a day.

That implies the daily credit can’t be shared across many trips on the same day. Plan your meals to maximize your credit and enjoy each mouthful without worrying about the expenses adding up.

Restaurants with Cover Charges

Your pass to endless delight can be found in Royal Caribbean’s cover-charge eateries. You can get access to several appetizers, dinners, and desserts with just one payment.

You can place an unlimited number of appetizers, main courses, and dessert orders. Everything is for a single, fixed price.

Typically ranging from $35 to $65 per person, the Ultimate Dining Package includes the cover price.

This is the place where you can gorge yourself silly.

  • Jamie’s Italian
  • Giovanni’s Table
  • Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen
  • Chops Grille
  • 150 Central Park
  • Wonderland
  • Izumi Hibachi/Teppanyaki
  • The Mason Jar
  • Hooked Seafood
  • Samba Grill
  • Sabor
  • Johnny Rockets

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Which Dining Establishments Are Excluded?

First off, the Royal Caribbean room service, minibar products, and the many vending machines located around the cruise ship are usually not included in the Unlimited Dining Package. Though they come with an additional charge to your account, these practical options are perfect for a quick snack or a meal in the solitude of your cabin.

The Royal Caribbean Dining Package does not include special events like the Chef’s Table, Mystery Dinner Theater, wine pairing dinners, or culinary lessons. These special events, which include entertainment and a meal, frequently call for a separate reservation and payment.

No meal package includes smaller venues like Sugar Beach, Vintages, The Bamboo Room, Café Promenade, La Patisserie, and Starbucks.

How can I use the Unlimited Dining Package to make dining reservations?

Unlimited Dining Package on royal Caribbean
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It’s crucial to understand that if you book a Royal Caribbean Unlimited Dining Package, you can only reserve specialty dining after boarding the ship. We advise you to make your meal reservations as soon as you board to maximize your eating experience.

To guarantee you get the restaurants and eating times that work best for your itinerary, make your reservations in advance, ideally on the day of embarkation.

To make a reservation, you don’t have to go to every restaurant. A crew member can make reservations at any restaurant; just visit the one closest to you.

The exception to this centralized reservation process is Izumi Hibachi. To make a reservation, you have to go straight to Izumi Hibachi.

Is it worth it?

The Royal Caribbean Unlimited Dining Package is a personal choice based on your preferences and how you choose to spend your voyage. If you value fine dining experiences and a wide variety of food options, the Unlimited Dining Plan is well worth the investment.

However, if you’d rather stick to a simpler eating schedule or cut costs, don’t make the additional purchase.

Rarely do I book the dinner package when sailing with Royal Caribbean. The free dining alternatives are more than sufficient for my needs, in my opinion.

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